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Divone Felcroth, as rendered by MAZEIKISJ

Captain Divone Felcroth, Arcanist of the Order of the Azure Sun.

You see Lady Divone Felcroth the Mage. (Maiden name Lerade)
She appears to be a Human from Estoria.
She is tall and appears to have come of age.  She has gold-flecked dark eyes and smoothly tanned skin.  She has shoulder-length, dark ruby red hair left in a sleek curtain of glossy strands beneath a trio of filigree headbands knotted with beads of clear sapphire, her thick bangs cut in an angle across her brow.  She has a well-defined, heart-shaped face, a pointed nose and a series of long, thin scars running the length of her jawline.  She is wearing an argent Vornavian silk pennon emblazoned with a fiery azure sunburst that juts over her shoulder.

She is holding a lacquered braided ironwood runestaff in her right hand.
She is wearing a hammered silver livery collar, a diminutive sailing ship pendant, a sleeveless dark blue longcoat with ornate silver shoulder guards, a heavy leather harness, a loose ivory tunic with a square neck and tiered bell sleeves, a sculpted brown leather corset accented with floriated ivory silken panels, a silver engagement ring set with a deep blue mermaid's-tear sapphire, a pale opalescent vaalin wedding ring with caliginous whorls, a polished ebonwood case traced with silver stars, some ivory-hued suede pants, a pair of silver spurs, and a pair of over-the-knee black leather boots with wide cuffs.

Divone Lerade is daughter of Gerald and Sarah Lerade of Idolone. She is the youngest of 12 siblings. Her father maintained a small fleet of merchant ships until his demise in the ill fated sailing of Estoria to Landing. He and her eldest brother sailed with the warships as supply ships. Both perished under the attack of the Krolvin. Divone arrived in Solhaven around the year 5109 making it her new home. She spent a few years in Idolone during the Krolvin blockade outfitting her merchant galley, The Niima's Grace, for war. Upon her return, she has renewed her energy serving the Empire and ridding it of corruption alongside her husband Mynon Felcroth.