A beginner's guide to Icemule Trace

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Icemule Trace

The following is a reformatted and supplemented version of the Mentor's Getting Started Guide for Icemule Trace as provided by GameMaster Haliste. Information on Wehnimer's Landing may be read here, while getting started in Ta'Vaalor may be read here.

                         Welcome to Icemule Trace

Where in the world am I?

Icemule Trace is a halfling city, where it's snowy year-round. It hosts a relatively healthy population of adventurers, but usually not as many as Wehnimer's Landing, the most populous.

Where do I go to find help?

Town Center is where adventurer's tend to congregate between hunts. That's where to head to find healers, lockpickers, and the like.

Icemule connects to all other major towns via a single trail a bit south of South Gate. That trail is quite dangerous, with creatures ranging from manageable level 1 kobolds to level 38 frost giants. If an inexperienced adventurer catches the attention of the tougher creatures on the trail, it is likely to result in death.

The nearest major city is Wehnimer's Landing, which also contains a large number of hunting grounds for new adventurers.

How Do I Start Out?

Beginning a new future in the frigid town of Icemule Trace can be confusing at first, and you may be musing over what you can do to establish yourself and earn support in the form of friends, wealth, and outfitting. Luckily, the town has given you some basic equipment, but with that comes a small debt.

You have a weapon and some moderately protective gear, but does this mean your only option to pay that debt is to seek treasure from the creatures populating the wilds? Absolutely not! There are options available to you in order to earn some silvers and probably meet a few civilians along the way. One of these options is to ask for a job delivering messages, which the clerk provides in Clovertooth Hall. Doing this also provides an opportunity to learn your way around our fair town, something seemingly invaluable but guaranteed to be a good learning experience. If you manage to explore all the town highlights by following DIRections, you'll have learned enough to advance to your first training.

Don't forget about your debt, though, or the bankers will send the town clerk after you! Keep a close eye on the amount of SILVER in your pocket. You'll probably remember about your debt, too, if you still have one.

It's fun to explore everywhere, but be wary of suspicious looking passages such has holes, tangled roots, and even the town gates. Some passages will lead to unsafe territory, so always try to prepare yourself if you decide on venturing forth by taking a weapon and shield in hand.

Many cartographers have made maps of not only Icemule Trace, but also the wilds and towns beyond. The mentors at Silverwood Manor can direct you to some, as can many residents of town, and most would be more than willing to accommodate your needs should you ask.

Gathering Spots

In the very center of town you will find an abundance of activity surrounding the prominent idol of Icemule Trace, the frozen mule statue. Town Center is one of the most popular of all our gathering spots, supporting healing grounds for a host of empaths and clerics, and comfortable resting for hunters. It is far from a quiet place of solitude however, and is often a forum for wonderful conversation and social behavior. Not all activities are welcome in Town Center though, and more can be read on that in the articles about etiquette and Icemule Trace Customs.

Looking to get a locked chest open that a kobold was carrying around? Then, the picker's well is the place to go, located a block south of the Penguin Inn. This is the common hangout for rogues and pickers alike, and also a good spot for socialization. Slightly less frenzied than Town Center, if you seek a quieter environment that does not lack conversation, this is a good gathering spot. If the well is empty, best head over to Blackfingers, the town locksmith. He's located in the back room of the General Store, one block south of the bank. Read the sign for instructions.

If you are looking for a more intimate venue to meet with a few friends or to host a group discussion, then either the Nightowl Pub or Tartifacts are suggested. Both establishments have tables on their second floors, but be warned that the private nature of these tables is out of courtesy only, and anyone may walk up to yours if they so wish.

There are many other places of gathering around town, and it's encouraged to explore and find the ones that best suit you and your needs.

Icemule Trace Customs

The cold town of the north has been around for many years and maintains a great love and pride for their history, residents, and customs. It is often a struggle to keep these customs alive and known, but an effort never considered pointless. Respect for the rules that have been established is often given back tenfold.

Icemule Trace is a caring community, and many of these customs are based on preserving the safety and well-being of the common civilian. Not dealing with the machinations and complexities of locked boxes in Town Center is one of the predominant rules, as the traps could possibly be a danger to anyone nearby. It is best to avoid practicing guild skills in heavily populated gathering places, since they can cause great distraction from needed communication.

