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General Information

Announcement 1

Discord Message Link: Premium Festival Announcement
Author: GM Valyrka
Date: 2/13/2024

Starting on June 7th at 9 PM Eastern, the festival runs through June 13th at 11:59 PM Eastern.

The Wood Sprites awaken from their long sleep with new surprises to share with all who visit.

They may be coaxed into opening their homes and shops as well, with new items and special services.

Announcement 2 - Dreaming of a Midsummer Night - Part 1

Discord Message Link: Dreaming of a Midsummer Night
Author: GM Valyrka
Date: 5/27/2024

Unfolding her body, the sprite gradually fades into view as she seems to slip out of the tree. The branches of the tall, sturdy rosewood shiver as the sprite moves away from the protection of its inner core and slips into the grove.

"How long this time?" she wonders. The long sleep took them quickly and unexpectedly. One by one they had succumbed to the call and retreated into their hosts before drifting away into a deep sleep. "What of the dreams?" she thought as she watched her people join her in the bright sunlight.

Announcement 3 - Dreaming of a Midsummer Night - Part 2

Discord Message Link: Dreaming of a Midsummer Night
Author: Valyrka
Date: 6/7/2024

Fading into view, a wood sprite steps away from her tree. Glancing to one side, she sees another join her.

"It is over?" he says as he walks about, stretching his arms and legs.

"We are awakening," the other replies. "Now, where is..." She stops abruptly as she looks about, searching for something.

"Did you dream of it, too?" he questions as he begins to move. "Come, we need to find it. It will need our help."

Moving about the forest, the sprites fade from sight.

Announcement 4 - Dreaming of a Midsummer Night - Part 3 - Coming Together

Discord Message Link: Dreaming of a Midsummer Night - Coming Together
Author: Lydil
Date: 6/7/2024

A lone wood sprite stretches out her branches, a faint creaking accompanying a sigh, before taking in the dawn of the new day. She moves forward through the trees, not entirely sure why but pulled by the remnant of a dream in the back of her mind. Before long she comes across another wood sprite, moving and search as she does. Neither says anything but continue together until the come across a small glade. Taking in the sight before them, the begin to hum together, the ancient harmony of their people slowly building and echoing outwards. In due time the melody grows in strength as more wood sprites arrive and join with them in an ever-growing circle of sprites. Finally, when all have joined the conclave, the music ends and a discussion soon begins.

"Joyous dawn to you all."
"What a Dream I had."
"The Long Sleep is over and what a wonder it brings."
"It has been such a long time since another has joined us."
"But something does not seem right."
"So small, did we wake too soon?"
"We must do something, we must help..."
"The Grove..."
"...needs our help to become stronger..."

More and more voices join in, with the harmony of the earlier melody fading as discordance rises as the discussion continues. As many continue to speak, one wood sprite remains quiet and glides to a nearby tree. Carefully taking a twig from a dangling branch, and then steps into the center of the conclave where a small seedling is growing. Pressing the twig against one of its branches, a pale glow envelopes the sprite's hand, as tiny motes sparkling within the iridescent light. As the radiance fades away, the twig is now incorporated within the seedling's branch, which has in turn grown larger and stronger. New stems are visible, with some unfurling to reveal emerald leaves. (edited)

The glade grew silent as all the sprites watched. The discussion is over, and now each move with a purpose away from the glade. The sprites return with a gathered twig or branch. One by one each approaches the sapling to add to it. With each addition the sapling grows and changes, ever looking stronger and health.

"It is a start," one sprite remarks.
"A good start"
Another shakes its head, "But more will be needed for our brethren."
"Yes, the more that can be gathered the better."
"...the more quickly it can grow."

Stepping forward a larger wood sprite takes in the sapling and the grove, "Waking from the Long Sleep is ever a time to celebrate. This new addition is only more reason to do so. Some have been murmuring to invite all those who visited us before to join us again. Should we not welcome them back? The friendship they showed us before, perhaps they will do so again now. And in turn be of assistance in helping our Grove's newest addition." The gathering of sprites begins to murmur their agreement, and the ancient and joyous melody can be heard again throughout the glade. Many sprites begin to move, hopping back and forth upon their stick-like legs in a form of dance as they move off to prepare for their visitors. And high up in the sky the rays of the sun reach down into the center of the glade and new sapling rising up from the ground.


