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The DEFINE verb allows players to access an in-game dictionary to look up words, typically those used in alterations, that they may not know.

The in-game dictionary is expanded by player-submitted entries.


DEFINE {word} Look up the definition of a word:

>define bouche
Definition for "bouche":
A small indentation or cut-out in the top of a shield to accommodate a lance, usually for jousting.

DEFINE LIST {letters} List all definable words beginning with {letters}:

>define list b
Matching terms:

DEFINE SUGGEST {word} {definition} Suggest a new definition:

>define suggest bourde A striped Dark Elven silk used in formal and ceremonial garments.
Your definition for "bourde" has been submitted.

DEFINE SUGGEST LIST List status of suggestions:

No recent submissions:

>define suggest list
You have no recent submissions.

Recent submissions:

>define suggest list
bourde - PENDING
perspicacious - APPROVED (with modifications)
brusque - APPROVED


This will display the following guidelines:

Definitions should be short and easily understood. You need not explain every nuance of a word; a basic definition is enough. Words in definitions that are also in the dictionary may be linked to by surrounding them with _underscores_.

Under no circumstances should you submit definitions that are taken from a published dictionary.

Despite the temptation, please refrain from submitting definitions for character or GM names, real world concepts, or anything else inappropriate.

Your definition must be at least two words long.

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