2020-06-11 - Mist Harbor FWI OOC meeting (log)

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OOC meeting at Mist Harbor, hosted by GM Quilic on 6/11/2020.

FWI Fest:

  • Dates for FWI fest are Jul 25-31.
  • Theme is Windfellow's Insurrection
  • HUGE volume of raffles and such, all occuring that first weekend. FWI fest will be mostly services and fewer shops. By a wide margin.
  • Teasers about the shops: there will be 2 new scripts debuting. One is an Ambie, another is relating to people who like to look good.
  • There will be a private property for auction. Uncertain if it's Grishom Stone's old place or another one.


  • There will be another round of QST in the fall
  • If people want to be involved, head to the forums, talk to players who post there or frequent FWI, visit Greth in Stumbling Pebble II bar for gossip.


  • Critters in Monsoon Jungle are the first of many. No new info on the future ones, but they are being worked on and there's a 50/50 chance of future ones being 5-95 level
  • Wizard Guild is halfway built and some sort of storyline coupled with Western Elanthia will go along with it.
  • Making more space for FWI premium homes has been requested
  • More player shop releases was requested


  • Citizen-Only perks under negotiation, such as WPS
  • Sadie Scrolls and updating what you can use them for and/or price given fluctuation in the marketplace valuation-- It's under negotiation but no specifics were given.
  • Monthly service/artifact raffles will be returning sometime soon, along with makeup for the missed months


[Auditorium, Golden Singularity]
This cavernous space is lined with benches of all sorts and sizes surrounding a small clearing. Not a single support can be seen holding up the roof, which is hundreds of feet overhead, and illuminated by unseen light sources that slowly drift through the color spectrum, while never losing their radiance. Inconspicuous lights outline the paths between the seats, and soft music can be heard filling the space. Near the center of the space is a small table bearing refreshments. You also see a notch-eared tomcat, a wrought iron mirror, a large curtain obscuring the way back to reality and a question list.
Also here: GameMaster Quilic, Chatelaine Traiva, Tabubu, Lady Regwen, Yukito, Amalara, Trimia, Guarrin, Xilona, Lady in Waiting Lynaera, Lord Geojordak who is sitting, Defender of Mist Harbor Naamit, Lady Alisette, Akenna, Lord Thrassus, Lady Sreka, Great Lord Googly, Alisaire who is sitting, Flockmaster Nehor
Obvious exits: none

Quilic says, "First and foremost... this space, and this meeting, are entirely out of character. However, behavior standards still apply. No cursing or anything of the sort, or you will be booted."

Quilic says, "I've got some things to announce... some good, and some less so."

Quilic says, "But the 'less so' will be outweighed by the good, I have faith."

Quilic says, "I'm going to lead with those things, and then I'll dip into some storyline stuffs, and then I'll open up for questions."

Quilic says, "Questions can be about QST things, town things, or the things I announce at the beginning. I promise to answer everything to the best of my ability, with the caveat that there are things I can't say for various reasons."

Quilic says, "For those who are unfamiliar, last year's Premium Fest was titled 'Windfellow's Retreat'."

Quilic says, "This year, the title of the Fest is 'Windfellow's Insurrection'. And I will answer no questions about the naming."

Quilic asks, "I will, though, provide dates, if anyone is interested?"

Quilic says, "This year's Festival will run from JULY 25th through JULY 31st." * Editor's note, 24th was originally stated, then amended due to conflict with Bardfest. Editor fixed it here to eliminate any confusion

Quilic says, "That's a week long, but there's a bit of context there that needs to be explained."

Nehor asks, "Will it run with the same dates in plat? Or will you stagger the dates?"

Speaking to Nehor, Quilic says, "The same dates is the plan for now, but it's not 100% nailed down. I hope to have it finalized in the very near future."

Quilic awkwardly says, "So... um... it's going to be horrible, and you'll all hate it."

Quilic says, "However, if that were NOT the case... then there would be some things that would be worth noting."

Quilic says, "The opening weekend of that week, which is the first couple days of it, are when ALL the merchanting will be occurring."

Quilic says, "The storyline portion, of which there will be plenty, will occur during the rest of the week."

Quilic says, "And... there are a LOT of services."

Quilic says, "I got the list, and it's a little silly."

Nehor asks, "Will there be raffles during the week? Or will those all be that weekend only too?"

Akenna says, "Oh I won't be around for the opening then."