Teaser 1

Discord Message Link: What's Old Is New Again
Author: GM Xynwen
Date: 5/27/2024

Do you dream of bringing life to that old trinket in your locker? Same! For this year's premium festival, Pennywix the Tinkerer (in conjunction with her controller, GM Xynwen) is bringing some older scripts back again.

  • "Fan" Hats and "Wiper" Glasses: At a push of a button, these hats can cool you off, and the glasses have self-cleaning lenses. No new updates; just the return of a couple fun gadgets.
  • Pin Sashes: Pennywix commissioned a seamstress to whip up these sashes. Like always, they can hold up to twenty of your favorite pinworn items.
  • Mechanical Toys: The Mech Toy from the Dhu Gillywack has been revamped. Existing toys will convert. You can now alter them somewhat, and if you break them, a burghal gnome can fix them. Plus, you can customize the 15/15/15 of the fully broken status. Oh, and teadragons have been added to the available toys.

Clockwork Globes: Originally released in 2001ish, these globes have now been updated as well (existing ones will convert). Alterations are now possible, and there is a generic version now as well, in addition to one for Elanthia, each of the moons, and the celestial ones.

I hope you enjoy these older scripts as much as I do!

Teaser 2

Discord Message Link: Hygiene Items
Author: GM Casil
Date: 5/27/2024

This year I am selling several hygiene items so you dirtballs can be less gross. Or more gross? I don't know.

Returning Old Scripts
Nail Files: File your nails (or teeth, you freaks), clean the dirt out from under them. No updates. Basic handkerchiefs: Blow your nose, wipe the streams of sweat off your face, pretend it's just the onions, whatever. Do of this all completely indiscreetly. This has had tiers added to adhere to current shop standards but the verb traps have not changed. Anyone who owns an existing one of these will be fully unlocked already.

Dainty handkerchief: A far more discreet handkerchief, for those of you who are in need of a hanky but don't want to sound like a goose. No updates.

New Script
Knavish Knife: If nail files and floss are not your jam, the Knavish Knife has got you covered for your hygiene needs (and intimidation needs, if you're the sort).

This is a fluff dagger script with four demeanor-based verb traps, no tiers. Available only at premium festival. Not currently offered as a flourish, but perhaps in the future.

I'll show two of the verb traps for the new knavish knives:

Demeanor: Friendly

>clean my knife
Humming to yourself, you casually pick dirt out from under your fingernails with your imflass hunting knife, flicking the accumulated grime off the tip when you're finished.
>poke my knife
Grinning, you pick between your bared teeth with your imflass hunting knife, the metal noisily scraping over the enamel.

Demeanor: Neutral

befriend xynwen cold
You now regard Xynwen with a cold demeanor.
>poke my knife at xynwen
You fix Xynwen with a withering stare, sneering as you pick between your bared teeth with your imflass hunting knife, the metal noisily scraping over the enamel.
>clean my knife
You casually pick dirt out from under your fingernails with your imflass hunting knife, flicking the accumulated grime off the tip when you're finished.

The targeted commands take into account your demeanor AND your demeanor toward the person, so if you are a reserved/cold-type, your interactions with people you are friendly/warm towards will still be somewhat tempered (just not withering), and if you are a perky sort, you won't be overly friendly (or overly mean) to people you have cold/reserved attitude toward.

Teaser 3

Discord Message Link: Elysani's Premium Fest List
Author: GM Elysani
Date: 5/31/2024

I'm not offering anything new or updated, BUT I wanted to list out things I have in my shops, just in case you wanted to prepare for GALD sessions.

This is in progress and I'll add as my shops are cleared, but I will be (hopefully) offering sessions to alter:

Teaser 4

Discord Message Link: Bjarbie World
Author: GM Casil
Date: 6/2/2024

Premium Fest will offer dressable dolls, clothing & accessories, and traveling trunks for compact storage. There will be an NPC available that can add various designs to any of the base clothing & accessories (and other appropriate items).

>tap gown
You tap a miniature backless satin gown, which is in your right hand.
>give dollmaker
A slim half-elven dollmaker takes your gown, nods, and sets to work adding embellishment to the gown.  When she's finished, she nods approvingly and returns a miniature backless satin gown covered with spiral-swirled candies.

