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Wehnimer's Landing

The following is a reformatted and wikified version (many have added to it) of the Mentor's Getting Started Guide for Wehnimer's Landing as provided by GameMaster Haliste. Information on starting in Icemule Trace may be read here, while getting started in Ta'Vaalor may be read here.

                     Welcome to Wehnimer's Landing

Wehnimer's Landing is the very oldest part of GemStone IV, with many of the streets named after the original players. It has always been the biggest population center of the game, with many low level accessible hunting grounds, which makes it a very good starting city for new players.

How Do I Start Out?

Whether you are fresh off the turnip farm or just walked through our gates for the first time... welcome! We are glad you are here and we hope that you will enjoy your stay while abiding by our rules (otherwise the Constable will be happy to help you "out").

As you explore the town, be wary of going through gates or entering dark passageways, as you never know what you might find. If you manage to explore all the town highlights by following DIRections, you'll have learned enough to advance to your first training.

As you ponder your future in the frontier town of Wehnimer's Landing, you might wonder what steps you can take to better your situation. The town has outfitted you with basic equipment, but that has left you with a debt that you must pay. Incidentally, you can always check how much SILVER you are carrying in your pockets, and you might remember how much you still owe to the town clerk, whose office is located in the eastern part of Town Square. Enter Moot Hall and head to the west to find the Debt Collector's Office.

There are jobs that will earn you experience and a few silvers, and adventure that will provide you with experience and fame. But before you get started building your fortune and reputation, it's a good idea to learn the town. You'll get your bearings and learn something along the way.

There are many good maps of the town to help you in your progress. The mentors at Silverwood Manor can direct you to some, as can just about any resident of town. Most people would not mind helping you find one.

The Local Inns

Inns are always a popular spot for adventurers. Perched in the northwest corner of Town Square, the Raging Thrak Inn is both a rowdy gathering place for a rousing song and a mug of ale, and a spot for a snooze or quiet conversation with friends. There are plenty of tables for the many residents and visitors of Wehnimer's Landing. Just south of the entrance is the Front Desk where you can CHECK IN to visit your trainer to advance and review your skills as you gain EXPerience. During your rest, you can reflect upon your life GOALS as a good reminder of your progress.

Outside the North Gate is the Wayside Inn, another popular resting spot. Beware venturing outside the gate, though. You never know what might be lurking on the other side.

On the east side of town, next to Beldrin's Gaming Hall, Frith's Inn provides a slightly more out-of-the-way spot for a rest. It's also available as a training place.

How do I get a job?

When you've learned your way around town and feel comfortable exploring, visit the Town Clerk in the Debt Collector's Office in Moot Hall. He's a bit cranky, but if you are persistent, he will give you small errands to do. Mostly, he needs help with delivering messages to the Great Houses in town. The Wehnimer's Runners do a good job of distributing messages, but they are overworked, and the clerk is always grateful for a bit of extra help. When you give the message to the right person, he or she will pay you for your time and effort or else send you back to Moot Hall with a reply. The Town Clerk will be the one to pay you, in that case. In either case, you'll end up with some change in your pocket and some learning in your head.

If you are feeling very adventurous, I hear that Iron Jack the blacksmith could use hands to help him make heavy slabs of iron. But that is a dangerous undertaking and not one to jump into without careful consideration. If you're feeling adventurous, ask around. There may be a skilled blacksmith who would be willing to take you under their wing and teach you all about metals.

Located on the eastern side of North Ring Road (in the white building) is the Adventurer's Guild. Taskmaster Rheteger has a variety of jobs available to adventurers of all skill. His office is to the southeast after entering the building, and if you're interested in doing some work, you can ASK him about bounties. He might ask you to help locate a lost heirloom, or he may have you assist the dealer Murdos with restocking some gems. Fortunately, Rheteger is wise and will only ask you to venture into places that he feels you will be able to handle.

Gathering Spots

Town Square Central (TSC) is the busiest spot in town and generally where you're likely to find help when you need it. Magic casters frequently rest in this part of the square and most will be happy to share their expertise with you, although sometimes for a price. A friendly word can go a long way and their magic could help secure a safer hunt. This is also the gathering spot for quite a few local empaths and clerics, in case you're injured on a hunt or have a friend that needs life. It's a safe bet that you'll get help here. Should no empaths be available, look in the bin for healing herbs.

Your fellow adventurers will be your best resource for navigating Elanthia. They can provide you with beneficial spells, heal you if you get injured (and return you to life when dead), and open your locked treasure chests. While the town has some non-player characters to perform these tasks, other adventurers are generally faster, cheaper, and more interesting.

If you are having a hard time finding help then you will want to check the offered SERVICEs, which lists the adventurers current offering different services (and where to find them). This is the list you see when you log in.

Just outside of town, through the North Gate, stands Hearthstone Manor. Its venerable porch is another popular gathering spot, although not as well-visited as Town Square. Here, expect to find folks interested in hearing a story, teaching a lesson, or just gabbing with friends. The Manor itself is only open to adventurers who have achieved a level of fame, so don't get discouraged if the doorman does not let you in. However, all are welcome on the establishment's front porch, and there's plenty of food and drink to sustain even the hungriest traveler.

Likely Hunting Spots

The streets of Wehnimer's Landing are well-kept and for the most part, rodent-free, but under your feet, the situation is quite different. Rats teem in the underground sewers and run free in the extensive catacombs under the town. This is a beginner's hunting area and a great way to do your part in helping to keep the streets of Wehnimer's Landing rodent-free.

Just find DIRections to the catacombs, UNSHEATH your sword and have your shield READY to begin a hunt! It might be a good idea to ask for protective spells at the Town Square Center before you head off. While roaming around, keep yourself in a defensive STANCE. When you are ready to ATTACK a beast that no one else is battling, change your posture to advanced or offensive. To gain a little silver while you're there, make sure to SKIN dead rats before you SEARCH them as you'll be able to sell the pelts to the local furrier.

Giant ants are another town underground problem. If you'd like to try your hand, you'll find a hole behind some crates, not too far from the grocery. If you're very brave and have a very good sense of direction, venture into the ant nest. Dakris, the furrier, will pay silvers for their mandibles, so it might be worth some exploration. After you try to skin an ant, don't forget to search it -- you might find a larva. Dakris buys those, too.

Venturing outside the town gates will offer new and interesting sights, but it doesn't come free of danger! The creatures beyond the confines of the town are considerably stronger than those found in the underground. You can always look for a hunting partner, though, and usually residents and visitors alike are happy to join a fellow adventurer.

Selling your Goods

Dakris, the furrier, will buy skins and pelts of just about any type and quality. His shop is situated just south of the North Gate. Just hold a pelt, or a BUNDLE of them, in your hand and SELL them. If you sell him your backpack or satchel, he will extract the pelts from it and then return your container. Just make sure it's opened for him.

As you venture into hunting areas, you will find various items of treasure such as wands, clothing, lockpicks, and sometimes, valuable weapons and armor by LOOTing kills. Kilron, who runs the pawnshop in town, will buy most things you find that aren't gems or pelts. It's always worth a try. In his back room, he has a few items for sale that other folks have sold to him. Go through the door and look on the tables. You might find a great deal!

You might find some silver coins, which you can deposit in the bank on the west edge of Town Square. In his shop on South Ring Road, Murdos the gemcutter will buy your gems, though you may want to save some for offerings in the temple. Sometimes, you might find a magical item, sometimes a bit of junk. Kilron will buy some of these items, or you or a friend might have a use for them. It's a good idea to APPRAISE the item before you sell it, to give you an idea of its worth. You might not want to sell something right away if it's rare or valuable.

Did you find something that none of the other shops will buy? Well then you may have found an alchemical supply and the buyer of those can be found in the Alchemist House on East Ring Road, over the bridge and at the northern end of East Ring Road. You can sell your items in the Consignment Room.

If you happen across an item that you want to save and make sure you don't accidentally sell to any of the town's merchants, you can MARK it, and the shop owners will remind you that this is an item you previously didn't want to sell.

Smarter foes may lock up their treasure, and you'll need to seek out a locksmith to jimmy open your find. Usually, some are working in the East Tower, at the eastern side of the North Gate. Be forewarned, however, that pickpockets may lurk within the tower; best to leave your silvers in the bank and close up your backpack before you go in. If you are unable to find a locksmith at the Tower, you can try the local locksmith, located in the northern section of town, just west of Helga's Tavern. For a fee, Larton will unlock your boxes and disarm any traps. He's not cheap, though!

When you've earned enough silver coins, you can deposit them in the bank on the west edge of Town Square. Enter the bank, head through the arch, and DEPOSIT your coins. When you need to, you can always WITHDRAW some of your savings, or you can CHECK your balance.

If you found something especially interesting, then you might just be able to find another player that may want to buy it. THINK ON the MERCHANT channel of the ESP Network with what you have and what you are looking to get for it and see if someone is willing to buy it for more than one of the other shops.


The town of Wehnimer's Landing is a community, and as such, you'll do better if you observe a few rules of behavior.

Don't yell or say the same thing over and over again. Don't perform the same action over and over again, either. This may gain you some attention, but it won't be friendly attention. If you need help, ask once or twice. If no one hears you, find another area and ask someone else. When all else fails, remember that you can always go to Silverwood Manor (DIR SILVERWOOD) and ring the bell. Someone will hear your call and if available, come to your rescue!

When hunting, don't swing or cast at a creature if someone is already engaged in battle. If you are both hunting alone, you can ask the person to join you, and you can hunt together. You will both learn, you'll share in the skins and other treasure, and you may find a new friend this way!

When engaging in conversation, it's best to speak about things specific to Elanthia. Do not speak about last night's baseball game or about your upcoming job interview. If you must speak to someone in an OOC (out of character) manner you should WHISPER to the person so that your conversation isn't disruptive to others who may be listening. In addition, you can let the other person know that you are speaking out-of-character by WHISPERing OOC to them.

