Wehnimer's Museum

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Wehnimer's Museum is the name of the historical museum of Wehnimer's Landing. It is found on Erebor Square, one block east of the temple. It houses the Wehnimer's Museum Gift Shop.


The museum has been a fixture in Wehnimer's Landing for a number of years. In 5111, renovation work was begun on the museum. The work was spearheaded by philanthropist turned villain, Grishom Stone, under the supervision of Director Bridonna. Feastday, the 27th of Phoenatos, 5111, the museum was re-opened, and a guided tour was given by Musuem Curator Victorianna. Renovation work was also done in 5107 under the direction of then-mayor, Stennis, under the direction of Curator Ephria.

The most recent curator of the museum was Vynessa Drysien, who was given the position in 5116. Prior to that, the position was held by a half-sylvan named Glethad.

A rectangular white sign
In the Common language, it reads:

Welcome to the Wehnimer's Museum

To the West, through the green arch:
  Nature Wing

To the East, through the white arch:
  History Wing

To the North, through the gold arch:
  Hall of Technology

  Fine Arts Wing
  Wehnimer's Gallery
  Hall of Knowledge
  Gift Shop


Wehnimer's Museum Grand Opening! [Prime]