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A creature, critter, or monster is a hostile entity in the world of Gemstone. Hunting creatures is one of the primary mechanisms of gaining experience and treasure. Creatures are categorized here by living or undead, body type, level, and additional subcategories. For the creatures local to each area, see the hunting areas category.

Creature Types

  • Living Creatures are creatures that are considered alive, and if not anti-mana in nature, can be affected by spells that may cause them to bleed. They do not require a blessed weapon or ammo to be hunted via melee or ranged attacks.
  • Undead Creatures are creatures that are not alive but can still move and attack. They are moderately resistant to physical attacks and do not bleed, but will take full damage from blessed weapons. These can be hunted to gain favor in the Order of Voln.

Creature Body Types

  • Arachnids are similiar in body type to quadrupeds, but do not have a neck or chest.
  • Avian creatures are birds or bird-like creatures. Typical characteristics of avians are wings, feathers and beaks.
  • Biped creatures are a creature that typically walks on two legs (or limbs, as lesser and greater faeroth walk on their arms).
  • Crustacean creatures are similar to quadraped creatures. Typical characteristics are an exoskeleton and pincers.
  • Elemental creatures are formless creatures, with no tangeable body parts to target, that are constructed from any element, including air, water (or ice), fire (or lava), earth, and lightning.
  • Globoid creatures are similar to elemental in that they are formless, however they are not specifically constructed of any particular element.
  • Hybrid creatures are usually a combination of two or more creatures. They can be either bipedal or quadrapedal.
  • Insect creatures are characterized by having three pairs of legs, a segmented body with a well-defined head, thorax and abdomen, and are often winged.
  • Plantlife creatures are mobile plant-like creatures.
  • Quadruped creatures are typically animals that walk on four legs.
  • Worm creatures are creatures with worm-like bodies.

Additional Categories

Page Creation Information

For help creating new creature pages, see Help:Creatures for instructions. Note: This is only to be used for creatures in permanent hunting locations. Due to the temporary nature of invasion creatures, there is no need for them to have permanent pages dedicated to them.

Officials Folders

For discussions on creatures and hunting areas, see the Official Gemstone 4 forums.


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