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Aetammel Yarislana Faendryl
Aetammel Yarislana Faendryl as rendered by Hero Forge
Race Dark Elf
Culture Faendryl
Class Wizard
Profession Smoke seer
Flaw Conceit
Greatest Strength Charm
Hobbies Divination, alchemy, hedonism


You see Lord Aetammel Yarislana Faendryl the Ritualist.
He appears to be a Dark Elf.
He is tall.  He appears to be young and robust.  He has dark-rimmed ice blue eyes and vibrant, dusky skin.  He has mid back-length, sleek black hair held back in a ponytail with a simple band.  He has an angular face and classically elegant, chiseled high cheekbones.
He has a knotwork of wind currents tattoo on his wrist.
He is wearing a smoke-filled glass vial pendant, a tailored ultramarine wool longcoat edged with intricate ebon runes, a pair of oval ora-framed spectacles with pale grey lenses, a pair of alabaster leather casting gloves adorned with veniom sigils, a leather and waxed canvas satchel slung over his shoulder, a loose ebon cambric shirt with jet-fastened cuffs, some veniom-traced soft black casting leathers, a carved onyx bracelet, a simple blued steel wristchain, an argent signet, a wide black silk belt with long trailing ties, a faded two-toned brown leather survival kit, an elegant black silk gem pouch, a pair of immaculate white leather pants, and a pair of polished black leather riding boots buckled with veniom.


Known Affiliations

Member of the Faendryl Enclave


"... and the magister's daughter."

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