Quilic says, "I will reveal only one thing that's been approved, and will be AUCTIONED off."

Quilic says, "A private property, here in Mist Harbor."

Naamit asks, "Stone's?" (no response)

Quilic says, "This is a pre-existing home, and it will be turnkey, which is to say you get it as-is."

Quilic says, "But it's well-outfitted."

Naamit asks, "Are all those premium beachside rooms we did for the contest a few months back going into it?"

Speaking to Naamit, Quilic says, "No, but I have other things in mind for those."

Luxelle asks, "Hopefully not Stone's, though?"

Quilic says, "Now then... the home is NOT the biggest prize. It's just the one that I was cleared to tease here."

Quilic says, "So do with that information what you will." Nehor asks, "The biggest prize is the friends we find along the way?"

Speaking to Faerinn,, Quilic says, "Almost all of the meaninful RP will occur after the weekend."

Quilic says, "I can promise you... there's a lot of services that are going to be offered. To the point that it's going to be fairly hectic."

Quilic says, "And the storyline should be... interesting. Well, not boring, in any case."

Speaking to Quilic, Xilona asks, "Same as last year or more/less?"

Speaking to Quilic, Xilona exclaims, "Last year was ridiculous!"

Speaking to Quilic, Akenna says, "There was a lot last year."

Quilic says, "Now that I've gotten that part out of the way, I have some 'less good' news to impart."

Quilic says, "Overall, this festival, despite the number of services being offered, will be smaller than last year. Which is to say, fewer shops, by a fairly noticeable margin. I don't want people to be blindsided by that."

Quilic says, "That's it."

Sarmoya says, "You oversold that."

Speaking to Sarmoya, Quilic says, "I do that."

Quilic says, "OK! Um.... other things related to that......."

Quilic exclaims, "Oh!"

Quilic says, "I have two new scripts debuting at the event."

Quilic says, "One that will be of great interest to those who like to look their best."

Quilic says, "One that will be of great interest to those who are looking for fun RP-building tools for their characters."

Quilic says, "Oh, and one of those will be being distributed by Ambie. So there's that, too."

Yukito asks, "Er.. so... the lastest style is wearable fishbowls that we can stick our arms and legs out of?"

Speaking to Yukito, Quilic says, "If that image helps you sleep at night, then go with it."

Quilic says, "OK, so that's basically all I can tell you with regards to the Festival..."

Quilic says, "Storyline stuffs! Less to announce here, but I wanted to address it."

Quilic says, "I've got a LOT going on, so QST is having a hard time surfacing. Plus the calendar is pretty full. But I can promise you, we'll have another round of QST at SOME point this year. I have a concept already, and discussions are underway for approvals and all that."

Quilic says, "I'm hesitantly eyeing September-ish... but don't hold me to that."

Quilic says, "OK... ummm..... hunting grounds. Basically everything that can be said has been, but just to bring everyone up to date, there are critters out there in the Monsoon Jungle."

Quilic says, "These are the first creatures to be released, and there are a lot more in the pipeline. I can't/won't commit to timelines or creature types or anything like that, but we're working on them."

Tabubu softly asks, "They are not hooked up to the adventure guild ?"

Nehor asks, "Can you give us a hint as to the next level range that will be released?"

Speaking to Tabubu, Quilic says, "They are not yet, but that's being looked into."

Speaking to Nehor, Quilic says, "Somewhere between levels 5 and 95. Probably. At least a 50/50 chance."

Nehor jokingly says, "Helpful as always."

Quilic says, "A few whispers about QST... That's the moniker for Quilic Standard Time, blatantly stolen from Kenstrom Standard Time. It's a pre-scheduled weekly episodic storyline where I make everyone really mad at me. But on a schedule, instead of free-form."

Naamit mentions, "Thank you for the schedule."

Tabubu softly asks, "And we are going to learn the schedule how?"

Lynaera says, "Some of us really appreciate that it is scheduled."

Alisette says, "I like the scheduling."

Speaking to Tabubu, Quilic says, "When it's announced, I scream the schedule from the hilltops."

Geojordak softly says, "The scheduling part."

Speaking to Tabubu, Naamit says, "Forum posts, discord."

Quilic says, "Almost literally, actually. Discord, officials, and I prevail on Ms. Newsby to help out."

Speaking softly to Quilic, Tabubu says, "I hope you can scream loud."

Speaking to Tabubu, Xilona says, "Newsby."

