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Ta'Illistim 2014

Ta'Illistim is the capital city of House Illistim in the Elven Nations. While it is possible to start there with a premium account, it is very strongly recommended that new players DO NOT start in Ta'Illistim! The city is not designed to be accommodating to very low level characters, with no low level hunting grounds in the surrounding area. Ta'Vaalor is a much better choice for the Elven Nations. You should also consider Wehnimer's Landing and Icemule Trace, which were the traditional starting cities for many years. The Elven Nations are relatively prejudiced against Dark Elves.

Where in the world am I?

Ta'Illistim is just east of the Dwarven holdings in the DragonSpine Mountains, between Wehnimer's Landing in the west and Ta'Vaalor in the east. House Illistim is the intellectual center of the Elven Nations, with roleplay centered around the court life of the Argent Mirror. The city is mostly used as a base by higher level characters. Most services of interest will be concentrated around two parts of town: Shimmarglin Court on the east side, and BriarStone Court on the west side.

Where do I go to find help?

The social life of the city tends to center on the Hanging Gardens, a dais located on the east side of town in Shimmarglin Court. If you carefully follow the maps outside of the Sapphire Gate, it is reasonably safe to make your way to Ta'Vaalor, which is a much more appropriate city for new players and low level characters. Trying to go west to Wehnimer's Landing without a travel guide is substantially more dangerous, at least after you leave the Dwarves, and will cost over 2,000 silver in mine cart and ferry fees. You should also have about 15 ranks of Climbing skill to ascend the mountain trails. If you have already started the game in Ta'Illistim, you should ask someone for help re-locating, so you do not get lost or overwhelmed.

Well, I am here, so where can I buy stuff?

Ta'Illistim has a number of specialty shops, but there are some more general purpose stores as well. These are concentrated around Shimmarglin Court, on the east side of town, as well as BriarStone Court on the west side of town.

General Store

General supplies can be bought at the general stone, which is on the northwestern side of Shimmarglin Court.


Weapons are sold in a shop on the northeastern side of Shimmarglin Court.


Armor is sold on the southwestern side of Shimmarglin Court.


The herbalist and town healer is on the far southwestern side of town. If you keep moving southwest from the Bank, you will eventually run into it. Free herbs are often left on the bench in the Hanging Gardens, or under the bench in one of the donation bins.

Where can I sell stuff?


The pawnshop is on the northwest side of the town, it is just north of BriarStone Court which is immediately west of the Bank.


You can sell furs on the north side of town, up Caear Wey which is northeast of Ta'Illistim Green and Ta'Illistim Keep.


Tanzania's Gems & Jewelry, the local gemshop, is located just southwest of Shimmarglin Court on Glandier Wey. (RNUM: 1439)


You can sell things like ayanad crystals to the alchemist, whose shop is located on the northeastern side of BriarStone Court.

What about my affairs?

Ta'Illistim Keep


The United Bank of the City-States is located on the west side of the city, immediately east of BriarStone Court and just west of Ta'Illistim Green. You can deposit silvers in the bank, but if you have a bank note from another city, you will need to exchange it first with the money exchangers who are located elsewhere.

Money Exchange

The bank branch that actually exchanges foreign scrip for local notes was deliberately located in another part of the city. It is on the very far north side of town, just past the locksmith and airship docks. They will charge a small percentage for exchanging notes issued by different banks.


Ta'Illistim Keep is the seat of government for the city, where you have to go for official business. If you have to pay debts or wish to use locker space, you will go inside the Keep and head to the west side of it. Ta'Illistim Keep is located immediately north of Ta'Illistim Green, or up the road to the northeast of the Bank.

To reach the debt office from the entrance, GO ARCH, GO WEST DOOR, GO LAPIS ARCH.

To reach the public lockers from the entrance, GO ARCH, GO WEST DOOR, GO STAIR.

Adventurer's Guild

The Adventurer's Guild is located on the south side of town, southwest of Shimmarglin Court just past Glandier Wey on Fraendel Var. This would be more relevant to you at a higher level.

What else?

Hall of Justice

The criminal court is located on the very far northwestern side of town, at BriarStone Keep, which is located just northwest of BriarStone Court.

Hall of Patrons

The town cleric is located in the Hall of Patrons, which is southwest of BriarStone Court before you run into the herbalist.


If you have a locked treasure chest and no one is around who can open it, you can spend a large fraction of its value (possibly more than its value) getting it unlocked at the Locksmith. The locksmith is located between the furrier and money exchange on the north side of town.

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