Xess (prime)

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You see Xess Silverveil the Master at Arms of the Warrior Guild. He appears to be a Human. He is massive and has a broad-shouldered, thick frame. He appears to be young. He has vacant matte black eyes and pale skin. He has haphazardly cut, neat onyx black hair cut in a boyish fashion. He has well-muscled shoulders and arms. He has a howling grey wolf tattoo on his neck.

He is wearing a shadow black longcoat with direwolf fur lining, a direwolf hide pack with a starp claw toggle slung over his shoulder, a molded direwolf-headed vaalorn pauldron slung over his other shoulder, a vruul skin back sheath, a set of void black full plate lined with thick direwolf fur, a braided manticore hair armband, a daisy-etched silver and gold ring, a simple gold band, a laje-buckled leather swordbelt, an inky black spidersilk pouch, a shaggy dark grey wolf fur satchel, some iron-plated black wolf hide pants lined in soft fur, some etched mithril leg greaves, and some black wolf hide shoes capped at the toes with blackened iron.

This image was created using ChatGPT via prompts from Tgo01.