Walesca Wineberry

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Walesca Wineberry, Icemule Trace mayoral candidate representing the Commerce Burrow

As one of Icemule Trace's wealthiest halflings, Walesca Wineberry is a pillar of the community. She has led the Commerce Burrow Business Owners' Council for two consecutive terms, and has, through the Wineberry Family Fund, dedicated over three billion silvers toward civic improvements and charitable efforts over the last decade. Wineberry is notably the cousin of prior mayor Nihala Winterberry (nee Wineberry) and of well-known weapon shop owner Dalt Wineberry.

Wineberry's platform urges a return to tradition Icemule Trace values. While she believes that tallfolk and halflings can live together in harmony, she has called for enhanced protection of Truefolk traditions, which she says have diminished as one of Icemule Trace's defining qualities in recent years. As might be expected, she is rigorously focused on enriching the town through enhanced trade. She has pledged to back significant beautification efforts across the town with the Wineberry Family Fund, should she be elected mayor.

In her own words: "Silver is the lifeblood of Icemule Trace. Prosperity is the town's heartbeat. If the people of Icemule Trace elect me, we will make this town into Elanthia's finest city--a light to guide all others."