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Banshee Flares are a type of specialty flare which bestows added target defense (TD) and bolt defensive strength (DS) to the wielder when the flare is activated, usually an amount ranging between 10 and 50. It can be applied to shields.

Added TD & bolt DS can vary depending on the merchant/festival guidelines.


Your white eonake pavis emits a deafening wail as a bright red glow erupts from its surface, surrounding you!
  CS: +403 - TD: +357 + CvA: -27 + d100: +5 - -5 == +29
  Warded off!
  A torrent of arcane energy blasts you, but dissipates upon impact.

RtCF 2013

Service: Adding 'banshee flares' to existing shields
Slots per run: 3
Merchant: Vemeon
Cost: TBD, likely varies depending on the item
Eligibility: Shields cannot have existing scripts or special abilities
Restrictions and notes: Banshee flares appeared on pre-made shields at the 2006 Ebon Gate auction. In that instance, the shields flared to add +50 to the bearer's DS and TD when targeted with a warding spell. This bonus lasts for 10 seconds, and has a 1 in 6 chance to activate when targeted with the spell.

Great Auction of 2016

A a glaes-banded glowbark scepter was sold at the Great Auction of 2016 (+27 enchant) as the first banshee flaring runestaff.

Duskruin Wyromania 2 - Fall 2021

Lahke says, "Banshee flare strength boost. Will bring whatever to +50 TD and for 60 seconds."
Lahke says, "You need to have a banshee flare already."
Lahke says, "If your armor is already +50 TD, I'll update it to 60 seconds."
Lahke says, "And if it's already 60 seconds, then this is useless to you."

Ebon Gate

It appears the banshee token from this events grants the +10TD for 10 seconds, flares when cast at version of banshee flares.