Quilic says, "Generally I do two 'things' a week. One during the week, around 8ish PM EST, and then one on the weekend, in an earlier time slot."

Quilic says, "But... I just wanted to reassure you that it IS coming, but also note that it won't be coming soon. Too much else going on for me personally."

Speaking to Quilic, Regwen asks, "Are you teaming up?"

Speaking to Regwen, Quilic says, "I can neither confirm nor deny anything."

Speaking quietly to Quilic, Trimia says, "Deny everything, it always works."

Quilic says, "Now then... I'm going to be opening up the list here in a few. It's one question per player, so choose wisely. If you have a question, just JOIN the list, and I'll go in sequence."

Quilic says, "There may be things I can't answer, but I'll be as upfront with you guys as I can."

Naamit asks, "When will the raffles for bards, rangers, preps and artifacts return?"

Quilic says, "Some of those will be returning soon, as in potentially as soon as this week. Waiting on a few things that are beyond my control."

Quilic says, "Whenever they return, we will be clearing out the backlog."

Quilic says, "Which is to say we'll have some sort of "extra" to make up for missed services."

Speaking to Quilic, Akenna asks, "When will a Wizard's guild be built up here?"

Quilic says, "Excellent question, actually."

Quilic says, "So... OK, forgive me while I generalize a little bit."

Quilic says, "It's something that I'm not personally involved with, but it IS underway. I can't speak to any sort of a timeline, but it's more than halfway done."

Speaking to Quilic, Akenna exclaims, "Better than never!"

Speaking to Quilic, Akenna exclaims, "Thank you!"

Quilic says, "And I'm sorry I can't give you more than that. I will shoot the question to the persons involved and see if I can get an update."

Speaking to Quilic, Akenna exclaims, "Awesome, you're the best!"

Alisette asks, "I enjoyed the combination of KST and QST immensely. Can we look forward to more storylines/events which bring two or more towns and it's citizens together?"

Tabubu softly asks, "Or against each other?"

Alisette says, "That too."

Sreka says, "Oh, yes! That was fun."

Speaking to Alisette, Quilic says, "I will say that I've had conversations with two other Towns about comingling our efforts. And I've already proposed a storyline that would take place across much of the West. It's just a matter of timing, as everyone seems pretty eager."

Naamit asks, "Not east?"

Quilic says, "However, I'm not joking when I say that this whole year is... pretty packed."

Speaking to Quilic, Alisette says, "Thank you. I know this was the first, and it was great."

Quilic says, "Anything like that is likely to be early 2021 at the earliest."

Speaking to Naamit, Quilic says, "Perhaps the East. We're pretty... early on in the stages. As in I haven't even mentioned it to Valyrka yet."

Nehor exclaims, "East vs West, Empire vs Elves. Go go go!"

Faerinn says, "In regards to Socius and the results around him it did kind of come out as KST vs QST."

Sarmoya says, "'OK, this is gonna be longish and I want to word it carefully."

Tabubu softly says, "Another Elven war would be excellent."

Speaking to Sarmoya, Quilic says, "Shoot from the hip if you like. I won't take offense."

Sarmoya asks, "I don't think it's a secret that there's a high level of investment in the story for people. There's been a lot of conversation and speculation and kibbitzing. And that's great and a sign of things going well. But I think me and probably some others who won't or can't keep up with everything started to feel left out. I don't think it was intentional and I don't ascribe bad motives to anyone, but near the end there were times I felt I didn't know things others did and I didn't know how I was supposed to know. Gah, that's an awkward sentence. With the KQST thing, I was just lost. Maybe it's just me. I guess what I'm trying to ask is how can everyone find the information they need to know to participate meaningfully?"

Quilic says, "One of my favorite topics."

Lynaera says, "Newsby helps. A lot."

Geojordak softly says, "In game, to drive the storyline. Just a though. Ima be quiet again now."

Speaking to Sarmoya, Xilona says, "You're not alone in that, that's for sure."

Quilic says, "OK, so, first and foremost, the answer to your question is the officials, by and large. I in particular need to do a better job with them, as that SHOULD be the source you're looking for."

Sarmoya says, "I also realize I handicap myself with the choices I've made for this character."

Speaking to Sarmoya, Regwen says, "Leafiara posts wonderful summaries of events."

Naamit says, "I don't think relying on wiki volunteers like Leafiara and Darcena is a fair answer to this question, just gotta put that out there. It'd be great to see staff put out notes for events on a semi regular basis throughout a storyline -- a "set the record straight" sort of deal. And Quilic, you aren't alone in that."

