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Ut Prosim

White Haven is a great house located in the town of Icemule Trace, and a member of the Co-operative Houses of Elanthia, or CHE.

It often provides various services at its public courtyard, and is a focus of the community of adventurers in the Icemule Trace and Pinefar Trading Post region.

Bylaws, Charter, and Joining Information


White Haven is established as a beacon of hope to the citizens of Icemule against a world torn by differences. We strive to set an example by providing service and fellowship to all and seek to foster unity while enhancing the wisdom of our members. We strive to promote a more unified and peaceful Icemule and Elanthia through our mission which is: To offer hope by fostering a peaceful and harmonious coexistence of all citizens of Icemule and Elanthia through our service and by striving to advance the wisdom of our members.


The governing body is composed of seven Officer Positions. The Luminary and Sage each bear ultimate responsibility and authority for the House as a whole. The Impresario, Financier, Liaison, Steward, and Lore Master are responsible for ensuring the functions and duties of their respective positions are satisfactorily met. Each Officer serves voluntarily to fulfill the responsibilities of the Elanthia House System rules. Additionally, they fulfill other duties as specifically delegated within the authority of the Luminary and Sage. The Luminary and Sage have authority over, and overall responsibility for, the House's activities. All Officers are subject to impeachment power of the Officers (see “Impeachment”).


White Haven has chosen seven Primary House Officer Positions. Their responsibilities and roles are defined below. House bylaws and policies are subject to change upon a majority vote of officers. As they bear the ultimate responsibility for the well-being of the House, the Luminary and Sage have the combined authority to overturn the majority vote for any issue with the supporting vote of one other Officer. The Luminary will have the final say in the event that a tie-breaking vote is necessary.

1. Luminary and Sage: The Chairman and Co-Chairman of the House. Will act as a guiding light to not only Members and Officers of the House, but to the community at large. These leaders of the organization bear ultimate responsibility for the actions of the House as a whole. The Luminary and Sage have authority over all decisions and actions of the House organization and are also ultimately responsible for the same. As such, each may proxy for any other officer responsibilities in the event of absence, vacancy or need., or (at their discretion) delegate necessary functions (temporarily or permanently) to another Officer, with the assuming Officer's permission.

2. Impresario: House record-keeper. Works alongside other Officers and members to organize and maintain all House events both recurring and unique.

3. Financier: Chief financial officer and responsible for maintaining the financial records of the House and seeing that all debts are paid and expenses are accounted. Responsible for withdrawing approved funds from the House coffers. Facilitates strategic thinking with the other Officers about short and long-term financial vitality. Establishes a Ledger that tells the Officers at a glance how the House is doing.

4. Liaison: The Public Relations contact for White Haven. Responsibilities include interfacing with local authorities and managing relations with other CHEs and MHOs. The Liaison's goals include recruitment of new members and promoting House tenets and standards in the community. Liaison is responsible for promotion/drawing people in for community events.

5. Maven: Assists the Impresario with correspondence and event-planning. Also acts as the main contact for renting out the House Chapel, Ballroom, Banquet Hall and Greenhouse for public and private events.

6. Lore Master: Responsible for being a leader in education of Elanthian history, lore/magical studies, and current events to actively share that information freely with others and be a go-to source of information when needed. Oversees the House Library, and is responsible for at least one (1) yearly tutorial event.

All Officers Are Expected To:

- Assist in event planning and organization.
- Attend weekly meetings and events when possible.
- Abide by Gemstone IV policy and bylaws of the house and Officer Handbook.
- Set an example as a productive citizen and house member.


The seven offices - Luminary, Sage, Impresario, Financier, Liaison, Maven, and Lore Master are established for life, subject to the impeachment power of the combined vote as described below.

At any time, Officers may retire from their office. General members will then have opportunity to apply to succeed them in their responsibilities. Only those individuals who have been members of the House for a minimum of (4) months are eligible to apply for Officership, unless special circumstance and a unanimous vote from all the remaining Officers applies. The application process must be done both publicly (announced personally their intention to apply at a House meeting) and privately (e-mail to the House officers). The successor chosen by majority vote of the current Officers becomes the new Officer. The retiring Officer becomes simply a general member. An updated list of Officers will be added to these bylaws as needed by the Impresario or Luminary.

Should an Officer retire or otherwise disappear without notification for an extended period of time (in excess of 60 days), then the unfilled Officer position may be filled by another Officer upon receiving a majority vote of the remaining officers. Should no Officer receive a winning vote, the remaining Luminary or Sage will have the final say. Should no Officer volunteer to fill the position, the position will be announced publicly and applications accepted from the general membership. Upon the retirement, or advancement of the any officer position, these offices will be filled as follows: The Officers will elect a successor by majority vote. If no current Officer desires to volunteer for the open position, the position will be announced publicly and applications accepted from the general member for the position. The remaining Officers will interview and by vote, induct a succeeding Officer.


