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Use Ranged
Bonus +24
ST/DU 10/30
Rarity Extraordinarily Rare
Weight Modifier Unknown
Primary Color Unknown
Dyeable Yes

Obtaining the precious wood of the great wyrwood is a dangerous proposition. According to stories told by the men and elves of the mysterious Wyrdeep Forest, these rare, solitary trees are said to entangle and hang woodsmen and hunters with grisly results. Thought to be a cousin of the willow, the wyrwood is a large tree with 1 or more straight and usually leaning trunks, upright branches, and narrow or irregular crown. Its leaves are narrow and lance-shaped, often slightly curved to one side, and they grow densely upon the tree's boughs. While these trees have been known to grow within the forest, they are most commonly found not too far distant from streams. They are known to have an exceptionally deep taproot, which probably accounts for their ability to live a distance from a water source, having tapped instead into underground springs. It is also thought that the taproot is the source for their superior magical qualities. Wyrwood is usually only used to produce bows; any contact of the wood with metal soon produces corrosion of the ore, with the result that the studs and banding common with shields and staves is unsatisfactory.

Wyrwood is considered a rarer material. Because of this, it requires fodder when used in alterations. See alter fodder for more information.