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River's Rest town

River's Rest is a small, isolated town in the farthest southwestern corner of Elanthia normally available to access by players. Without a Premium subscription, it is impossible to start a character in this town. Even travel to and from the town is considered a game secret, but rumors abound that the fastest way to get there is by water. There are no jobs for novice adventurers (such as delivering messages, making iron, etc.) beyond the normal bounty system. There is also no way to join a society, although there are small outposts nearby for inducted members. There are, however, plenty of creatures to hunt over a wide range, from giant rats and pale crabs all the way up to the toughest local foes, putrefied Citadel heralds and phantasmal bestial swordsmen. There's even a Guide to Hunting in the Rest. New and experienced players alike may find the ways of the town quaint, but usually it isn't too difficult to make friends, hear some local lore, get help with bounties, or ask for some buff spells. It is assured on your first visit to our lovely town, you will understand why they keep us locked up and isolated. Whether this is exactly what you were looking for or something to send you running away screaming (or immobile owing to probable death), only you can determine for yourself.

Local Geography

One thing to strike new comers is that the town is not just small in population but geographically small for most day-to-day purposes as well. Learning your way around town will not take long at all! One can start outside the pawnshop, travel directly to outside the gemshop, then directly to outside the furrier, and finally to the bank. Of course, there may be a lot more to explore than first meets the eye, so don't be deceived!

Hidden all about town are public storage areas; if you're new, please take care to use common decency and contribute your fair share. It is extremely disruptive and inappropriate to take these items for sheer profit, like selling items to the pawnshop. Of course, if you're about to bleed to death, the locals will surely welcome you to raid any herbs you may need in a dire plight. It may also be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the local cleric before trying to be helpful and cleaning out odds and ends you think are only trash.

Where can I find...?

  • Healer: There isn't one.
  • Cleric: Check the Tavern (near the Inn), Collip's Yard (cleric shop), the Quay Shelter (on the way to the locksmith), or the Dilapidated Pier (southwest corner of town). Her name is Sal.
  • Lockers: Through the doors of the large building at the end of the alley with the pawnshop.
  • Movers: In the same building with the lockers, through the first door.
  • Purser: In the office in the bank; this is who you'll want to see for creature-related bounties.
  • Jail/jailbox: In the Captains quarters, located on the west side of the south road.
  • Deeds: You'll need some local gems or shells. You'll need to get them accepted into the pool near the Sanctuary. Once you manage that successfully, reflect that Aeia is a popular local spirit and find a way to honor her. There is also a spoiler on the method.

Popular Resting Areas

Although there are plenty of places to explore or rest around town, most people like to gather in just one of two places. If you're new around town, it's a good idea to spend some time in these areas and get to know some of the locals. In particular, it's difficult to get help after you die if no one knows you're adventuring in the region.

The Sanctuary

Located just through the pillars on the west side of town, this is a natural sanctuary, holy place, and Super node. Visitors here are usually looking for a little peace and quiet while resting, a place to cast spells in armor without hindrance, or perhaps looking for an elusive healer or cleric. An abundance of herbal remedies, as well as some other goodies, can often be found stashed behind the altar. It is also one of the target locations for Spirit Guide (130) as well as where a former corpse will end up after decaying. If you see dangerous creatures roaming town and you're looking for shelter or help, it's usually safe to come here, too. Due to the holiness of the Sanctuary, opening boxes has traditionally been discouraged here and some long time Resters will still take offense if it is done.

Town Commons

Located conveniently in the center of town, either up the path from the south or down the walkway from the north of the Commons Circle, this is a Super node where a variety of folks enjoy gathering. Most spell casters offering buff spells, locksmiths, healers, clerics, and others wishing to provide or receive services will often be found here. Resters often get distracted in telling stories and gossiping, so don't feel shy to waltz right in and (politely) ask for some help, even if you don't see anyone; lots of people like to lurk in the shadows. The circumstance of potentially dangerous work like lockpicking being performed at one of the same place as healing is some of the local flavor, but perhaps arose because the Sanctuary is so quiet. A graceful willow tree not only shades the Commons but also partially obscures a slew of public containers for stashing treats, herbal remedies, and assorted junk.

