Wulfhen (prime)

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Wulfhen Rayliad was a giantman whose origins were largely unknown. He once lived in the city of Ta'Vaalor where he belonged to their Second Militia. During a campaign of the Second Militia's to aid the city of Solhaven, Wulfhen joined into battle against the Dark Alliance in the Second Griffin Sword where he befriended Charna Ja'Varrel'Kav whom he would latter adopt as his daughter.

Venturing to the town of River's Rest, Wulfhen felt as though he finally had found a home and became one of its residents. During a date auction to raise funds, he purchased a local woman named Laleena Yria. Several years later the two were married.

In the later months of the Griffin Sword's Second War Wulfhen's inner battle between Kai and Mularos was put to the test. He sided with the Dark Alliance where he and Mekthros Savius met. The pair would become one of the most feared, and respected, members of the Dark Alliance among the populace that faced them.