You Got Me Floored

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You Got Me Floored is a Premium Home Floor shop in Kharam Dzu. It is located two rooms east of the main entrance in the Teras premium furniture emporium.

[You Got Me Floored!]
Floors! Floors! Floors! You have never seen so many styles of floors in all your life! Polished pine boards, gleaming marble and painted tiles vie for space in the crowded room. Even the floor of the shop is covered in bits and pieces of sample products. You also see Lariosa.


      Price  Item
1.)  300000  a glossy black vultite floor
2.) 1200000  a sunburst mosaic tile floor
3.) 1200000  an ivy mosaic tile floor
4.) 1200000  a gleaming ice blue glaes floor
5.) 1200000  a polished deep green tile floor
6.)  250000  a rich herringbone oak floor
7.)   85000  a plain oak floor
8.)  225000  a shining pink marble floor
9.)  225000  a shining grey marble floor
10.) 225000  a shining black marble floor
11.) 225000  a glistening blue haon floor
12.) 225000  a shiny black fel floor
13.) 225000  a light-stained maoral floor
14.)  75000  an unfinished modwir floor
15.)1000000  a smooth white tanik floor
16.) 400000  a sparkling silvery vultite floor
17.)  75000  a red clay floor