Wehnimer's Landing Town Council Election 5122

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The Wehnimer's Landing Town Council Election 5122 began on July 26, 2022 with a call for candidate applications to be submitted through August 13, 2022.

Candidates were announced on August 14, 2022 and the campaign season ran through September 3, 2022. Voting began on September 9, 2022 and ended on September 14, 2022. Only full citizens of Wehnimer's Landing were allowed to vote.

Winners were announced on September 15th, 2022 and they were Kayse, Pookia, Vaemyr, and Kiyna, with an official term start date of October 1st, 2022.



A new update this year, was around voting. Previously, each player got to vote for up to 4 candidates. This year it was limited to just 1 vote per player. The top 4 candidates with the highest number of votes won. Voting ran from September 9th to 16th, 2022.

Hear ye! Hear ye! The VOTING has begun for Wehnimer's Landing Town Council! Go to the Moot Hall, Assembly Room, and simply type VOTE for your options! VOTE COUNCIL <PLAYER> makes your selection! VOTE INFO shows who you voted for. VOTE RESET allows you to rip up your ballot and vote for someone else! Remember, it is only 1 Vote per Account, and you must be a Landing Citizen! (from outside Moot Hall, go hall, go double door, and VOTE!)

The deadline to vote was Midnight on Wednesday, September 14th, 2022.


If you missed the 2022 Great Debate, you can catch up at the following log of the event: Great Debate 2022 Log


All events are Eastern Time.

Date and Time Candidate Event and Location
Tue, Jul 26 at 8:41pm ET All Citzens "WL Town Council Application Period Begins" Click for details.
Sat, Aug 13 All Citizens "WL Town Council Application Period Ends"
Sun, Aug 14 All Citizens "WL Town Council Candidates To Be Announced"
Fri, August 26 Duskruin "MANIA"
Sat, Aug 27 Duskruin "MANIA"
Mon, Aug 29 at 10PM Kayse "Beacon Hall Archive: Tales of Aeia. "

Join Beacon Hall Archive as we travel to Wehnimer's Landing to listen to tales about Aeia, a lesser known goddess and known as the earth mother. Hear first hand accounts from Storyteller Kayse of Aeia's ability to watch over her followers and the town of River's Rest, specially during the time of Prelate Chaston and the Blameless. Join us at the Beacon Hall Archive Annex in the Kobold Village on Volnes Phoenatos 29th at 10:00 P.M. elven.

Mon, Aug 29 at 11:30PM Pookia "Pookia Wants To Meet You!"

Join Town Council Candidate Pookia as she meets and greets all participants. Pookia would like to be sure she hears your concerns and answers your questions about what she represents: Namely, You The People! Refreshments will be served, and a good time will be had! Silvergate, Lion's Den Pub, West Ring Road, Wehnimer's Landing (Lich ID 3740)

Mon, Aug 29 at 12:30AM Pookia "Pookia ImPersonators!"

Perambulate over to Silvergate Inn's Golden Rose Spa, and be sure to Pack your Pleasantly Perfect Parasol, your Pleasingly Pure Pink Pinafore, your Pin-stripe Pajamas, or your Pale Pink Party Pants, so you can Dress Like Pookia and give your best Pookia ImPression! Silvergate, Golden Rose Spa, West Ring Road, Wehnimer's Landing (Lich ID 3739, then go Golden Door)

Tue, Aug 30 at 11PM Vaemyr "Around the world with Vaemyr, a second trip!"

Come on over to Silvergate and join Vaemyr as he tells another round of stories about his travels around the world, he may even do some more worldly trivia questions with prizes. Folks are welcome to come out and listen, and feel free to ask any questions about Vaemyr's travels and about what he hopes to help accomplish as a Councilor of the Landing. Silvergate, Lion's Den Pub, West Ring Road, Wehnimer's Landing (Lich ID 3740)

Thu, Sep 1 at 7PM Kiyna "Meet 'n' Greet Kiyna!"

Join Town Council Candidate Kiyna and host Soliere for a short session (about 1 hour) of Questions and Answers. Find out more about Kiyna and what she stands for! Event lasts 1 hour. Silvergate, Lion's Den Pub, West Ring Road, Wehnimer's Landing (Lich ID 3740)

Thu, Sep 1 at 8PM Kiyna "Evening at the Spa with Kiyna"

Come meet candidate Kiyna and hear more about her campaign! An evening of politics, refreshments, games/trivia, and small prizes at Silvergate Inn's Spa! Who knew election business could be such fun?! Lasts at least one hour. Silvergate, Golden Rose Spa, West Ring Road, Wehnimer's Landing (Lich ID 3739, then go Golden Door)

Fri, Sep 2 at 9:30PM Kayse "Kayse Meet and Greet"

Join Town Council Candidate Kayse Thaellian to discuss her platform which is based on citizens' concerns and needs. Ask questions, hear stories, and get to know Kayse a bit more. Silvergate, Lion's Den Pub, West Ring Road, Wehnimer's Landing (Lich ID 3740)

Fri, Sep 2 at 10:30PM Kayse "Scavenger Hunt with Candidate Kayse: Get to Know Wehnimer's!"

Explore places around town and collect a variety of items based on a series of clues. Prizes awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd--whoever grabs all their correct objects and finishes first. Meet at Silvergate, Golden Rose Spa, West Ring Road, Wehnimer's Landing (Lich ID 3739, then go Golden Door)

Sat, Sep 3 at 10PM All Candidates, All Citizens "Yardie's Big Town Council Debate!"

Yardie hosts a Big Debate for all Town Council candidates. If unable to attend, a candidate is allowed to choose one person to speak for them. This event is planned to be held at Moot Hall, Observation Balcony, Wehnimer's Landing. From Town Square Central, go East, go Hall, go South, go Arch, go Stairway (Lich ID 19277).

Sat, Sep 3 All Citizens "WL Town Council Campaign Season Ends"
Fri, Sep 9 All Citizens "WL Town Council Voting Begins"
Wed, Sep 14 at 10PM All Citizens "Promote the Vote"

Landing Defense Irregulars Promote the Vote outside of Moot Hall with your hosts Viva and Terabor. Stop by for refreshments, prizes, and fun. Learn more about the candidates - you might even meet a few - and get help with the voting process if needed.

Wed, Sep 14 All Citizens "WL Town Council Voting Ends"
Thurs, Sep 15 All Citizens "New Town Council Members To Be Announced"

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