A beginner's guide to Cysaegir

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Cysaegir was founded over a decade ago to provide a place for Aelotoi refugees to live after they escaped the kiramon. It was an abandoned Illistim settlement that was refurbished to serve this purpose. It is very strongly recommended that new players DO NOT start in Cysaegir! The town is not designed to accommodate very low level characters, and is located very far away from any accessible hunting grounds.

Where in the world am I?

Cysaegir is a small Aelotoi settlement between Ta'Illistim and Zul Logoth in the DragonSpine Mountains. It is located along Whistler's Pass to the southwest of Ta'Illistim.

Where do I go to find help?

If you have already started the game in Cysaegir, you should leave town, and carefully follow the maps to Ta'Illistim. Ask someone to help you re-locate to a more appropriate starter city. Ta'Vaalor would be the easiest to move to, but Wehnimer's Landing has a lot to offer.

Well, I am here, so where can I buy stuff?

Cysaegir is not an easy place to navigate due to all of the special "GO" movements necessary to move around. However, if you are here and have a little experience already with the game, there are some shops. Consult the Cysaegir map for finding all of these locations. Most services are actually on a second level, reached by climbing a ladder or tree.


Haegan's Weaponry is located on the east side of town.


Morvaeyn's Armory is located next to Haegan's Weaponry.


Gaertira's Herbs is located on the north side of town.

General Store

The Treetop Market is where you buy general supplies like backpacks, sacks, sheaths and so on. It is south of Gaertira's Herbs.

Where can I sell stuff?


Urgaen's Pawnshop is located on the southwest side of town.


Gems of the Earth is located on the south side of town.


Maeve's Furs is located on the southeast side of town.

What about my affairs?


The Cysaegir Bank is located on the west side, right next to the path leading out of town, which goes to Whistler's Pass.

What else?

When you are higher level and have more experience with the game, you can apply for citizenship at Rhyaesdid Hall, which is the seat of government. There are a number of specialty shops where you can buy things. The locksmith is located near the weaponry and armor shops. One of the things that makes Cysaegir appreciated by some higher level adventurers is that Aelotoi are too recent to have many prejudices, so the merchants in town treat some races better than they would in any other part of the world that is presently accessible.

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