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Well-Heeled is the cobbling shop in Ta'Illistim. It is located on the southeast side of Shimmarglin Court.

[Well-Heeled, Cordwainers]
The long, narrow building has an open floorplan, though a demi-wall, fashioned as an elongated ogee arch, separates the space into two chambers. On the left side, a suite of chairs is arranged in a quatrefoil formation, forming a sitting area, and on the right side, sets of shelves display basic lasts and examples of custom pieces. A mirror surrounds a small platform set in one corner and a gold-gilt door is set in another. You also see Linsandral.


  1. a length of blue silk cord      8. a set of silk laces
  2. a length of cream silk cord     9. a bolt of velvet
  3. a length of ebon silk cord      10. a bolt of silk
  4. a length of crimson silk cord   11. a bolt of suede
  5. a set of velvet laces           12. a bolt of leather
  6. a set of suede laces            13. a pair of silver plates
  7. a set of leather laces          14. a pair of gold plates

  Backroom Catalog
  15. a pair of faenor plates    22. a bolt of sapphire leather
  16. some raptor feathers       23. a set of black rose settings
  17. some wispy grifflet down   24. a set of peacock settings
  18. a bolt of umber silk       25. a set of oak leaf settings
  19. a bolt of amethyst silk    26. a set of harp settings
  20. a bolt of jade silk        27. a set of green glimaerstone settings
  21. a bolt of sapphire silk