The Stone Eye

The Stone Eye is an ancient ediface, located at the northwestern corner of town right at the tip of Maelstrom Bay. Inside on the first floor is a bar on the east with a quaint kobold bartender named Byron you might want to get to know. Up the stairs on the second floor are tables for a private chat or a discrete break from the hustle and bustle.

River's Rest Inn

The local Inn also provides some tables. It is near the tavern on east of the Commons Circle. To find the tables, enter the inn, go north, and go through the oaken doorway; note that the small door leads to the kitchen.

Beacon Hall Archive

Located just over the draw bridge at the south end of town and to the west is the only Great House in River's Rest. The Common Room is one of the few local super nodes, and on the east side near the kitchen are some additional tables. The house is fully open to the public and its members welcome you to seek refuge here at your leisure. There's even a workshop on the second floor near the library.

Niima's Shrine

One of the few places adventurers can be found resting outside town, Niima's Shrine is located in Oteska's Haven near the Miasmal Forest. This spot is preferred as it is a node, a natural sanctuary, allows incoming teleportation, and has some space for stashing items behind the altar.

Getting Help for the Dead and Wounded


In line with the difficulty of the local infestation of monsters—which can be quite a challenge even for skilled adventurers—getting patched up after a fight also isn't always too easy. The town has no local healer besides the herbalist, who is not even known to stock a basic remedy like rose-marrow potion. If you can't find an empath about, check the basket at the herbalist, the crate in Town Commons, and behind the altar at the Sanctuary if you're too poor to afford some new herbs.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the only way a character may start in River's Rest is with a Premium subscription. Thus, when in need of healing and no local empath is available, a thought requesting help on the global ESP net (crystal amulet required) may find a willing empath to heal you on Mist Harbor. The Mist Harbor herbalist is also fully stocked with anything the local herbalist might not have. However, getting to River's Rest can be considered easier for a lower level character, so there is no expectation that a Rester has a Premium subscription (and many do not).


Although there is the local cleric Saltwater Sal, she has several spots about town she enjoys spending time at, and sometimes she's too exhausted to offer her services. Her services are, however, not free, and you never know what she'll ask for. In addition to nice local gems and shells, she's known to request chipped bricks, pieces of iron, scarves, sticks, table legs, tree bark, muffins, tiaras, or chalices. Some of these can be found in the community chest in Town Commons or behind the altar in the Sanctuary. She also won't deal with anyone bleeding, so you'll either need a healer, to be good at First Aid, or find some alchemy tinctures or make them yourself. For this reason, it is discouraged to use tinctures of pothinir, aloeas, and ephlox if you are alive.


If you die or wish to rescue a fallen adventurer, getting the body back town can be a challenge of its own. Besides the indigenous creatures, rescues near the Citadel are fairly straight-forward. The Karazja Jungle constantly shifts its form for most of the areas, so without Transference (225), finding the corpse may be a challenge, and a similar challenge is faced to get back out. Bodies cannot be dragged past the grate which leads to the Krolvin Ship. Dragging bodies is also not possible across Maelstrom Bay without the dragger having the Water Walking (112) spell active, though if you can get a body into the Bay it will eventually wash up on the dock on its own. However, dragging is totally impossible almost anywhere on the Krolvin Carrack, even into a Familiar Gate (930) or planar rift. Dragging without Water Walking is also difficult in some areas outside the Marsh Keep, and even succeeding at getting outside the Keep, one will have to traverse both the Spectral Mists and Ghostly Trees in the Miasmal Forest to get a corpse to the other side of the fallen log. Of course, dying in the Miasmal mazes is a nuisance in itself, and the rescuer will need to find the body; dying in this area is generally complicated by the tendency of wights to drag corpses and bog trolls to hide the corpses in the muck (preventing Locate Person (116) or Symbol of Sight). Various direct means, either field raises or outgoing teleportation (Spirit Guide (130), Traveler's Song (1020), Aid The Fallen (1620), and Symbol of Return) are usually preferred if not strictly required.

