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DESCRIBE is a mechanical verb. It is used within the ORDER system, giving the customer further information about an item before purchase.

It is also used on animal companions to ascertain their appearance, as well town NPCs.


In the order system:

>describe 9
Megorn Mell says, "Ah, a heavy backpack.  The tried and true champion of backpacking. Very little flash but it excels in functionality!"

Animal companion:

>describe goldencat
The sleek frame of a kohl-eyed pale cinnamon goldencat complements the grace and ease of her movements.  Standing the size of a young halfling, the pale cinnamon goldencat is an imposing beast.  Neatly cut whiskers twitch with any movement of the nose.  Easily keeping the goldencat aware of her surroundings, two beautiful, slitted eyes dart in the direction of anything that moves.  Her fur snugs the goldencat's body from head to tail and her padded feet keep secret the deadly claws hidden within.

Town NPC:

>describe guard
You see a weathered looking human in his mid thirties.  He's wearing some standard brigandine armor with the insignia of Wehnimer's Landing emblazoned across the breastplate.  A dark red armband near his shoulder marks his place as a regularly paid member of the guard.