Bodohal Gallanst

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Bodohal Gallanst
Storyline North by Northwest
Gender male
Race Human
Culture Seareach
Status Dead

Captain Bodohal is captain of The Shiver and a member of the Bluewater Brigade.


You see Captain Bodohal Gallanst.
He appears to be a Human from Seareach.
He is short.  He appears to be of a ripe old age.  He has brooding brown eyes and blotchy skin.  He has balding, copper red hair streaked with silver.  He has a weathered face, a beak-like nose and a curled mustache.  He has a pearl-inset blue leather eyepatch covering one of his eyes.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a deep blue flat cap dangling a gold-chained amber teardrop, a weathered deep blue longcoat with polished amber toggles, a deep blue tooled leather pauldron set with a faceted amber gem, a notched yew short bow with a vultite-banded grip, a weathered leather bandolier, a black peascod-bellied doublet with large gold buttons, a notched vultite tackle box, a weathered vultite quiver marked with angular notches, a deep blue tooled leather coin bag clasped with a faceted amber gem, some crisp black brocade breeches, and a pair of tall black boots with thick gold buckles.


He was killed after being slept, bound and unconscious while leaving Wehnimer's Landing by a shadowed gnome spike-thorning him numerous times in a form of frontier justice. Few were happy with the verdict or the execution.