The House Officers (other than the Officer being impeached) may, by unanimous vote, replace or remove an Officer from their station. If the Officer being impeached is the Luminary or Sage, a new Luminary or Sagel will be selected from among the remaining Officers. In such instances, the remaining Luminary, Sage, or a GM will invest the new Luminary or Sage. Impeachment is an extreme action. It indicates a failing of the House Officers and Leaders to practice what they preach -- peaceful and harmonious coexistence -- and therefore it should never happen except in the direst circumstances. Impeachment may also be grounds for expulsion from House membership. See Article VII.B for guidelines.


Article I Name:

The name of this officially recognized House is White Haven.

Article II Membership Requirements:

1. A member must be at least level 5. The member must pay dues as described below. The member must not be a member of any other House, nor be on the CHE blacklist. The member must have read and agreed to follow the House System Rules and these bylaws.

2. The applicant is required to follow the procedure as explained in Article X of these bylaws.

3. The applicant must be sponsored by at least one House Officer or current member and not be objected to by any Officer. If there is no such objection after one week's notice, the Luminary or Sage will induct the applicant. A rejected applicant is free to request reconsideration at any time subject to the same requirements.

4. Once approved for membership, the applicant will be contacted to establish an appointment for their induction.

5. Upon induction, applicants will pay 50,000 silver in a one time membership due. 50,000 silvers will be automatically given to the House Clerk.

6. Membership is unrestricted by consideration of nationality race, creed, life-style, size, color, sex or age.

7. The member must provide the officers with an e-mail address upon induction and payment of initial dues, for purposes of notification of House activities

Article III Membership Services:

1. Social Standing (friends!).

2. Coat of Arms: Available to be added as appropriate at the local Engraver.

3. Storage Facility: Increased locker size.

4. Includes all non-membership services at no additional fee.

5. Hot Springs: The Hot Springs is the House Pool, where members may relax and swim as their heart desires.

6. Greenhouse: The Greenhouse will be maintained by the House as a place for special events such as weddings and parties. The Greenhouse may be reserved, free of charge, for such private events by non-members whom have asked an officer of the house for such, or reserved for such use by members.

7. Library, Music Room, Curiosity Room and Lounge: These rooms, maintained by the House are also for member use.

8. Workshop: The workshop is designed for the use of the House Mage and other Members as designated below for the purposes of enchanting. Members and Officers may use the workshop at will for the purposes of Enchanting, Recharging magical items and Imbedding spells. Non-members may use the Workshop only when accompanied by a House Officer or Member.

Article IV Non-Membership Services:

1. Grand Courtyard: The Grand Courtyard will be maintained by the House as a place for all citizens to find healing, and for all empaths and clerics to work at their chosen professions in relative peace and quiet (compared to the city streets). This room is an Earthnode. There will also be a monument promoting those individuals, Houses, and other organizations which provide monetary support to the House.

2. White Haven Banquet Hall: The Banquet hall will be maintained by the House as a place for special events such as wedding receptions and parties. The Banquet Hall may be reserved for such private events, for a fee, by non-members whom have asked the Impresario for such, or reserved for such use by members.

3. Chapel and Meeting Room and Guest Rooms: The Chapel will be maintained by the House, for use of weddings and prayer services. The Chapel may also be reserved for a fee by non-members who have asked the Impresario for such. The Meeting Room, also maintained by the House, shall be used for member and Officer Meetings. White Haven also has Guest rooms that shall be maintained by the House, for use by members and their guests, or for non-members who have rented them from the Impresario, for private purposes.

4. Lockshop: The Lockshop will be maintained by the House as a place for all citizens to find locksmiths willing to open containers for tips and for all locksmiths of suitable skill to pick locks in relative peace and quiet (compared to the city streets). Accessible through the Courtyard, through the Arch, and available to the public.