The doll clothing has been updated to now have an ANALYZE. However, in order to trigger this ANALYZE on your existing clothing and accessories, you must either dress or undress a doll with it, place it in a traveling trunk, or open your existing traveling trunk that is already holding the clothing.

I'll definitely be around to do doll alterations. There's probably most definitely absolutely going to be a doll fashion show.

Oh, and any of the new long-adding NPCs around the world can add longs to the clothing and accessories, based on material type. Merchants can alter as well, but I thought I'd make it easy for you to customize doll clothing without having to use a merchant spot.

Teaser 5

Discord Message Link: Dreaming of a Midsummer Night Premium Festival Shop Teaser
Author: GM Lydil
Date: 6/2/2024

Summer is just around the corner, and it brings with it warm weather and an ever greater need to quench your thirst. Not to mention the abundance of festivals and parties to be properly prepared for with plenty of potent potables. What is a brave adventurer to do? It's dangerous to go thirsty alone, so why not pick up a keg or ten of your favorite brew and keep you and your entire merry band hydrated.

Kegistentialism will be showing up at the Premium Summer Festival this year, and will be stocked with all its favorite beverages. But wait there is more! Hearing of the number of home brewers out there in need of containers to store their creations, several variants of empty kegs will be available for just that need.

Teaser 6

Discord Message Link: Bjarbie World
Author: GM Casil
Date: 6/3/2024

Here's my full offerings for the festival, for people who want to plan GALD:

Buttoned jackets are updated to have custom adjectives for the buttons, and the worry stone bracelets are updated to allow for more material types than before.

Teaser 7

Discord Message Link: (Unknown)
Author: GM Xayle
Date: 6/3/2024

Hum de dum dum...

You indicate a dented pale blue tea tin sheltering a tiny modwir tree as a possible option.

You see the perpendicular shape of a miniature modwir tree. An air of stillness surrounds this tiny tree. The grey scales in the bark and deep vertical grooves of white sap seeping into a thick bole give the tree an appearance of age. The branches whorl around the thick trunk and arch upward into a canopy of fine fuzzy needles. Long green pinecones hang in the pale foliage. Heavy green moss covers the base of the tree and overgrows the edges of the pottery dish.

Carefully you turn your green tea tin, wiping away small flecks of dust and reorienting the position for best viewing.

You reach out and brush the sap streaked trunk of your miniature modwir tree with a gentle finger. There is a quiet strength in the rough bark and perfect straightness of the tiny tree.

You blow gently on your green tea tin and the foliage of delicate needles ruffles slightly, the perpendicular pinecones swing in the breeze. A slight scent of pine caresses your nostrils.

And in Mitsoku's Niche, your one stop shop for faaaaabulous perfumes, we have 8 NEW perfumes, and 12 RETURNING perfumes.

The scents returning are:

  • To Dream
  • Moonless Night
  • Flaming Violet
  • Blackest Magic
  • Inertia
  • Peach Glimaerstone
  • Sweet Indulgence
  • Fireflies in the Dark
  • Twilight Repose
  • Snow-Covered Forest
  • Shadow Amethyst
  • Oakmoss

Teaser 8

Discord Message Link: (Unknown)
Author: Thandiwe
Date: 6/3/2024

First appearing at the Spitfire and then later on the Wavedancer, Behind the Ear Flowers have been around for a long time. For this year's Premium Festival, they've had a bit of a modernization and additional options have been added.

  • Flowers now appear between the last Feature Line and the Tattoo line.
  • Flowers may now have a LONG description.
  • Flower options have doubled.
  • Old Flower Options: amaranth, angelica, begonia, bleeding-heart, buttercup, butterflyweed, carnation, clivia, cothinar flower, crocus, daffodil, daisy, datura, dragonstalk, flamestalk, freesia, gardenia, ginger blossom, goldenrod, heather, hellebore, heliotrope, hibiscus, honeysuckle, Imaera's Lace, iris, lilac, lily, jasmine, jessamine, magnolia, monkeyflower, moonflower, mournbloom, nightshade, orange blossom, orchid, passionflower, phlox, plumeria, poppy, rose, snapdragon, sunflower, tulip, violet,and zinnia.
  • New Flower Options: acipha, almond blossom, amaryllis, amaranth, apple blossom, apricot blossom, arisaema, beleria, bluebells, camellia, canver blossom, cherry blossom, chrysanthemum, clematis, daenys, dahlia, daisy, datura, dragonstalk, e'naso, echinacea, irikaen, jabuticaba flower, laurel, lavender, lelelyia, lemon blossom, lunaria, milkweed, mereviolet, moonspike, mugwort, naefira, peach blossom, pear blossom, plum blossom, sea holly, snowdrop, starspire, taerethil, teapot lotus, thilban, and yinmai.

