Wheel of Nightmares

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Wheel of Nightmares is a game created by Twilight Hall officers Rolfard and Allereli for Twilight Hall's 18th Anniversary in 5114. It is played using an Adventure Wheel and a Roulette wheel in the form of a gambling kit (a credenza).

Contestants play one at a time and there is a 20,000 silver buy in. Contestants will TURN the credenza to activate the Adventure Wheel and the host will SPIN the credenza to activate the Roulette wheel.

Contestants start the game with 3 "blood" and will battle the creatures they spin on the wheel. Each creature has the potential of taking the amount of blood that corresponds to its level. Every 3 wins the contestant moves up a tier in prizes and will be offered a chance to stop. If the contestant chooses to play on, he/she forfeits the prize and will have to get to the next tier (or spin a prize spot) to win.

To start a turn, a contestant will turn the credenza and most likely land on a creature, which will result in a battle. In the battle the host will spin the credenza to get a Roulette number (00-36). The contestant will then guess whether the next spin will be higher or lower. If the contestant is correct, a win will be added to his/her tally and the contestant will go again. If the contestant is wrong, then he/she loses "blood" that corresponds to the level of the creature. Should the contestant lose all his/her blood or spin the thief, a nightmare will be cast upon them.

There are three levels of creatures:

Level 1

a herd of roltons
a gang of kobolds
a band of orcs
a swarm of goblins
a gathering of trolls
a bask of thraks

Level 2

a bale of burgee
a drove of hisskra
a tribe of grutik
a team of centaurs
a pack of shan
a troop of krolvin
a tribe of trali

Level 3

a multitude of elementals
a cast of griffins
a descent of wyverns
a drove of minotaurs
a horde of undead

Win 3 battles = Tier 1
Win 6 battles = Tier 2
Win 9 battles = Tier 3
Win 12 battles = Grand Prize

Players are offered chance to stop at each tier of battle wins and take the prize, or forfeit prize to continue.

Prize spots

Landing on one of these will end the game immediately
a belt pouch of silver coins (25,000 silvers)
a tome of scrolls (Tier 1)
a number of mysterious artifacts (Tier 2)
a cache of sparkling gemstones (Tier 3)
a large treasure chest filled with riches (Grand Prize)

Automatic loss

the infamous thief