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Sunday, January 13th, 2019

Dark Elves will be the topic of their own OOC meeting with GM Valyrka, beginning at 9pm Eastern on Thursday, January 17th. Portals will be placed outside Moot Hall in Wehnimer's Landing and outside the Dark Elf Embassy in Ta'Illistim. All things Faendryl will be discussed, and questions are welcomed.
The Cysaegir OOC meeting is scheduled for Saturday, January 19th, starting at 9pm Eastern. Everyone is welcome to attend and learn what future plans are in store for the town or to ask your Cysaegir-related questions.
GM Ixix expands the arrival of mini-bosses and packs to include new creatures and areas. Read the details in his forum posting. Sounds like it might be time to stock up on deeds!
The GLANCE verb has had some bugs squashed with it and you can now preview the various glance styles usable using VERB INFO GLANCE.

Sunday, January 6th, 2019

On Monday, January 7th, Tracker Zendrian will be holding a raffle for Premium subscribers at 12pm Eastern. This raffle is only open to rangers able to summon an Animal Companion and the winner will have their animal companion groomed.
GM Valyrka has announced an OOC meeting to chat about all things Ta'Illistim. Bring your questions and feedback to the Ta'Illistim Green on Saturday, January 12th, at 9pm Eastern.
Vaalorian citizens and visitors alike are welcome to attend the Ta'Vaalor OOC meeting to discuss the current affairs and future of Ta'Vaalor. Look for a portal in King's Court just before 7pm Eastern on Sunday, January 13th.

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Unarmed Combat


If the New Year has you wanting to try something new to you, read up on Unarmed Combat and see if jabbing, punching, and kicking the creatures of Elanthia sounds like a good fit for you. Read more here...


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