Look for Jabuticaba at the Premium Festival in her shop Echinacea Exscentellence.

For more on Behind the Ear Flowers, visit the wiki: Behind the ear flowers

Teaser 9

Discord Message Link: (Unknown)
Author: Meraki
Date: 6/4/2024

The shop Dreamfire Illusions will be making a continued appearance at the premium festival this year. It may be a different venue, but Elusionari will be in attendance again this year to provide services and sell shop wares.

All of the bracelet designs have been refreshed (some with non-default settings), new festival-themed panels are available on the nook's circular table, a new modifier chit has been added to the alcove, and bracelet unlocks in the alcove have been overhauled (as detailed below).

Adding panel attachments is now handled by a panel attachment sheet; it costs 50k, will add 1 panel attachment per sheet, and can add up to a maximum of 25 attachments.

Unlocking each bracelet tier remains an individual unlock certificate, with the newly added Tier 4 and Tier 5 unlocks being available off the shelf. They will be sold as follows:

Tier 1 to Tier 2 - a pale panel bracelet unlock certificate
Tier 2 to Tier 3 - a light panel bracelet unlock parchment
Tier 3 to Tier 4 - a bright panel bracelet unlock folio
Tier 5 to Tier 5 - a vivid panel bracelet unlock voucher

The shop's stock display room with hundreds of images is still available and the backroom for raffles/services remains as well.

Elusionari invites current and future fans of Dreamfire Illusions to her shop!

For details about newly added unlocks, visit this Forum: ⁠Dreamfire Bracelents Discord Discussion
For details about Dreamfire Bracelets, visit the wiki: Dreamfire Panel Bracelets
For all things Premium Festival, visit this Forum: ⁠premium⁠: Premium Festival Dreaming of a Midsummer Night

I have more Premium Festival teasers to share, but not today...

Teaser 10

Discord Message Link: (Unknown)
Author: Valyrka
Date: 6/5/2024

Lady Maleise will be opening a new shop full of corset gowns for the ladies and what is known as Yansio clothing for the men along with a few scripted trinkets and shoes.

Teaser 11

Discord Message Link: (Unknown)
Author: Tivvy
Date: 6/5/2024

Belydia's wagon will be open on the grounds with an inventory full of lockets and lapidary box.

Teaser 12

Discord Message Link: (Unknown)
Author: Valyrka
Date: 6/6/2024

A large man waving a broadsword over his head runs by yelling, "The smithy! The smithy is coming!"

The WPS Smithy will be on the festival grounds to help out your weapons and armor.

Teaser 13

Discord Message Link: (Unknown)
Author: Valyrka
Date: 6/6/2024

"Pocketsess, what has it got in its pocketsess?"
Oh, you do not have pockets? Well, we can fix that up.
There will be a raffle for adding pockets to your non-pocketed items.
Not all items may qualify. The merchant can look at your item at the time of the drawing.

Teaser 14

Discord Message Link: (Unknown)
Author: Meraki
Date: 6/6/2024

The following is a teaser for one of many items for sale at Rakish Accoutrement:

Yusri gives his suede dice canister a good shake, causing a clattering sound from within.  Lifting the lid of the canister, he takes a surreptitious glance at its contents.
>shake my box
You give your knucklebones box a good shake, jumbling the yellowed knucklebone within.  Lifting the lid, you take a quick glance at the knucklebone inside and see that they show 1, 4, 5, 5, and 5.
Woot gives her maple dice cup a good shake, causing a clattering sound from within.  Lifting the lid of the cup, she takes a surreptitious glance at its contents.
Woot declares, "2 fives."
Yusri says, "3 ones."
>'4 fives.
You say, "4 fives."
Woot says, "4 sixes."
Yusri says, "5 ones."
>stare yusri
You stare at Yusri.
>'I don't believe you.
You say, "I don't believe you."
Yusri lifts the lid of his suede dice canister to reveal the silver and azure dice inside to everyone nearby.  His dice show 1, 1, 1, 3, and 5.
Woot lifts the lid of her maple dice cup to reveal the copper-inset jade dice inside to everyone nearby.  Her dice show 4, 5, 5, 6, and 6.
>raise my box
You lift the lid of your knucklebones box to reveal the yellowed knucklebone inside.  Your knucklebone show 1, 4, 5, 5, and 5.
Yusri sighs.
Yusri removes one silver and azure die from his suede dice canister and sets it aside.

