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Solhaven is a major port city of the Barony of Vornavis at the northern border of the human-ruled Turamzzyrian Empire. While it is not one of the three drop-off points for new characters, Solhaven is still very welcoming to all adventurers.

Geographically, Solhaven has an overland connection to Wehnimer's Landing that is easily traversed in a few minutes of real time, so it is a good place for those who prefer a less crowded environment but still want be able to make use of Landing services when needed.


To travel from Wehnimer's Landing to Solhaven, follow the maps from north to south:

For a small fee, a Chronomage day pass can be purchased which allows for unlimited round trips between the two towns (from the Landing travel office: ASK ATTENDANT ABOUT SOLHAVEN). Day passes may also be purchased for trips between Solhaven and Icemule Trace, bypassing the dangerous trail through the northern glaciers.

A smuggler's ship outside Solhaven makes hourly trips to River's Rest.


The North Market is the traditional gathering place for adventurers.

As Solhaven is part of the Turamzzyrian Empire, humans enjoy preferential treatment in many local establishments while elves of all kinds are not well liked. All standard town services are still available, but elves will have to pay more.

Solhaven is divided by an inlet into north and south halves. The north district is considered the more commercial part of the city and has most of the town services. Outside of Solhaven proper, a few shops can be found in the hamlet of Marshtown.

North District

  • Town Hall - southeast part of district (at Cowrie & Nerite)
  • Warehouse - public lockers (from North Market: W, SW, SW)
  • Solhaven Inn - food and private tables (from North Market: E, E, E)
  • Tentacled Tavern - food and private tables (from North Market: N, NE, NE, NE)
  • Adventurer's Guild (from North Market: NE, E, E, N)
  • Sargassa's Herbal Shop - herbs and town healer, on Latirus Lane due east of the Adventurer's Guild
  • Liabo Esplanade - town cleric, shrines to the Pantheon of Liabo

South District



The safest hunting area for novice adventurers is the West Road, along which can be found kobolds, urghs, and coyotes. The West Road runs through the maps:

Slightly higher level creatures can be found on South Beach on the map:

For those interested in fighting low-level undead, there is an abandoned village along the trail to Wehnimer's Landing where revenants and mist wraiths appear, with werebears in a cave farther in. This area can be found on the map:

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