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Monday, January 11, 2020

Ensorcell (735) has been updated so EVOKE uses the temporary version of the spell, while CAST tests the difficulty of an item for the permanent version, and CHANNEL is a committed attempt of a permanent ensorcell.
The Frozen Bramble near Icemule has received some updates to make it a little less lethal, including reduced spawn rates, and creatures will no longer attempt maneuver attacks every action.
Rangers were reiewed and their spell circle received a major overhaul, including the introduction of new spells Moonbeam (611), Wild Entropy (603), Nature's Bounty (604) and Barkskin (605) and numerous updates to others. Read all about it in GM Mestys' forum posting.

Monday, January 4, 2020

As a part of a new winter campaign, Wondrous Wintertides, we will be running numerous small events and offering small gifts over the next month or two. To get us started, between now and Feburary 1st, we're running Feeder Frenzy with triple the release rate from every feeder, including the Legendary Feeder! That means 3-6 legendary items will go out this month! Hunt well and good luck!
Multi-target spells have been updated to all have a player-friendly version available, as well as an EVOKE version that will still target other players. Read the rundown on all of the changes in GM Zissu's forum posting.
Paladins have had numerous spells updated as well as the addition of the aura system. Read all the details here.

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The Return of Briarmoon Cove


Traders from every corner of Elanthia will be represented at Briarmoon Cove. The seaside retreat will be offering select shops packed with goods from all of the most notable towns, from December 4th to 11th.


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