You'll find the following notice posted in Rakish Accoutrement:

>read notice
In the Common language, it reads:
The containers on this shelf come pre-filled with a specific grouping of dice or dice-like objects.  All dice presently for sale are six-sided and sold in groups of five.  Shoppers may find that this is a very useful configuration for playing a game of Pirate Dice.  Be sure to buy enough containers for everyone playing.

Teaser 15

Discord Message Link: (Unknown)
Author: Meraki
Date: 6/6/2024

[Prime & Plat] Merchant Services Katalox will be making unscheduled visits to Rakish Accoutrement to perform work on shop wares. She also has a limited number of unlocks available during each session for: Gnomish Mechanical Bracer (T0 to T1), Hairpicks (Locked to Unlocked), and Siolan Weapons (T1 to T2 and T2 to T3). All of these unlocks are items for sale within her shop but can alternatively be used on similarly scripted items obtained elsewhere.

Elusionari will be making unscheduled visits to Dreamfire Illusions to perform work on Dreamfire wares specifically. She will post a sign with her available services and services may differ between sessions. Please read the sign carefully.

[Prime Specific] Elusionari will attempt to visit multiple times throughout the week at unscheduled times. In particular, she expects a Saturday and/or Sunday visit to be among those.
[Plat Specific] Elusionari has 2 scheduled visits because she'll be spinning to give away portrait/scenery unlock certificates. Those visits are scheduled on Sunday and Saturday. Additional visits may or may NOT occur, based somewhat on demand for her services.

[Prime] Limited Distribution:

Method - Prize - # of Winners - Time - Location - Details
Raffle - Dreamfire Scenery Unlock Certificate - 10 winners - Sunday @ 9:30pm EST - Dreamfire Illusions - Winners will be mailed their prize
Raffle - Dreamfire Portrait Unlock Certificate - 10 winners - Tuesday @ 7pm EST - Dreamfire Illusions - Winners will be mailed their prize
Spinner - Gnomish Mechanical Bracer T2 Unlock - 3 winners - Wednesday @ 9pm EST - Rakish Accoutrement - Spinner will only choose those who hold/wear a T1 Gnomish Mechanical Bracer (unlocked once)

[Plat] Limited Distribution:

Method - Prize - # of Winners - Time - Location - Details
Spinner - Dreamfire Portrait Unlock Certificate - 3 winners - Saturday @ 3pm EST - Dreamfire Illusions - Must be present to win
Spinner - Dreamfire Scenery Unlock Certificate - 3 winners - Sunday @ 7pm EST - Dreamfire Illusions - Must be present to win
Spinner - Gnomish Mechanical Bracer T2 Unlock - 3 winners - Thursday @ 9pm EST - Rakish Accoutrement - Spinner will only choose those who hold/wear a T1 Gnomish Mechanical Bracer (unlocked once)

Teaser 16

Discord Message Link: (Unknown)
Author: Optheria
Date: 6/6/2024

[Prime & Plat] Spikes!
Aeunarad is feeling spiky after such a long rest! She will be visiting several times during the Festival to help make your armor and shields spiky! She will charge 50,000 silver per item she adds spikes to, and will use the same spinner-list for most of the festival. She will have a sign out each time, that you will want to read.

[Prime & Plat] Just One Thing!
Fenkleth always likes a party, so will be making a few unscheduled visits during the festival, to do Just One Thing alterations. Fenkleth specifically will CHANGE one word in the SHORT/LONG or SHOW of an item, or CHANGE something within a single setting on an item. She will charge 25,000 silver per item she works on, and will use the same spinner-list for the festival. She will also have a sign out, each time, that you will want to read.

Teaser 17

Discord Message Link: (Unknown)
Author: Lydil
Date: 6/6/2024

Summer is beings most wonderfuls time of year. And wood sprites are beings very nice peoples and invitings everybodys to be comings and visitings thems. So Gizwizit is very happys to be bringing wagon to thems so everybodys can be havings a fantabulous time!

