Avaia (prime)

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Avaia Daemones
Race Dark Elf
Culture Dhe'nar
Hometown Sharath
Class Priestess
Profession Sorcerer
Demeanor Reserved
Loyalties Other Dhe'nar
You see Avaia Daemones the Witch.
She appears to be a Dhe'nar Dark Elf.
She is tall. She appears to be in the spring of life. She has clouded milky white eyes and ebon skin. She has waist length, thick white hair worn in elaborate tripartite braids. She has a gaunt face and high cheekbones. She has a scar running from the corner of her left eye, over the jawbone and down onto her neck.
She has a pair of small ivory bone rings in her left eyebrow, a pentagram tattoo on her forehead, a chain of intricate runes tattoo on her neck, a spider web tattoo on her wrist, a small black dagger tattoo on her wrist, a black widow tattoo on her finger, a Dhe'nari caste tattoo on her chest, a labyrinthine tracery of indistinct eldritch markings inked into every discernible portion of her skin, a black chain tattoo on her ankle, and a series of tiny rolaren rings set along the slender tips of her pointed ears.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a bone-trimmed fringed black head-scarf, a leather headband, a griffin feather-trimmed neckpouch, a plain silver dragon pendant, a deeply hooded dark elven-crafted robe edged in intricate patterns, an enruned midnight blue scarf, an elven leather wand harness slung over her shoulder, a deep green glaes spider charm, a small obsidian rose pin, a cowled arsenic-grey velvet tunic, a grey oilskin bandolier bound by a single metal ring over a dark grey crushed silk shirt, a glacial white smooth glaes armband, some ornate mithril arm greaves, a whorled urglaes bracelet, a dragon-etched silver bracelet, a cut-obsidian Dhe'nar band, a rune embroidered waist-sash, a mottled black enruned glaes censer, a weathered black leather satchel, an enruned mithril alloy flask, a rune-carved minotaur horn cylinder, some ash grey spidersilk trousers, a dusty thigh sheath, and a pair of vruul skin boots.