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The GemStone Universe

Welcome to the GemStone Universe! The home of Elanthia, Elanith and, of course, Wehnimer's Landing. Here is a brief list of categories to get you started on your adventures.

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For first-time players: New Players' Guide

A beginner's guide to playing a... Warrior | Rogue | Paladin | Sorcerer | Ranger | Bard | Wizard | Empath | Cleric | Monk

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Featured Article

Ebon Gate


Spooky season is upon us! Join us at this year's Ebon Gate festival in Naidem from Friday, September 29th, until Tuesday, October 31st. There will be a plethora of merchants (living and... not) in Evermore Hollow, fun live games, fishing, GHOUL, and Trick-Or-Treat. There will also be plenty of shopping, with over 20 new shops and more than 70 returning from last year!

Don't miss the Trove, this year's storyline and more. Read the Ebon Gate Announcements for all the details!


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