Quilic says, "However, that said, I'm a huge fan of people talking to people and getting the story from them. Track down Naamit and she's likely to give you chapter and verse if she's not too busy."

Naamit says, "Lol to what i said before Quilic did....."

Nehor suggests, "Maybe they need a dedicated page on the official webpage with storyline info? I dunno. Something you can click on and get a synopsis of the goings ons, with links to forum posts or something."

Geojordak softly says, "Newspaper."

Alisette says, "I did it all. I read the officials, checked premium in Discord, and I spoke to several characters on both sides just to make sure I kept up."

Quilic says, "One thing that I've considered is a two-to-three paragraph summary of each episode posted to the officials after the fact."

Alisaire says, "I think a summary like that would be ideal."

Speaking to Quilic, Xilona says, "I think that would help alot."

Speaking to Quilic, Regwen says, "Kenny used to have a big summary page for his stories."

Quilic says, "I struggle personally with in-person vs. OOC knowledge. If I post on the officials that Nehor is plotting something... then some players will react to that in-game, when they shouldn't know it."

Alisaire says, "It'd easily be circulated by other sources and it'd relieve the burden than many players might feel to try to relay information."

Yukito says, "'A 'What you might know' or 'local gossip' blurb might be helpful. Especially if a person is trying to help keep IC/OOC bleed to a minimum."

Nehor says, "I am okay with them reacting to it though. Me, personally. Its not...ideal...but if it gets more people involved..."

Quilic adds, "Though Nehor is ALWAYS plotting something, sooo...."

Naamit says, "Age old struggle to be sure Quilic."

Tabubu softly asks, "Why share ooc info other then schedule then?"

Quilic says, "I also try and keep Greth up to date. He's the town gossip."

Speaking to Quilic, Sarmoya says, "There was a local gossip NPC in Icemule during the mayor race."

Lynaera says, "Greth sometimes has fun gossip."

Tabubu softly says, "Greth needs to hear new gossip."

Alisette says, "It takes a bit of investment to keep up, especially if you don't know many folks."

Quilic says, "So if you're ever wondering, start with him. He's not super verbose, but I try and update him."

Alisaire says, "Greth needs a script where he'll randomly repeat something someone said in that room."

Speaking to Alisaire, Naamit says, "Nice idea."

Sreka says, "And Greth's conversation changes often, I've noticed."

Speaking softly to Alisette, Tabubu says, "And I rather spend my time in game then reading everything."

Alisaire says, "I heard someone say this earlier, isn't that something? "Insert spoken sentence."."

Nehor says, "The problem, for me, with strictly In Game sources though is that it requires me to be able to get in game. Whereas, if I just want information, I'd rather go to the webpage. Personal preference."

Nehor says, "Easier for me to just load it up on my phone and scan."

Speaking to Tabubu, Alisette says, "I do as well, but I wanted to know a lot of things as well."

Quilic says, "It's hard to check off all the boxes for everyone, but I do try, and I'll keep adjusting my approach based on feedback from you guys. If something's not working, let me know. At the end of the day, I want you guys to participate and have fun."

Geojordak softly says, "Then the issue is this, you got the info ooc, how do you rp into IC."

Faerinn says, "I like both. But part of the fun for me is combing over multiple sources of information."

Speaking to Geojordak, Sarmoya says, "Easy for me because Sarmoya understands very little of what's going on."

Speaking softly to Alisette, Tabubu says, "It is just how it is, but the desire to be part of it is still there."

Faerinn says, "So I'm likely an outlier."

Xilona says, "It makes it hard when we have to spend so much time being grown ups. blech. It's nice to catch up during the work day."

Xilona says, "And also....ewww...people."

Akenna says, "I'm always happy to have my girl share what she knows."

Speaking to Geojordak, Nehor says, "Depends on the info I got. At least it can point me in the right direction, say if theres whispers that Socius has been hanging out around the Icemule Brawling Tavern...I can go there and maybe ask around."

Speaking softly to Sarmoya, Geojordak says, "Me too me too, i'm lost at this meeting, going to have to go reaserch this festival now."

Sarmoya says, "I just want people who want to dive as deep as they want to be able to do so without leaving other beached, so to speak."

Quilic says, "OK... so... I definitely get the frustration, and I will try and do better. Maybe I can try the summaries next time."