Many small customs have been developed of a more distinct nature, and you will learn these as you build a life in Icemule Trace. Do not be scared to ask residents what they know, or why it is you were requested to do -- or not to do -- something.

Lastly, don't kick the penguin. He is our mascot, after all.

The Local Inns

The town of Icemule Trace is divided into four quadrants. The Silvermule Gaming Hall, Honeybeer Inn, Nightowl Pub, and Thirsty Penguin are all located in the southwest part of town.

Silvermule Gaming Hall is an excellent place to meet with friends and play some games of chance. Honeybeer Inn and the Thirsty Penguin have rooms if you need a place to sleep. The Nightowl Pub is good for quiet conversation with friends or if you want a glimpse of the town guards relaxing in their off-hours.

Located just two blocks west and one block south of Town Center, the Thirsty Penguin is where you will want to head once you have accumulated enough experience to advance to your next training. Just CHECK IN. Training is the process of increasing your skills in the areas important to you. If you aren't near an inn, though, you can always spend some time contemplating your life GOALS.

A few other places of interest are Tartifacts Bakery, located just east of the South Gate; the Icehouse Tavern, also known as the brawling tavern, located just outside the West Gate; and the Temple, located on a hill overlooking the northeast quadrant of town.

Likely Hunting Spots

[GOAT’s submission: New adventurers have a lot of options. Outside the south gate, you'll find kobolds and rabid squirrels. If you go through the dense fog in the northwest part of town, you'll reach the twisting tunnels under town, where you'll find cave gnomes and giant rats. The southwest part of town has a well that leads to giant rats and carrion worms. Outside the north gate, you can battle undead lesser frost shades. All of these are a reasonable match for brand-new adventurers.]

Icemule has a curious history. The original site of the town was north of the North Gate. That area was destroyed during a historic invasion, and it is now inhabited by undead lesser frost shades. For those who can hunt undead, these creatures offer a fair challenge and decent riches. While roaming around, keep yourself in a defensive STANCE. When you are ready to ATTACK a beast, change your posture to advanced or offensive.

Other hunters might enjoy chasing the rats and cave worms beneath the town wells, or cave gnomes in the twisting tunnels located in the Northwest quadrant of the city. With a bit of skill, these creatures can be SKINned and their pelts sold to Furryback, the furrier. You should also remember to SEARCH any creature you kill. Some carry treasure, and even if they don't, it's considered impolite to leave their corpses lying about.

Another exciting hunting ground can be found just outside the South Gate, in the snowy forest. Kobolds and rabid squirrels inhabit this area. As the kobolds threaten travelers to and from Wehnimer's Landing to the south, any help keeping them at bay would be most appreciated.

There are other hunting areas to be explored. Ask one of the townsfolk for directions. Most will be happy to know another hand is here to help out with controlling the rats and other vermin. If you go outside the gates, remember to bring a few coins with you. The guards will charge you five silvers to pass into the town.

Selling your Goods

Furryback, the furrier, will buy skins and pelts of just about any type and quality. His shop is situated just west of the pawnshop. Just hold a pelt, or a BUNDLE of them, in your hand and SELL them. If you sell him your backpack or satchel, he will extract the pelts from it and then return your container.

As you venture into other hunting areas, you will come across weapons and items of armor left behind by creatures that have died and been searched. Sniffberry, who runs the pawnshop in town, will buy many things that other people leave behind for trash. It's all worth a try. If you are unsure of an item's worth, you can always APPRAISE it first to check if it's a valuable piece or not. And, if you decide it's something you would rather hold onto, you can MARK it and prevent an accidental sale. On his porch, he has a few items for sale that other folks have sold to him. From the street, just climb the stairs and look on the tables. You might find a great deal.

When you search your kills, you may find treasure of various sorts. You might find some silver coins, which you can deposit in the Bank just east of Town Center. A little ways south of the bank, you'll find Zirconia's Fine Gems and Jewelry. There, you can sell those gems, though you may want to save some for deeds.

Smarter foes may lock up their treasure in chests, and you'll need to seek out a locksmith to jimmy open your find. Usually some are working near the stucco well, west and south of Town Center.


The town of Icemule Trace is a close community, and as such, you'll do better if you observe a few rules of behavior.