Article V Membership

1. Categories of membership in this House are General Member, Officer and Emeritus Founder.

- A. General Member: A player who has met minimum House and government standards for membership and paid 50,000 silvers in lifetime dues. General members do not pay quarterly dues.
- B. Officers: A general member who has shown a desire and initiative to assist and serve their fellow house members. They are placed in office by a majority vote of Officers, with the Luminary giving a tie-break vote if necessary. Officers must have been a member of the house for a minimum of (4) months, unless special circumstances and a unanimous vote of remaining Officers applies. They are required to complete an Officer application and complete an interview process with the current board of Officers. Once chosen for office, additional authority, privileges, and responsibilities are added upon their shoulders as detailed in these bylaws.
At any time, Officers may retire from their office. General members will then have opportunity to apply to succeed them in their responsibilities. Only individuals who have been a member of the House for at least (4) months are eligible to apply, unless special circumstances as well as a unanimous vote of the remaining Officers applies. The application process must be done both publicly (announced personally their intention to apply at a House meeting or Event) and privately (e-mail to the House officers). The successor chosen by majority vote of the current Officers becomes the new Officer. The retiring Officer becomes simply a general member.
- C. Emeritus Founders: White Haven Founders are no longer active and have passed their responsibilities down to our current Officers. Current members and Officers pay tribute and give thanks for the efforts and vision which lead the establishment of our noble and long-standing House: White Haven, the only Official House in Icemule Trace.

Our Emeritus Founding Officers are as follows: Tivas, Sigurd, Llyleth, Evaran, Gwendolyne d'Britannia, Xyelin, Pacioli

Article VI Finances:

1. Membership contributions to General House Funds will be considered donations to the House.

2. Purpose of General House Fund: The General Funds can be drawn upon by the Chandler for House expenses, House entertainment (parties), loans, etc. Members are not required to contribute to General House Fund.

3. Contributions do not entitle a member to special privileges.

4. Contributions will not be accepted in lieu of dues or loan payments.

5. Contributions must be reported to the Financier so that possible discrepancies in the accounts (system) may be found and clarified.

6. Dues: A one-time induction fee of 50,000 is charged upon acceptance of membership to White Haven. No quarterly dues are paid by House members. If the House should ever have financial difficulty, House Officers will organize fundraising auctions, hunts, etc., as necessary.

Article VII Rules and Regulations:

A. House Rules

- 1. No violence on House Grounds or at House events.
- 2. It is the duty of every Member and/or Officer to uphold House White Haven's Statement of Purpose, while setting an example as a productive citizen of any town or city.
- 3. Theft from the House Vaults by an Officer with access is an inexcusable offense.
- 4. In following the bylaws set apart by the Founders, members will strive to adhere to and abide by the general rules and policies of Gemstone IV. Violation of these rules may result in expulsion from the house and/or impeachment from an Officer position.

B. Termination

- 1. In the event that a member or Officer violates these rules and/or bylaws the Luminary and Sage are responsible to act as mediator(s), gathering facts from witnesses and those involved. The Luminary and Sage will remain neutral parties at all times.
- 2. The Luminary and Sage may terminate a membership for failure to adhere to House rules and bylaws, provided the member was offered an opportunity to have a hearing at which the member was permitted to defend against the termination. Such hearing will consist of the Luminary, Sage, and all Officers who can attend. Members involved in the matter may attend with permission of the Luminary and Sage, but will not have a voice in the matter.
- 3. The Luminary and Sage will determine whether termination is necessary after the hearing. If the Luminary and Sage do not agree on the matter, the Impresario will provide a tie-break vote.
- 4. If terminated, a member may be allowed to re-apply for membership after 90 days while demonstrating eligibility for membership.
- 5. The Luminary and Sage will be the final judges on what constitutes noncompliance with these rules, regulations and bylaws while considering the advisory votes of other Officers and while subject to the impeachment power of the Officers.

Article VIII Regalia:

  • House Colors: White and Gold
  • House Pin: A white-gold bear's head pin, under which are inscribed the words Hope, Wisdom, and Service
  • House Tenets: Hope, Wisdom, and Service
  • House Motto: Ut Prosim - That I may serve.
  • House Coat-of-Arms: The shield is engraved with the image of a large white polar bear crouched, as if protecting her young. Surrounding her, in gold scroll work are engraved the words:"Hope, Service, Wisdom". Set into the background in pale pearl lettering is the phrase, "Ut Prosim". A gold and white banner stretches underneath which reads "White Haven".

Article IX – Current Officer List:

Luminary: Laelithonel

Sage: Javell

Impresario: Niadja

Financier: Faulkil

Liaison: Jeril


Lore Master: Jandrian

Article X: Membership Application Process

1. Before induction a player must have read and agreed to the GemStone IV House system.

2. Before induction a player must have read and agreed to the House bylaws set forth here.

3.. Applicants will complete the application found at the Official White Haven Website (or e-mail the completed application to housewhitehaven@gmail.com)

4. Officers will review each application and discuss the applicants based on their responses.

5. After one (1) week, if no Officer objects to the applicant’s membership a time frame will be scheduled with the applicant for induction.

The Membership Application is as follows:

  • Contact email
  • Character Name
  • Sponsor
  • Race
  • Profession
  • Current locker location
  • Why you wish to be a member of House White Haven
  • How you can contribute to our community at White Haven and Icemule?
  • What does the House White Haven Mission statement mean to you?