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a silver and gold patterned tent, [Map Room 26], Lich #26541, go gold tent

[A Piercing Scream] RNUM: 27506
A subtle swirling pattern of gold and silver threads climbs the walls of this spacious, square tent. A single golden pole in the center raises the ceiling high enough to fit even the tallest of giantkin, ornamented with a spiraling string of glittering crystal beads.
Obvious exits: out
All the things you need to poke yourself or your friends can be found in the valise.

You can purchase a random piece of piercing jewelry off this table if you're feeling lucky, or even if you're not.

~The Proprietrix

On the glass-topped table you see:

a platinum tentacle with tiny peridot suckers Flip-able piercing jewelry 50000
a thin steel hoop with a dangling tiny rodent skull
a ceramic pottle of vodka alcohol 1000
a small jug of Caligos Isle rum alcohol 1000

In the opened satin-lined valise you see:

a thick invar post Flip-able piercing jewelry 30000
a tiny emerald turtle stud
some splintery bone shards
a miniature golden fish hook
a polished pink coral loop
an oversized mithril ring
a pair of curved obsidian spikes
a yellowed lich bone needle Piercing needle 25000
a thin gold-tipped needle