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Barble Hurkleson
Laugh and the world laughs with you. If you must cry, do it over a good ale.
Race Dwarf
Culture Kazunel
Profession Friar
Religion Cholen
Affiliation(s) Order of Sphere and Scythe, Voln
Disposition Cheerful
Greatest Strength unflappable
Hobbies acquiring, hording, and drinking whiskey
Likes Whiskey, bourbon, ale
Dislikes Water, milk, drama, marriage
Fears Spiders, commitment, running out of whiskey

Barble Hurkleson is a dedicated priest of Cholen. Barble Was born shortly after the last Age of Ice. His father was Glurt Hurkle, a dwarven warrior of renown and his mother Bertha Caskbinder was brewer and whiskey maker extraordinaire. He has ventured across the world (and into other worlds) but has always called Whenimer's Landing his home. Barble is a longstanding member of the House of the Rising Phoenix and an active member and officer in the Order of the Sphere and Scythe, and Master in the Order of Voln. He will stand in to conduct emergency weddings, divorces, or to act as bartender for any impromptu parties.


You see Barble Hurkelson the Friar.
He appears to be a Dwarf of the Kazunel Clan.
He is shorter than average. He appears to be in the prime of life.
He has bright blue-grey eyes and ruddy skin. He has short, curly grey-brown hair.
He has a colorful patchwork harlequin mask with rosy red cheeks fully covering his face and deep laugh lines.
He has a curly brown beard, and a colorful jester tattoo on his wrist.

He is holding a twisted harlequin runestaff in his right hand.

He is wearing a parti-color belled liripipe hood, a crystal amulet, a flowing brightly-hued cloak edged with colorful bells, a silver gleeman's lute tabard, a lute-shaped Cholen pin, a translucent hollow golden sphere clasp, a smudged golden topaz clasp, a multicolored myklian scale-covered vest, a pair of antique silver-framed spectacles with blue-tinted lenses, a red-headed bard pin, a dark red vaalorn lute symbol accented with gold, a white diamond phoenix pin, a kaleidoscopic gewgaw-adorned harness, a garish multi-colored backpack adorned with silver bells and embroidered with dancing jesters, a motley polychromatic gambeson secured with silver jester-face buckles, a white cotton shirt with numerous scuff marks, a simple blued steel wristchain, a pair of brown canvas gloves with grass-stained palms, a meteor-etched gold ring, an enruned gold ring, a varicolored bejeweled girdle, a rusted whiskey-stained canteen, a bejeweled bauble kit, a huge mustard jar, a black leather belt pouch with dancing bears tooled on the flap, a pair of colorful patchwork canvas trousers, and a pair of trollhide buskins studded with rainbow quartz pieces.

Barble's Most Prized Possessions

a twisted harlequin runestaff
This runestaff is twisted and carved from illthorn into the likeness of a harlequin with painted motley garb. The harlequin's head is topped with a tri-colored trickster cap decorated with sparkling rainbow ribbons and shiny brass bells. The jester's form is sinuously elongated and his mocking face appears to wink and smirk as light plays across its garishly painted surface. You see nothing unusual, except for a small enchanter's glyph. A strange necrotic haze radiates from the runestaff.

a huge mustard jar
Half full, this massive iron-lidded jar is hung from a belt by means of a grimy yellow-brown rope. The sides and bottom of the jar are encrusted with pungent brown smears of mustard. It looks rather sticky. Glued to the front of the jar is a simple label that reads, "Dwarven Brown Mustard, guaranteed fresh. By the looks of it, the delicous mustard is in no immediate danger of expiration.

a pewter-banded dwarven whiskey keg
The keg of aged dwarven whiskey is made of charred dark oak. Soot stains cover the barrel's staves. A large distillery crest is stamped on the side depicting a tankard wielding dwarf beating a massive troll king to the ground. Dwarven markings under the image read: Ancient Troll-Slayer Single Malt Reserve, Product of Kazunel.