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A chortle is a breathy laugh.

You chortle.

>chortle help

    CHORTLE {style}                - Chortle
    CHORTLE {style} {target}       - Chortle to a target
    CHORTLE SET [OPTION]           - Shows or sets the CHORTLE verb options available.

Where {style} is one of the following:

>chortle set
You have the following options available to you:

Your current option is:

Please click VERB INFO CHORTLE to see details about the available options.

>verb info chortle
Verb information for verb "CHORTLE":

People targets:
STANDARD    - You chortle at (target).
SELF        - You chortle softly at some secret joke.

Object targets:
STANDARD    - You chortle at (target).

Creature targets:
STANDARD    - You chortle at (target).

No target:
STANDARD    - You chortle.

NOTE:  ONLY first person messaging is listed unless it differs substantially from other versions.  Wedding messaging will only work with your spouse, all other targets default to standard messaging.  Messaging without an option shown applies to all options.  Special scripts and areas may override listed messaging.

>chortle loudly
You toss your head back and chortle loudly!

>chortle sudden
You let out a sudden chortle before quickly clasping your hand over your mouth.  Too late!

>chortle secretly
You cover your mouth and chortle away.

>chortle gleefully
You let out a gleeful chortle.

>chortle disbelief 
You chortle quietly, shaking your head in disbelief.

>chortle snottily
You let out a snotty chortle.

>chortle maliciously
You let out a malicious chortle.

>chortle suggestively
You waggle your eyebrows and chortle suggestively.

>chortle sarcastically
You let out a sarcastic chortle.