Speaking to Quilic, Xilona says, "We do appreciate the effort."

Speaking to Faerinn,, Quilic asks, "Did you ever get Kitty out of the walls?"

Speaking to Quilic, Faerinn says, "Yes, but not her babies. That story arc has yet to resolve."

Speaking to Quilic, you ask, "So I know Naamit asked on the boards, but I wanted to second the question: WPS for Citizens?"

Speaking to Faerinn,, Quilic says, "It's been approved, and will be offered soonish. See above re: my personal schedule."

Speaking to Quilic, Faerinn exclaims, "Hey that's more info than we had so thanks!"

Quilic says, "That leads into a slightly larger point: I'm going to be doing more things that are citizen-only. Not an obnoxious amount, but one of my over-arching goals from the outset has been to make this a town people call home."

Xilona asks, "Houses?"

Quilic says, "Now that we're starting to get some hunting in, I want to make citizenship mean something more than the best citizen verbs in the game."

Akenna says, "More houses would be nice."

Sreka asks, "Neighborhoods?"

Lynaera murmurs, "Capped hunting grounds, only for citizens..."

Nehor says, "Allowing MHO's to be based on FWI would go a long way too."

Quilic says, "Houses have been talked about. It's way above my pay grade, but I don't mind asking again, and I will."

Sreka says, "CHEs here would be great too."

Speaking to Nehor, Quilic says, "That's unlikely to ever happen, unfortunately."

Tabubu softly says, "Over haul of houses."

Naamit says, "On premium houses, if you can clear out any dead ones that would be great ... Or add more rooms."

Tabubu softly says, "Make them actually mean something more, use of Heads of House and its members into minoins of the town."

Naamit says, "I'd love to move my house from WL to FWI, but there isn't any open area."

Tabubu softly says, "You know part of the RP of power."

Speaking to Naamit, Quilic says, "It would have to the be latter, is my understanding. But as I said, not my call by a long shot. I'll rattle some cages."

Speaking to Naamit, Xilona says, "So much the same!! I even sold my shop."

Alisaire asks, "Oh, right. Are the monthly raffles returning for various profession customizations?"

Speaking to Alisaire, Quilic says, "Some of them will be returning soon. The others a little later. There's some things that need to be resolved under the hood, but I'm working on it."

Alisaire says, "Great news, thank you."

Speaking to Quilic, Akenna says, "I have...one more question."

Tabubu softly asks, "Is the answer to the universe still 42?"

Speaking to Tabubu, Quilic says, "It's been changed. If you like, I'll send you a cipher that leads to a clue about the new answer."

Quilic says, "You guys don't know how close we got to having a cipher in KQST."

Nehor says, "You were part of it, so I am assuming its always just over the horizon."

Naamit says, "I retired from ciphers, don't ask me."

Quilic says, "Kenstrom asked me if I could help with a puzzle for a plot point, and I was like... Um... I think I might be able to help with that."

Quilic says, "We ended up scrapping it, because of time restraints, but for a brief shining moment it was gonna be a monster."

Sreka says, "There's always next year."

Speaking to Sreka, Quilic asks, "Whatcha got?"

Sreka asks, "A lot, but...I'd really like to know what we can do to help make this town grow and change. I mean, you're the builder, but is there anything we can do to contribute?" The notch-eared tomcat plops down and starts to clean its whiskers. Eyes scrunched closed, the tomcat rasps its sandpaper tongue against one paw and rubs it across its own muzzle. After a few swipes, the tomcat shakes its head furiously and looks around, slightly dazed.

Quilic says, "So... a few things. First and foremost... show up. Be active on the boards, hang out at Greth's (which is a Supernode now if you don't know), and show up for storytimes."

Quilic says, "We have a Loremaster now, the Lady Rohese, and she's going to be assisting with some roleplay on a player-to-player level."

Quilic says, "I also make it a point to do pop-up RP in town. Frequently people end up in conversations with Greth when they don't expect him to be alert."

Speaking to Quilic, Regwen says, "I do love talking to the npcs. Exciting when they respond." Trimia takes a drink from her spring water.

Quilic says, "So hang around, interact with folks... we've got some great people who are happy to interact with you when I'm not around... and I make an effort to be around pretty regularly."

Sreka says, "And get more active on the boards."

Sreka says, "Because I know I don't do that much."

Speaking to Sreka, Quilic exclaims, "Me either, but I'm trying!"

