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Type System
Demeanor-based No
Wedding No
System Combat
The AMBUSH verb is used to make attacks from hiding or invisibility and will outright fail if those conditions are not met. The ATTACK verb is similar to AMBUSH but may be used from open or hiding. Note that the AMBUSH verb is different from the Ambush skill. It is not necessary to use the AMBUSH verb in order to get the stance pushdown and critical weighting benefits provided by the Ambush skill, it is only necessary to attack from hiding.


Note: This will populate with AMBUSH HELP or HELP AMBUSH.

USAGE: AMBUSH [target] [location]

  [target] will default to your current TARGET, or a random creature if you have not set a target.
  [location] will default to your AIM preference if set.  You may also specify CLEAR to force an unaimed attack.

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