Don't yell or say the same thing over and over again. Don't perform the same action over and over again, either. This may gain you some attention, but it won't be friendly attention. If you need help, ask once or twice and if no one hears you, find another room and another crowd. Someone will help you. Remember, you can always go to Silverwood Manor and ring the bell there.

When hunting, don't swing at a critter if someone is already standing there with it. If you are both hunting alone, ask the person to join you and you can hunt together. You will both learn, you'll share in the skins and other treasure, and you may have found a new friend.

Part of your starting equipment is a crystal amulet. Wear it and RUB it to hear the thoughts of other Icemule citizens. You can send your thoughts to the town if you THINK them. Please remember that everyone in town can hear your thoughts, so try to think kind thoughts. If you notice any of your fellow citizens dying, please use the amulet to alert the local empaths and clerics. (Hopefully, others will do the same for you.)

For more hints on successful behavior, visit Trevor Dabbings in the Thirsty Penguin. He's got a prepared speech about it. If you listen to the whole thing and then answer his questions correctly, he'll reward you.

How do I get a job?

Visit the Bondsman in the Debt Collector's Office in Clovertooth Hall. He's a bit cranky, but if you are persistent, he will give you little errands to do. Mostly, he needs help with delivering messages to various people in town. When you give the message to the right person, he or she will pay you for your time and effort. If you do a good job, you'll end up with some change in your pocket and some learning in your head.

Located just one block east of the bank (in the pale grey stone guildhall) is the Adventurer's Guild. Taskmaster Halline has a variety of jobs available to adventurers of all skill. If you're interested in doing some work, you can ASK her about bounties. She might ask you to help locate a lost heirloom, or she may have you assist the dealer Zirconia with restocking some gems. Fortunately, Halline is wise and will only ask you to venture to places that she feels you will be able to handle.

The Deputy!

Icemule Trace is a law-abiding town. The Deputy is not a very friendly man, but he does his job. He patrols the streets looking for miscreants and throwing them in jail. You can get on his bad side by stealing, kicking and punching the town citizens, and by being disruptive. Once he arrests you, your fate is pretty much sealed. You will get a trial, but the judge here always sides with the Deputy. So, if you commit a crime, you will end up with a fine for it. Some are pretty steep, too. Committing crimes is not an effective way to get your adventuring career off to a good start!

Other Sights Around Town

As you walk around town delivering messages or taking in the sights, you may come across House White Haven.

This is one of the Great Houses of Elanthia, and it offers adventurers a place to meet, socialize with other house members, and plan events. You will need to train at least five times before you can be eligible to join White Haven. If you are interested in becoming a member, look on the plaque outside the Hall for the house officers, look for them, and ask them about joining. You can also ask by thinking on the crystal amulet. Icemulians listen to the amulets most of the time and will often respond to questions with helpful advice.

One block east and south of the Bank is our official town hall. Clovertooth Hall, as it is called, houses several public officials and has a public meeting room. If you have a debt, you can pay the Bondsman on the ground floor. Also located in the hall is the Registrar, who will take notes on special items you have; REGISTERed items are more easily replaced if you lose them. If you can't get to the Hall, but need to send missive about a special item, you can hold the item in your hand and REGISTER it. A messenger will get the appropriate information to the Registrar, recording your item in the public records.

Clovertooth Hall also contains the public lockers, which give you a secure place to store valuables. Carrying everything gets heavy after a while and can slow you down.

Icemulians are particularly proud of their Temple of the Arkati. Look outside the temple for a place to donate treasures in return for the deeds you will need should you die. Inside the temple are shrines to most of the Liabo and Lornon deities.

Throughout the town you will find interesting buildings, shops, and neighborhoods. Take time to explore and you'll discover many delightful surprises!

Death and Dying in Elanthia

It's always an unpleasant shock to find yourself dead. Here in Icemule Trace, there are clerics and empaths who have the capability to put you back in good shape again. With luck, a friend or some kind stranger, will find you and drag your dead body to them.

Death is a part of life in Icemule, as in the rest of Elanthia. In order to minimize the sting of death you should look into getting some deeds from the Goddess Lorminstra. Most any adventurer you find will know how to point you in the right direction to obtain them. Or, you can explore the northeast quadrant of town to puzzle it out for yourself.

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