Announcement:Duskruin HESS Additions February 2024

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Category: Events
Subject: Duskruin HESS Additions - February 2024
Author: GS4-TIVVY
Date: 2024-02-13

The following additional services will be in the High End Scrip Shop for this run.

Item Service Price Notes
an ingot of obskruul Transmute to Obskruul 200,000 Allows transmutation to obskruul. The item must meet any restrictions the desired material has to be a valid target of the service. The end result is the new material at its highest tier. 25% surcharge for katanas and naginatas, 50% surcharge for claidhmores. This service may be removed after August 2024.
a tiny mithril anvil Reforge Weapon 200,000 Change any weapon to another within the same category (OHE, OHB, etc). Reforging into a claidhmore is not possible, but you can reforge out of it and lose 40 CER.
a miniature bronze awl AG change 300,000
a gold and ruby thorn Add Briar Script to Armor Accessory 25,000
an iron-bound oak trunk replica Add 5 slots to family vault 10,000 Max of 499
a flare affinity ledger Script Add - Flare Affinity 400,000

Also, a reminder that the intermediate transmutes introduced at August 2023's run (Transmute to Ghezyte, Transmute to Surita, Transmute to Shadarl, Transmute to Aganjira, Transmute to Somnis, Transmute to Vethinye, Transmute to White Alloy, Transmute to Adamantine, Transmute to Zelnorn, Transmute to Kroderine) will not be available at August 2024's Duskruin.


The list of new services for February's High End Scrip Shop at Duskruin has been posted!