Getting a bless for your weapon

Ask someone in Voln or find a cleric. There are no pure potions for sale at standard town stores, nor any way to get a bless by an NPC or artifact about town.

It's not unusual for Resters to carry more than one weapon to get blessed and ask for several when they find someone to help out. There are certainly lots of undead nearby!

Be careful with your nice weapons

While in many areas it is perfectly safe to take your fancy weapons out hunting, it is worth noting the areas this may not be the case. It's also a good idea to hold on to any interesting weapons you come across in these hunting grounds, as they might belong to someone else!

See Starchitin's Guide for more details.

Blood eagle riding

Blood eagles can be found in a large span of areas, from across the drawbridge to many areas outside the Citadel. They can swoop a character up and drop them into the ravine quite easily—locally called blood eagle riding. This check does not seem to have a strong dependence on skill or level, and the eagles can reasonably snatch up just about anyone if they get a good purchase.

Roleplaying in River's Rest

River's Rest is known far and wide as a small, tight-knit community with some eccentricism (i.e. a haven of roleplaying). Many of the locals who call River's Rest their home are constantly striving to improve their own roleplaying skills, and are usually happy to meet and interact with any new faces, too. Whether you're a novice or an expert, it's never a bad idea to (re-)read guides on the topic, such as the Art of Roleplaying upon arrival.

Although the players are generally excited to see new faces around town, the characters may feign or truly harbor a certain amount of skepticism. The town could not be properly called xenophobic, and perhaps cliquish is a better term. After all, River's Rest is formally a part of the County of Torre which is ruled by the Turamzzyrian Empire, although many locals are likely to dispute this claim or even have anti-imperialistic sentiments. Much of the local history is cloaked in mystery, and as an example, no one really knows from wence the sorcerer Syssanis hailed. Still, the Rest is filled with an assortment of folks, many of whom originated in other parts of the world (or another in the case of many Aelotoi), but now consider it their home.

Local history is one of the most popular topics, whether as a pastime to gossip about or as a more academic endeavor for serious historians. Delving into in-game lore is by its very nature an act of roleplay, and the spirit of the town can easily be reflected in the fact that Beacon Hall Archive's main focus is gathering information and preserving records. (Of course, not all the locals are affiliated with the house nor would choose to be, for a variety of reasons of their own.) Familiarizing oneself with the oral histories and background of the town, while not a necessary ingredient to a character's repertoire, will certainly serve as an effective social lubricant in the area. One very tricky line is that many characters are a part of the history (or even composed some of the lore), but a new character will not (yet) be. Some characters have literally been in the Rest back when travel to-and-from the town was commonly performed using magical teleportation devices activated by crystal amulets. One is sure to ruffle some feathers showing up making this or that claim about local history, and it will be strongly implied that the character (not the player, though) is either a liar or a fool. Conversely, most locals are a few bricks shy of a full load ("there's no such thing as a sane Rester"), but this is largely concluded on the basis of external standards, and the local sense of foolishness is full of nuances.

For example, many Resters think a fine way to pass an afternoon is to (somewhat inadvertently) kill themselves and/or each other (check out some of the games with dubious-sounding names, and you'll quickly realize they are from River's Rest). Further investigation of the lore will reveal that very many of the tales are morbid if not involving the death of the main characters (spoiler alert). In spite of these facts, however, the locals are unlikely to appreciate an unannounced Meteor Swarm (525) at Town Commons any more than they would in any other city.

We want to welcome you to our community with open arms, but unfortunately someone blew them off.

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