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Usage:  DAYDREAM {target} [EVIL|GOOD]

-Premium Bonus- Type DAYDREAM by itself when you wish to be AFK.
This will indicate to those who LOOK at you that you are AFK.

Alternatively, Premium members who are citizens of a town can type DAYDREAM CITIZEN when you wish to be AFK and show some home town pride!

Note: There is no VERB INFO DAYDREAM.


  • DAYDREAM {self} [EVIL | GOOD]
  • DAYDREAM {target} [EVIL | GOOD]


1st: You lose yourself completely in a daydream...
3rd: <Person>'s eyes take on a glassy look as she appears to fall into a vivid daydream.

>daydream <target>
1st: You stare at <target>, not really thinking about anything at all.
2nd: <Person> stares at you with an unreadable look of utter blankness.
3rd: <Person> stares at <target> with an unreadable look of utter blankness.

>daydream <target> good
1st: You daydream about running off with <target> and keeping him all to yourself.
2nd: <Person> gives you a dreamy look.
3rd: <Person> gives <target> a dreamy look.

>daydream <target> evil
1st: You daydream about throttling the life out of <target>.
2nd: <Person> gives you a disturbingly dreamy look.
3rd: <Person> gives <target> a disturbingly dreamy look.

>daydream <self>
1st: You daydream about being anywhere but here.
3rd: <Person> suddenly looks like she wishes she were somewhere else.

>daydream <self> good
1st: You imagine a happy place, filled with creme tarts and bunnies, and yourself, as their supreme ruler!  Bow before your master, bunnies, bow!  Mwahahahaha!
3rd: <Person>'s face ripples with a disgustingly sweet smile. 

>daydream <self> evil
1st: You daydream about being the supreme ruler of Elanthia... Cackling from atop your throne of skulls, thousands of peasants paying you homage!  All the little fools shall bow down before you!  Mwahahahaha!
3rd: <Person> twitches and cackles with glee as she glances around.

>daydream citizen
1st (Wehnimer's Landing): You let your mind wander to comforting thoughts of home.   The rambling lectures of the Raging Warrior Thrak mingle in memory with the harsh sounds and heady smells of Helga’s Tavern.  The brief images of laughing children running under a large oak, and merchant ships sailing across a sparkling bay fill your mind.
3rd (Wehnimer's Landing): <Person> appears half asleep, staring at nothing in particular.  Her thoughts clearly elsewhere, her reverie is occasionally punctuated by a soft sigh.

>daydream citizen
1st (Mist Harbor): Feeling relaxed, you close your eyes and stretch.  Suddenly, you are struck with a vision of an island in the morning, when the sun is just cresting the harbor, breaking through the mist.  You almost gasp at its beauty, and suddenly feel a pang of homesickness.  Old memories float through your mind.  The sound of waves crashing on a beach, skipping stones at the jetty, fishing with friends, and a meal at your favorite seaside eatery.  You have an insatiable urge to go visit as you imagine spending some time in the sun with your toes in the sand.
3rd (Mist Harbor): <Person> closes her eyes and stretches.  Suddenly, she stifles a gasp before stilling into a quiet reverie.  She seems to drift through waves of memories, a slight smile on her face.