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BEAST is a verb used with the Spirit Beast system.


    BEAST HELP                      - Your guide to Spirit Beasts

    BEAST SENSE                     - Senses Spirit Beasts in the surrounding area
    BEAST ATTUNE {beast name}       - Attunes user to a sensed beast in the surroundings
    BEAST CAPTURE                   - Adds the currently attuned beast to your collection

    BEAST LIST {rarity}             - Lists all beasts in your collection matching rarity criteria
    BEAST SELECT {beast name}       - Selects a beast from your collection for battle
    BEAST INFO                      - Provides information on a Spirit Beast in your collection
    BEAST STATUS                    - Provides your overall Spirit Beast system stats

    BEAST EQUIP {armament}          - Equips a Spirit Beast armament in your hand to your current beast
    BEAST DISARM                    - Unequips a Spirit Beast armament on your current beast

    BEAST OFFER {item}              - Uses system items, such as a blood vial, soul cage, or potion
    BEAST EXPEL {receptacle}        - Deletes current Spirit Beast or stores it in a receptacle

    BEAST COMMAND {command}         - Commands Spirit Beasts while in a Spirit Battle
    BEAST MATCH                     - Match the level of lower-leveled opponents
    BEAST CHALLENGE {name|options}  - Challenges another beastmaster to a Spirit Battle

    BEAST MANIFEST                  - Summons your current Spirit Beast to entertain you