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Monday, September 13, 2021

Explore Erithi funeral customs including tea and incense in the new lore document, When Your Soul Blossoms to the Sky.
Warriors can now add weighting, padding, and sighting services to your armaments! Read all the details on the new feat grit here.
Cockatrice, snowy cockatrice, and plumed cockatrice have been converted to BCS. They have a bit more flavor now, and will flap their wings to throw dirt at you.
Next week, September 17-24, the Cooperative Houses of Elanthia celebrate 30 years in Gemstone IV with an anniversary celebration featuring merchants, raffles, a round of HOUSE, and events hosted by the member houses.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Duskruin returns, with the arrival of the Kraet and an all new Endless mode in the Arena for ultimate bragging rights!
The Open Seas just got bigger! There are now 200 new rooms to sail through spreading up toward the waters near Icemule and South toward the Southron Wastes.

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Duskruin: Endless


Duskruin: Endless, begins Friday, August 13th at 9PM Eastern! Witness the fantastic feats of your fellow adventurers from the stands as they battle in the new Endless arena mode, or visit the newly arrived Kraet ship docked at Bloodriven Village, offering new wares from the first contact with the half-Krolvin culture. Perennial Duskruin activities like shopping, arena, the sewers, and the Bank Heist also return!


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