(Look for Gizwizit the Great and his wagon More Fantabulous at the Premium Festival)

Teaser 18

Discord Message Link: (Unknown)
Author: GM Meraki
Date: 6/7/2024

Calling all purveyors of unusual lockpicking goods, those who enjoy a gambit or two, and those who simply wish they could (pull off a gambit): Rakish Accoutrement stocks a wide variety of goods of interest to all of you. At our entrance you'll find a variety of lockpicks with unique appearances you can wear across your person, including some under your tongue and others to style your hair. To the west are accessories for your lockpicking craft: calipers, disarming kits, and gnomish mechanical bracers. Locksmithing not your style? That's fine too! To the east we carry an assortment of items for performing sleight of hands tricks, including some daggers. For those with a desire for dice games, might we interest you in a game of Pirate Dice? Everything you need is for sale at Rakish Accoutrement.

Teaser 19

Discord Message Link: (Unknown)
Author: GM Xayle
Date: 6/7/2024

50k. I listed the returning perfumes the other day in this channel, but the new ones are:

Ravening Deadwood (smells like dead gross stuff) Purpleheart (smells like my interpretation of what something called purpleheart should smell like - cherries, plums, rose, pink peppercorns, and sweetwood) Parsnips! (smells like cabbage...just kidding!...smells like parsnips) Rainswept Fields (smells like rain and dirt and stuff) Old Bayou (smells like moss, oak, and salty-ish water) Saw and Timber (smells like shop class, but NOT Axe body spray) Sacred Grove (smells mysterious, you have to wait because I think this is sort of my favorite) Evenfall (smells like jacaranda, orris root, agarwood, and amaryllis belladonna)

I suspect the gross one will sell best (because y'all're weirdos), but that Sacred Grove and Evenfall will be close behind.

Teaser 20

Discord Message Link: (Unknown)
Author: GM Xynwen
Date: 6/8/2024

All my raffles are going to draw between 14:00 - 15:00 ET tomorrow (June 9). You must be in the lands, but you can be afk. I will MAIL the item to you. Many thanks to Valyrka who created all the items so I didn't have to!

All raffle tables are set up in [Woodland Convergence, West] (4422955). The ticket price for all my raffles is 75K.

Yfane (Nalea) Gowns (a silk-wrapped raffle gown rack): This raffle will have 2 winners. There are 2 gowns, one for each winner. I will mail the first one to the first winner and the second to the second winner. They are: a pale cinerous wyrsilk gown embroidered with pearlescent whorls and a beryl green starsilk gown beaded with crystal leaves.

Forehead Gems (a gem-set raffle chest): This raffle will have 2 winners. There are 2 forehead gems, one for each winner. I will mail the first one to the first winner and the second to the second winner. They are: a pale mistvein sapphire with silvery accents and a silver firefly saewehna traced with bronze inclusions.

Teadragon (a jadewood raffle teabowl): This raffle will have 1 winner. It is: a pale jade teabowl inlaid with golden striations that has an albino raidanlu inside.

Auction Blocks (an iriswood raffle auction block): This raffle will have 3 winners in Prime and 1 in Plat. All of them look the same (an iriswood auction block).

Teaser 20

Discord Message Link: (Unknown)
Author: GM Marstreforn
Date: 6/8/2024

A gentle breeze passes through the area, carrying whispers on the wind, "Canver has set up a raffle for a black rapture cloak in the Woodland Convergence. Tickets are 100,000 silvers and the drawing is tomorrow evening."

The raffle is for "A black rapture cloak. Once worn, it can never be removed. Holds 200 pounds."

Teaser 21

Discord Message Link: (Unknown)
Author: GM Xayle
Date: 6/8/2024

Raffles have opened in the Backroom of Rakish Accoutrement and the North room of Mitsoku's Niche.

In Rakish Accoutrement, 4 fully unlocked Siolan daggers (4x and seasonally themed) will be raffled, tickets are 30k each, and the drawings are tomorrow, 6/9, at 2 PM EST (FOR PLAT) and 3 PM EST (FOR PRIME).

In Mitsoku's Niche, there is a Girl-on-Fire gown, tickets are 50k each, and the drawings are tomorrow, 6/9, at 6 PM EST (FOR PLAT) and 7 PM EST (FOR PRIME).