Alisette says, "So far I just read the boards."

Speaking to Geojordak, Quilic asks, "Whatcha got?"

Geojordak softly says, "Newer member, maybe this has been asked about before or there is a way i'm not aware of, but any idea/plan around allowing something like a day pass so we can bring a guest for a day to the Isle? (paid pass of course) I have a fianance I'd love to show around (point out the merits of being prem too.)"

Quilic exclaims, "That's an interesting idea, that I haven't heard before! I have no clue, but I'm happy to ask!"

Geojordak softly exclaims, "Long, but simple questions I have!"

Quilic says, "It might not even be mechanically feasible, but I'll run it up the flagpole."

Speaking to Gidma, Quilic asks, "Whatcha got?"

Gidma asks, "The new hunting grounds are a nice touch. Will you keep the momentum going?"

Gidma says, "If this was asked earlier I'm sorry. I came in late."

Quilic says, "There are absolutely more creatures planned. I can't commit to any sort of a timeline, but I can tell you it's high on my personal list and I frequently annoy people asking about it."

Gidma says, "As long as we aren't on the old Simu schedule then I'm happy."

Quilic says, "I want this to be home for folks, and the best way to do that is to have a good span of hunting grounds, in my less-than-humble opinion."

Quilic says, "And, just to wrap things up with a bang..."

Quilic says, "I'll be starting Windfellow's Insurrection Saturday morning, my time, not Friday night, in deference to Bardfest."

Quilic says, "So the 25th, in the morning, and I'll get a firm time for you guys."

Geojordak softly asks, "What timezone are you?"

Quilic says, "Eastern. And I'm an early riser."

Quilic says, "But for services, we want people to have a good chance at them. We try not to be total jerks about it."

Nehor asks, "Will that mean you'll extend weekend merchanting into monday perhaps?"

Quilic says, "So Saturday and Sunday for services. And there's gonna be a lot of them."

Quilic looks over at Nehor and shakes his head.

Quilic says, "Two days only. It's gonna be chaos."

Geojordak softly says, "There was a service in the middle of the night at for lumnea."

Quilic says, "Well, a note on that... I'm not the only one offering the services. Others will be doing so, on their own schedules."

Quilic says, "If Kenstrom decides to offer some, well, most of you know what HIS schedule looks like."

Quilic says, "But we try and have good coverage."

Geojordak softly says, "It happens."

Alisaire says, "I might be able to catch the end of Kenstrom's if I wake up at a normal hour."

Quilic asks, "OK. Last call... anything else from anyone?"

Speaking to Quilic, Akenna asks, "Player shops, will you guys do a raffle again soon for them up here?"

Speaking to Akenna, Quilic says, "I'll ask, but I can't say yay or nay on that. I'll let you guys know."

Speaking to Quilic, Gidma says, "Some of us have been trying to get in touch to see about open sourcing Storm Front. Some of us want to make it better."

Speaking to Gidma, Quilic says, "Honestly? The best way to go about that is to post on the officials, and then write to Feedback."

Quilic says, "I can't speak to your odds, but that's the best way to maximize them."

Gidma says, "Ok, I'll keep trying."

Speaking to Naamit, Quilic says, "You get one more. Finish us off strong."

Speaking to Quilic, Naamit says, "Ugh. You bested me. So... Can you expand on any future plans to change the premium offerings afforded by Sadie scrolls? such as weighting on weapons, cheaper prices to reflect changes in market prices, etc? I feel like there isn't quite enough to spend Premium Points on right now."

Speaking to Naamit, Quilic says, "I can tell you that those conversations are ongoing, and I'm working on it. I can't promise success, but I'm also not going to let it lie."

Quilic says, "Eventually people get so tired of me asking them that they say yes to make me go away, I've found."

Quilic says, "OK, and Sreka had one last question. This will finish us off."

Quilic says, "Sreka was wondering what is coming up that I was most looking forward to doing."

Sreka says, "If I was going to ask one more question it would be to ask you what is coming up that you are most looking forward to doing."

Quilic says, "My favorite part of this gig is QST, so I'm looking forward to running another story this year. In the near future, though, is Windfellow's, and I've got a large hand in that, so that's what I'm most looking forward to. I think the story there will be a lot of fun, and I've got some new stuff debuting that I think you guys will like."

Quilic exclaims, "And with that... it's past my bedtime. Everybody out! Scoot!"

Quilic says, "Thank you very much for coming out."