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Wax Eloquent is a specialty shop in Ta'Illistim. It sells stationery to WRITE on and writing materials, as well as signet rings and wax. It is located on Stearriza Var in Ta'Illistim and is owned by Polimynia Gael Illistim, a member of the prominent Gael family. The backroom has no inventory.

[Wax Eloquent, Correspondence]
The front wall of the small square chamber is taken up by a narrow door and a single tracery window, which is paned in pale blue stained glass. A matching silken rug covers the stone floor. The counter that runs the length of the room is topped with a slab of labradorite, though a copious amount of dried wax covers its surface. You also see Polimynia.


Name Price Descrip
1. a piece of white paper 247 Writing paper
2. a piece of ivory parchment 247 Writing paper
3. a crimson wax stick 988 Sealing wax
4. a sapphire wax stick 988 Sealing wax
5. an aureate wax stick 988 Sealing wax
6. an argent wax stick 988 Sealing wax
7. a plumed quill 494 Writing utensil (not wearable)
8. a gold signet 4940 Wax imprint (wyvern passant)
9. an oak signet 4940 Wax imprint (oak leaf)
10. an argent signet 4940 Wax imprint (peacock)
11. a silver signet 4940 Wax imprint (harp)
12. a jade signet 4940 Wax imprint (rose)
13. a basalt signet 4940 Wax imprint (pentacle)
Note: Prices are Dark Elven mark-up


Paper and parchment make use of the WRITE (verb), which will require you to own a quill. These can all be purchased at Wax Eloquent.

Write Action

Hold your writing instrument in your right hand, and the paper in your left hand. Set the language you are speaking first, because it will be written in that language.

>speak common
You are now speaking Common.

>write on parchment;This is a test of penmanship.|Behold.||Behold, Behold.

The parchment before you fills with Common, as ink flows smoothly from your quill. You regard the parchment, and your words, critically.

>read parch
The page, written in Common, reads as follows:

This is a test of penmanship.

Behold, Behold.

Missive Actions

The merchant Periope sold signets, and gave the following demonstration.

Periope says, “You’ll first want to write your note.”

Periope removes a piece of white paper from in her linen shift.

Periope removes a plumed quill from in her linen shift.

Periope focuses all of her attention on her paper, writing carefully with her quill. Satisfied, she considers what she’s written.

Periope says, “Then, when you’re satisfied, close the note shut.”

Periope folds shut her paper.

Periope put a plumed quill in her linen shift.

Periope removes a leaden grey wax stick from in her linen shift.

Periope says, “Heat the wax between your hands.”

Periope says, “But you’ll need both hands, to get a good friction.”

Periope drops a piece of white paper.

Periope warms a leaden grey wax stick between her hands.

Periope picks up a piece of white paper.

Pressing her stick to her paper, leaves a blister of leaden grey wax, ripe for sealing.

Periope says, “Push the stick, against the paper.”

Periope says, “That will put the wax on it.”

Periope put a leaden grey wax stick in her linen shift.

Periope removes a thumb signet from in her linen shift.

Periope says, “The push the signet, against the paper.”

Pressing her signet to her paper, her makes a lion rampant impression in the leaden grey wax.

Periope says, “That will stamp your seal into the wax dollop.”

Periope opens her paper, scanning its contents.

Periope says, “And if the message is to remain a secret...”

Periope rips and shreds her paper. The paper is soon merely a pile of confetti.

Periope throws a handful of confetti up into the air, and it floats down in a cloud all over the area!


You see Polimynia Gael Illistim of Wax Eloquent.
She appears to be an Elf.
She is tall and appears to be young.  She has almond-shaped blue eyes and fair, pale skin.  She has long, sleek chestnut hair worn simply straight.  She has a heart-shaped face and sharp cheekbones.  The tips of her fingers are scarred.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a necklet of cast-silver feathers, a dark blue wool cotehardie, a dove grey silk undergown, a silver thumb signet and some dark blue wool slippers.

Ambient Messaging:

Using a small knife, Polimynia sharpens the nib on a quill.

Polimynia cleans a bit of wax from the grooves of her own signet.

Noting an argent wax stick misplaced into a bin of sapphire, Polimynia plucks it from its place and sets it where it belongs.

Polimynia examines the tops of her hands, sighing.

Polimynia picks idly at a bit of melted wax on the counter.

Polimynia shuffles a stack of parchments.

Polimynia stands by the window, looking thoughtfully out onto the Var.

Noting a breeze coming through the door, Polimynia places a heavy silver weight atop a sheaf of paper.