Dhairn (prime)

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Dhairn Korthyr Faendryl
Race Dark Elf
Culture Faendryl
Hometown Wehnimer's Landing
Class Paladin
Profession Palestra, Paragon of Ghezresh
Affiliation(s) Silvergate Inn
Disposition Teasing
Demeanor Friendly
Primary Trait Protective
Secondary Trait Strategic
Flaw Usually inebriated, Quick to temper
Greatest Strength Combat Effectiveness
Greatest Weakness Overly playful
Habits Drinking, playing with his hair.
Hobbies Daring rescues, finding younglings in need.
Likes Scotch, Stories, Song, Flirting
Dislikes Loud noises, unnecessary violence
Fears Failing his charge
Loyalties The Patriarch, His friends
Best Friend Elphieya
Loved One Veresia


Dhairn /dern/ was born sometime during the modern age, under Patriarch Rythwier Sukari Faendryl. He recalls familial hatred toward all things Ashrim as a result of the Sea Elf War, but whether the war was beginning, ending, or in full swing was blurred in the events that followed.

As a youth, he was an aberration of society. He was born large, and quickly sprouted to monsterous size during his first few decades. At current measurements, he stands at 6'9" and weighs in just over 300 lbs. While this may be only slightly large for a giantkin, as an elf he found society very difficult to navigate. He couldn't enter many of the establishments in New Ta'Faendryl, and grew up teased relentlessly and outcast by his peers. After a particularly clumsy encounter with a candelabra that left a local library in shambles and further solidified Dhairn's role as the family embarrassment, his father enrolled him in the Korthyr Palestra Academy. The thinking was Dhairn's size could be of use to them, and the distance would do the family some good.


Unfortunately, the teasing continued among his fellow students. The final prank that saw young Dhairn on Elanthia involved a rift closing on him, expelling him to Lorae'Tyr. Attempts to ascertain how long he was in the valence are commonly met with prolonged silence... but the truth is he can't rightfully know past the point of his sanity being lost. He learned about the Abyran castes, as well as the igaesha and verlok, but more importantly he learned to sense the rare breach into the valence from Elanthia.

He was able to return through one such tear by sheer luck, exiting back into the Dragonspines sometime between 5096 and 5100, where he was immediately apprehended by the Faendryl force responsible for the tear. His time spent in New Ta'Faendryl is something he doesn't discuss, nor is the completion of his Palestra training or charge.


You see Dhairn Korthyr Faendryl the Dreadnaught of Ghezresh.
He appears to be a Faendryl Dark Elf.
He is of mountainous stature. He appears to be young and robust. He has argent-haloed indigo eyes and silken black skin. He has long, spikey violet-tipped ghostly white hair running in a strip down the center of an otherwise clean-shaven head. He has well-muscled shoulders and arms. He has a strong set jaw line and a ghezyte-hued, vaguely sunburst-shaped birthmark over his left eye.
He has a glowing white steel spike in his lip, an inked silvery mist coiled around and burrowing into the skin on his wrist, an inky black sigil on his finger, and a trio of glowing deep indigo rings in the form of bearded dragon-eels set along the slender tips of his pointed ears.

Dhairn can be found in highly contrasted colors. Blacks and whites, scarlets and violets. His typical regalia includes a black leather duster custom made to fit his 6'9" frame. He rarely wears hats, instead uncovering his mohawk with pride - a testament to his no longer caring about his being an oversized elven societal pariah. He has many tattoos telling the story of his time since exiting the rift, and willingly tells the tale of each upon inquiry. He prefers leathers to silks, metals to woods, and alternate adornments to gems - although he holds a special fondness for the despanal and heliodor gems of his Faendryl culture. Being a fan of purples and reds, his favorite metals are the gleaming bright eahnor, and the smokey and mysterious ghezyte. He will often proudly display his trinkets as glaes, which is known for keeping similar hues when dyed.


His weapon of choice is the Kasurigama, a combination of a kama with a long chain to a kunai or weight at the opposing end. It reminds him of the striking combat styles of the Abyran, and he finds some comfort in the serpentine movements necessary to wield it. Since the majority of his combat was self-taught while surviving in the jungles of Lorae'Tyr, he has a hard time adapting to any stance or shield use that doesn't include such movements, and therefore will only rarely be seen using the weapon one handed while hefting a shield.

Arrival in Wehnimer's Landing


On orders to the Outlands Basilica under the command of Linthral Faendryl, Dhairn was sent to Wehnimer's landing. The orders included classified instructions to include reporting back to New Ta'Faendryl with pertinent requested information. Wearing a bright eahnor mask to hide his elven heritage, Dhairn arrived at the Outpost looking little different than a black skinned giantman. While this helped to alleviate the stares he was used to receiving in Ta'Faendryl, it was largely unnecessary as the population of Wehnimer's Landing was used to seeing all sorts of strange individuals. When his commander accepted his duty papers, his first order was that if he insisted on wearing the mask, he would cut his hair so as to not hide his elven lineage. He would wear his size like a badge. Whether or not Linthral intended to simply use the brute as others had previously was immaterial, Dhairn immediately sought out a barber and bucked authority by revealing his ears with a flamboyant mohawk. His commander approved of the obedience, and found the attempt at defiance juvenile. The next few years would be spent with Linthral teaching Dhairn the finer points of interaction with others, and the strength of being muted. He carries his hairstyle to this day as an ironic recollection of those lessons, and welcomes the nickname "Fringe" that seems to have recently cropped up (pun intended).

Of Ghezresh

Dhairn bears an illusion granted him by Ghezresh. He was promised the ability to change his appearance to be more normal, in exchange for his loyalty and use as a body for the fire spirit to walk the lands. After readily agreeing, it became apparent that the word "Normal" is highly subjective...

The Death of the Commander

Commander Linthral left on a mission across the Dragonspines and never returned. While the Basilica was maintained for a short time by the officers, when it became obvious he would not be returning it eventually folded. Dhairn reported back to the homeland of the Outland's failure, and was instructed to remain. He has since directed young potential "Wandering Palestra" recruits to those who held office above him. His classified orders remain intact, the specific instructions of which known only to the Patriarch and himself, but can be generally observed as having something to do with the hunting, observance, and banishment of rogue entities from other valences.