Tiny halfling tent sentinel

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A tiny halfling tent sentinel is the guard of the citizen's tent in Icemule Trace found on South Road (Lich #2410).


The pudgy halfling tent sentinel is dressed in faded brigandine bearing the insignia of Icemule Trace, and she dons a pair of oversized earmuffs, some weathered gloves, and some miniature boots trimmed with dark blue tassels.  She watches you cautiously from near the entrance of the citizen's tent with flushed cheeks and slightly bloodshot eyes.  At her side is a diminutive, almost toy-sized, military-issue longsword in a brown leather sheath.

When assessed, she appears to be: The halfling tent sentinel is tiny in size and about one foot high in her current state.

Ambient Messaging


A tiny halfling tent sentinel salutes you briefly, then returns to stand stiffly at attention.

A tiny halfling tent sentinel firmly demands in a squeaky voice, "Enter the tent, or state your business and move along!"

A tiny halfling tent sentinel surreptitiously pulls out a minuscule silver-framed mirror and checks her appearance carefully before pocketing the mirror and giving you a curt nod.

A tiny halfling tent sentinel sheepishly stomps around in the snow, trying to cover what may have once been a tiny halfling-sized snow angel.

A tiny halfling tent sentinel covers her mouth suddenly, trying to squelch a loud, tart-scented belch.

A tiny halfling tent sentinel polishes her tiny longsword before resheathing it, peeking inside and around the striped tent.

When she thinks no one is looking, a tiny halfling tent sentinel whips out a copy of the Town Crier and unfurls it, relaxing and reading for a moment.

You notice a faint whiff of winterberry wine lingering in the air near a tiny halfling tent sentinel.  She hesitates in situ, then leans away from you slightly.

A tiny halfling tent sentinel brushes tart crumbs from her brigandine armor as she cautiously observes some passersby.

A tiny halfling tent sentinel looks you up and down slowly with a wry grin.


The sentinel stops the courier and has a quiet word with her.  A folded message is handed over to the courier and she tucks it in her pouch for security.