2021 - Zul Logoth - OOC Meeting (summary)

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April 2021 Summary


Provide easier access in general but especially for low level players. The trip from the western side is very difficult with the Vipershroud and ropes and the trip from the eastern side is almost impossible without climbing ranks.


Zul Logoth needs more hunting in general with an emphasis at both ends of the spectrum. Low level and capped.

Since Zul Logoth is the base for the Guardians of Sunfist society it would be good to have more hated enemies of the society available at all levels in local hunting areas.

Filling the 80-90s undead gap would be a bonus.


With a low population it was suggested there be an NPC that could help drag, heal, and raise PCs.


These issues have been heard and I agree with all of them. But the solutions to them are not something I can provide details or promise a timeline on. I will however endeavor to find some!

Dec 2021 Summary

Add AG and GOS tasks for higher levels within ZL proper.

More hunting areas.

Citizenship verbs. Any ideas here are welcome!

Update/fix deed puzzle.

Bring herb prices in line with other towns.

Add weapon conversion chamber. There already is one in Brutarius Kodel Weaponry.

Sanctify the supernode at ZL TC Crystalline Caverns by the monument. Done!