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Monday, July 4, 2022

This year's Premium festival will be premiering a brand new venue. The grounds will open on the 8th of July at 9pm EST, and all GM interaction (services, storyline, raffles, etc.) will cease at midnight EST on the 10th. The grounds will remain open for shopping until 9pm EST on the 15th.
Erithi storytelling is the focus of a new lore document. Read all about The Three Fires that kindle the flame of traditional Erithi storytelling, as told by scholar Isienaka here.

Monday, June 27, 2022

Ta'Illistim, the Shining City, once again hosts the Festival of Lumnea from now until July 2nd. Tour elven artisan shops, enjoy the provided food and drink, and bask in the beauty of the summer meadows. The entrance is on Sylvarraend Road.
TARGET has been updated. Targeting various types of clouds, webs, maelstroms, implosions, weeds, swarms, and other assorted hazards will now target the creature that cast it. This mechanic will not target players.
Sorcerers can now control the amount of ambient messaging their animate pets create. Telling your animate to act [silent/lazy/calm/normal] will switch between no ambient messaging, 80% less ambients, 50% less ambients, or the normal rate.
The SPELL MESSAGING option has been added to let you view any special spell messaging you may have on that character.

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Featured Article

Rumor Woods: Battle of the Unicorn and the Dragon

Battle of the Unicorn and the Dragon.jpg

Join us on June tenth for the annual Grand Tournament at Rumor Woods, featuring the pixie hunt, fox hunt, jousting, and shopping, where you can purchase a mount for yourself. The rare mounts this year are the unicorn and the yierka! You'll also be able to visit Summit Academy where you can find customizations for spell preps, logon/logoff messaging, signature verbs, features, and more.


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