Wonders of Elanthia Souvenirs

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The Wonders of Elanthia Souvenirs, are specific items that were stored in piles at the event meeting locations during the Wonders of Elanthia. An adventurer could purchase "a hoarbeam souvenir case", for 45,000 silvers, to store each of their collected souvenirs.

The souvenirs that could be collected were the following:

Wonder of Elanthia Souvenir
The Abandoned Inn, Wehnimer's Landing a clear blue crystal
Boggle's Vineyard, Mist Harbor a scuffed wine barrel
The Colossus, Wehnimer's Landing a stone man
Chamber of the Dead, Pinefar a transparent crystal sarcophagus
Outlands Manor, Solhaven a miniature square stone tower
Pavilion of the Bells, River's Rest a tubular bronze bell
Ancient Altar, River's Rest a catlike black stone woman
Teras Asylum, Kharam Dzu a miniature iron cell door
Swimming Hole, Kharam Dzu a large flat stone
Temple of Mularos, Ta'Illistim a long metal bar
Mraent Cavern, Zul Logoth a piece of jagged black mica
Melgorehn's Reach, Wehnimer's Landing a miniature onyx altar
Solhaven Library, Solhaven a thick leather-bound tome
Veythorne Manor, Ta'Illistim a miniature archery target
Wishing Well, Cysaegir a small stone wishing well
Zelia's Shrine, Ta'Vaalor a painted black rock

Collecting The Souvenirs

Once an adventurer has collected all of the souvenirs, the souvenir case, when closed, turns into a special item.

Missing Souvenirs

If you are missing some of the souvenirs and attempt to close your souvenir case, the following message appears;

You close the lid of your a hoarbeam souvenir case, but nothing else happens. Perhaps you need to fill the case.

Obtaining all Souvenirs

If you've obtained all the items (not including the 'scuffed wine barrel from Boggle's Vineyard), your item turns into 'a colorful Elanthian globe', when closed.

  • TURNING the globe will randomly show one of the above souvenirs and its location within Elanthia.
  • READING the globe, it reads: "The Wonders of Elanthia 5108."