For more hints on successful behavior, visit the Warrior Raging Thrak in the Raging Thrak Inn. He's got a prepared speech about it. If you listen to the whole thing and then answer his questions correctly, he'll reward you.

The Constable

Wehnimer's Landing may be a frontier town, but we do have our laws. The Constable is not a very friendly man, but he does his job. He patrols the streets and part of the wilds, looking for miscreants and throwing them in jail. You can get on his bad side by stealing, kicking, and punching the town denizens and by being disruptive. Once he arrests you, your fate is pretty much sealed. You will get a trial, but the judge here always sides with the Constable. So, if you commit a crime, you will end up with a fine or worse for it. Some are pretty steep, too. Committing crimes is not an effective way to get your adventuring career off to a good start!

Other Sights Around Town

As you walk around town delivering messages or taking in the sights, you will come across several imposing buildings with doorkeepers. Known as the Great Houses of Elanthia, these establishments are home to groups of adventurers with common interests. Each House has its own style and reputation (good or bad!); when you're more experienced, you may apply to join one that suits you.

Argent Aspis, the oldest House, is the easternmost building within the town walls. You'll find the uniformed doorkeeper of Arcane Masters on North Ring Road, along the riverbank. Also on that road is Helden Hall, home to noble warriors. Brigatta, Phoenix, Rone Academy, Sovyn, and Sylvanfair, are all within a few blocks of Silverwood Manor and the Temple. Paupers has a prime location on the Town Square, and on West Ring Road, you'll find Twilight Hall and Silvergate, which is also a public inn. For those who enjoy braving the wilds, you may find the rangers of Willow Hall just before the bridge to the graveyard, while the Dhe'nar of the Obsidian Tower make their home on Sentoph, in Upper Trollfang.

Our fine town hall fills the east side of Town Square. Moot Hall, as it is called, houses several public officials and has public meeting rooms. If you have a debt, you can pay the town clerks on the ground floor. Upstairs is the Registrar, who will take notes on special items you may have; registered items are more easily replaced if you somehow lose them. It's not necessary to speak directly with the Registrar, however. Simply REGISTERing your item, as long as it is in your hand, will send a note directly back to the Hall.

Moot Hall also contains the public lockers, which provide a secure place to store valuables. Carrying everything gets heavy after a while and can slow you down, especially if you have a penchant for swinging weapons.

The Temple is a particularly fine example of late fiftieth-century architecture. Devout citizens often rest or meditate in the main nave. The priestess of Lorminstra has her private chambers here where she accepts offerings to the goddess, who in turn may grant you the deeds you will need should you die. The lovely side chapel is often used for weddings. It is worth exploring this sprawling building; some say that shades of the dead haunt its deep cellars.

All over town, you will find interesting buildings and shops. Gert Fessel's Bakery, Helga's Tavern, Dari's Clothiers... all offer exceptional wares. Take time to explore them all, and uncover the many secret places scattered throughout Wehnimer's Landing!

Do you want to go somewhere else far away? The Chronomages have a building in Town Square South West (TSSW), but they are probably out of your price range. However, they have travel guides which will walk with you between cities, who are much more affordable. They will lecture you on the lore of the lands, which provides you some experience.

Shops to buy new, or slightly used, equipment


Looking for a new weapon? Well then Tykel's Arms is your first stop. You can ORDER standard items or special made items here. Additionally, if you are looking for something a little more special you can always check the weapon table in the backroom of the pawnshop. You never know what you'll find here.


Need something offering a bit more protection than plain clothes? Aznell's Armory just west of Town Square Southwest (TSSW) will sell you leathers on the cheap, or something a bit heavier if you are not a spell caster.

General Store

The general store is the place to go if you want supplies like backpacks, sacks, rope, and so on. It is located in Town Square Southeast (TSSE).

Cleric Shop

Supplies of a more religious nature can be found in the Cleric Shop, which is located just west of the Temple. The good Brother has made it the place to go for your pure potion and candle votive needs, but you will probably not need much of anything from there until you are more experienced.

Death and Dying in Elanthia

It's always an unpleasant shock to find yourself dead. Here in Wehnimer's Landing, we have a large population of clerics and empaths who have the capability to put you back in good shape again. With luck, a friend or some kind stranger will find you and drag your dead body to those who can heal you and then restore your life.

Death is a part of life in Wehnimer's Landing, as well as in the rest of Elanthia. In order to minimize the sting of death, you should look into getting some deeds from the Goddess Lorminstra. Any adventurer you find will know how to point you in the right direction to obtain them. Or, you can explore temple in town and research the mysteries for yourself.

If you are dead then you are probably not going to have to worry much about where to go, when you are rescued you will likely either be taken to TSC or the local Order of Voln just outside of town. At either one of these locations a cleric will usually have to be called for you, because they are usually out on their own adventures too. Just be patient and let whoever is around know when your Preservation (305) (a.k.a lifekeep) has worn off and someone will get you up and on your feet as quick as possible.

Death's Sting consequences do not begin until level 10, so if no one is around, or you do not have time to wait, there is no harm to decaying.

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