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==Local Shops==
==Local Shops==
{{main|:Category:Zul Logoth Shops{{!}}Zul Logoth Shops}}
*[[Bawdy Bard Inn]]
*[[Bawdy Bard Inn]]
*[[Bluerock Brewery]]
*[[Bluerock Brewery]]

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Zul Logoth map by Tsoran

Zul Logoth or Kharag 'doth Dzulthu is a dwarven settlement located beneath the Dragon Spine Mountains. It is a frequent stopping point for travellers using the recently discovered path to Ta'Illistim in the Elven Nations.

Access by travellers is provided via two tunnels - one leading to each side of the mountain range - through which the dwarves operate a system of toll mining carts for transportation. The toll is 1000 for a one way ride through one tunnel, which lasts approximately three minutes.[1] Travellers planning a round trip in and out of Zul Logoth, or travelling from one side of Zul Logoth to the other, are advised to bring 2000 silvers, as this requires two cart rides. Those with citizenship ties to Zul Logoth pay 500 silvers per trip. (Notes are not accepted, except Zul Logoth mining chits.)

Local Shops

Main article: Zul Logoth Shops

Areas of Interest

Notable NPCs


Area Level Range
Zhindel's Post (non-hostile)
Built by Dwarves on a plateau of the eastern side of the great Dragonspine, Zhindel's Post protects the eastern entrance caves that lead to Zul Logoth. The small outpost is alive with trade and travelers will always find a shipment of something interesting being hauled to and fro. Best is that it provides a comfortable place to rest after the long trek through Whistler's Pass.

Rumors: Word has it that the double chocolate cocoa served up at the local tavern, Cindek's Spirits, is to die for!

Khazar's Hold (non-hostile)
Carved right out of the mountain face of the western Dragonspine, this dwarven outpost servers as a trading post and waystation for travelers heading up and down the Locksmehr Trail. The hold also provides friendly passage to the great underground city of Zul Logoth.

Points of Interest: Be sure to stop by Tregg's Tavern for a taste of the finest sand-devil rum you'll find this side of the DragonSpine. Weedroot tea is available for the youngsters.

Dead Plateau 4
Arguably the most uninviting stretch of land on the continent, the Dead Plateau offers nothing to travelers that could not be gained sitting in an empty uncomfortable room in the middle of nowhere. Its most interesting feature is its end, where it drops off with a cliff that borders the Locksmehr River.

Rumors: The greatest danger in the area comes not from wildlife but from the absence of it. Travelers should take care to keep an extra canteen and ration packed in case they lose their way amongst the desolation.

Glo'antern Moor 23
One might tell of the beauty of the reeds, the soft glow of green grass, the delicate tangle of trees or many other wonders of this place. One might, if it were not for the overwhelming presence of mist and fog so thick that it practically blocks out the sun. More gloom than doom, the moor hides mysteries that would not be anywhere else in the world.

Rumors: Sounds of a celebration are often heard within the Singing Woods of the moor. Rumor wonders if the celebration continues or if it stopped long ago and the sounds are merely trapped, lost in the mists of the Glo'antern.

Czeroth Caverns 17-18
Located in Kharag'doth Dzulthu, deep beneath the Dragonspine Mountains, Czeroth Caverns are both beautiful and deadly. Toxic fumes and the mutated forms of ancient centipedes are a deadly combination amidst beautiful crystal formations and magnificent caverns. Stalactites, stalagmites, gypsum flowers, flowstones and fossils are just a few of the wonders to be seen here. Nature provides its own illumination with phosphorescent minerals common throughout the caverns.

Points of Interest: An awe-inspiring crystal formation, hidden away in a crevice deep with the caverns.

Zaerthu Tunnels 24-29
A series of sandstone walls supported by wooden beams were the most interesting thing to see within the Zaerthu Tunnels, that is until the Grutik were discovered. Unpredictable and savage, these creatures have lived underground long enough to shape their bodies to suit the harsh darkness of the world below. As you might expect, the dwarves have abandoned regular mining within and do their best to keep Grutik from finding their way into Zul Logoth.

Rumors: Adventurers have noticed the presence of roa'ter wormlings in the tunnels. Many wonder if the Grutik have some sort of control over them.

Mraent Caverns 24-31
Various colors of granite appear throughout these caverns, which descend from just north of Zul Lugoth deep into the heart of the DragonSpine. According to local legend, the dwarven stonecutters ignored the natural danger of the scorpions, mining the purest stone in quarries deep underground. In time, however, the dwarves dug too deep, violating the sacred space of the other denizens, the krynch. The resulting battle for control of the caverns rages on to this day.

Points of Interest: Seek out 'the Birth of Granite' as an example of what true artists of stone can produce.

Troll Burial Grounds 34-36
Uncovered during the visit of a troll dignitary to the people of Zul Logoth, this twisting ossuary bores deep into the Dragonspine and flows with bones and decay from eons of use. A phenomenon of lighting by swarms of fireflies allows one to view the black walled caverns, if they have no compunction about treading through a constantly shifting ivory sea of brutish remains. Guardians both living and dead bar safe exploration into the depths, though the crypt whispers of mysterious iniquity and untold treasures.

Points of Interest: Formations mocking the natural growth of minerals grow throughout the canal of bones, inviting examination by the well-armored.

Rumors: The problem of corpse disposal has always plagued the mountain-dwelling clans, and they are known to go to extremes to see their dead settled properly. Rock trolls, however, have little compunction about stuffing their departed in a convenient crevice. In fact, they surely relished the atrocious side effects of mass burial, the spawning of undead from the miasma.


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