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The DISCORD verb is used to authenticate your play.net account with the official GemStone IV Discord server.

  • Only Premium subscribers can access the #premium channel.
  • Only Platinum subscribers can access the #platinum channel and must run the DISCORD verb from the Platinum instance.
  • Only Shattered subscribers can access the #shattered channel and must run the DISCORD verb from the Shattered instance.
  • All users, even those who haven't authenticated yet, can access the #general, #help, and #off-topic channels.
  • You can always update your Server Nickname by just running the DISCORD SETUP command again (on a different character on the same account or by switching between CHARACTER and ACCOUNT).


USAGE: DISCORD [option] {args}

  SETUP - runs setup process to authenticate a user on the Discord server.
  VIEW  - view existing account/character data used by Discord.
  RESET - resets existing Discord authentication.


Welcome to the Discord authentication utility.  We'll ask a few questions to gather information that will be used to sync you with the Official GemStone IV Discord server.

First, join the server at https://discord.gg/KF9Wr8u.

After joining, issue the following command in-game with your Username to gain access to the chat channels:


* Your Discord Username is in the format of User#1234.  If you have an emoji or certain special characters in it, you must temporarily change it to remove those characters, but then you can change back after back you've authenticated.
* Input ACCOUNT if you wish to set your Server Nickname to your account name.  Input CHARACTER if you wish to use your current character's name.  Do not input your actual account or character name.
* By completing this process, you agree that you have read, understand, accept, and agree to abide by the Code of Conduct posted in the #discord-rules channel.

For example, if your Discord Username is JaneDoe#4205, and you want to use your character name on the Official GemStone IV Discord server, then you would log into the game with your preferred character and type: