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|itemtype = Premium Home Floor
|itemtype = Premium Home Floor

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You've Also Got Me Floored is a Premium Home Floor shop in Kharam Dzu. It is located three rooms east of the main entrance of the Teras premium furniture emporium.

[You've Also Got Me Floored!]
Spilling over from the shop to the west are more floor samples. Slabs of granite, chunks of slate and long boards of finished and unfinished wood products are jumbled in a colorful display of inventory that defies classification. You also see a variety of flooring samples and Mevaughn.


      Price  Item
1.)   50000  a loose sand floor
2.)   50000  a hard-packed dirt floor
3.)   80000  a hand-fitted fieldstone floor
4.)   45000  a fresh straw floor
5.)   65000  a dull black tile floor
6.)   65000  a buffed green leather floor
7.)   65000  a tooled black leather floor
8.)   75000  a woven sea-grass floor
9.)  275000  an inlaid-jade black onyx floor
10.)  75000  a pristine white granite floor
11.) 375000  a polished ebony and ivory floor
12.)  65000  a rough black gravel floor
13.)  65000  a rough white gravel floor
14.)  70000  a plain oiled pine floor
15.) 120000  a shining blue tile floor
16.)  60000  a painted purple wood floor
17.) 225000  a polished lavender marble floor
18.)  60000  a painted pink wood floor
19.)  80000  a rough blue-grey stone floor