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A crate whistle is an auction-quality item that summons a crate which attunes to the caller permanently and works very similarly to a Floating Disk (511) (though it may be used in conjunction with a disk). The crate holds 10 items total, including the count of items inside boxes. Items will stay in the crate even when you log out of the game and will be in the crate when you summon it even a month later UNLESS the game crashes. If that happens, you lose what is in the crate, so best not to leave anything important in it. It does not disintegrate when you die. Party members can get things from your crate, but it will snap at the fingers of anyone else trying to get anything from it. It also has idle room messaging. It is possible to have a disk and a crate following you at the same time, but if by chance you have more than one crate whistle, you may only ever activate one crate at a time.