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Abandoned Tavern

a half-sunken abandoned tavern, Room 5, Lich #20336, go tavern

[Abandoned Tavern, Taproom] RNUM: 20337
Cobwebs hang from the water-damaged ceiling of the tavern, which has partially collapsed. Puddles of filthy water and mud are scattered across the floorboards, each brimming with life that floats upon their surface. The bartop is covered in several layers of dust, with the abandoned bottles of alcohol barely visible underneath it.
Obvious exits: out
Once per day random bottle of liquor pull

On the wooden bartop

a bunch of dust-covered bottles

Behind the wooden bartop you see a cellar door.

Go door

[Abandoned Tavern, Cellar] RNUM: 20338
Half of the cellar has sank into the Feywrot Mire, with the majority of the dank room flooded with muck and water. A foul smell is heavy in the air. Upon the areas that are still traversable, a stacked pile of old casks dominates the cellar.
Obvious exits: up

You make a careful search of the area and discover a discreet passageway behind a stacked pile of old casks!

Go passageway

[Abandoned Tavern, Odds and Ends] RNUM: 23150
The room appears to be an old storage area, which surprisingly enough is below the cellar, but remains relatively dry. Several oil lamps light the room, each hanging over a low wooden counter. At the back of the room, a wyrmwood treasure chest is chained to the floor.
Obvious exits: out

On the Counter you see

a thin vaalin toothpick 125000
a matte black suede lockpick holder Pocketed:VSA
a couple of items
belt-worn 2500
a decayed goatskin map 2000
a cracked glass jug belt-worn 4000
a distressed leather music folio Pocketed:Small
any number of items of very small size
a rusted iron compass 5000
some yellowed bone dice with crudely etched pips 2500
a heavy lead coin 1000
a plumed leather tricorne Cidolfus headwear with 4 feature slots head-worn 50000
a blued steel misericord inset with a frost opal in the pommel 15000

In the Chest you see

a heavily spiked bone pauldron shoulder-worn 5000
a split-buckled moldy leather baldric dual weapon displayer shoulder-worn
a talon-trimmed vruul skin bag Pocketed:MA
any number of items
Pelt bag
a stained leather wand bandolier Pocketed:Small
any number of items
a torn leather wand belt Pocketed:Small
any number of items
a tasseled wool prayer rug 8000
a wood-slatted meditation mat 8000
an old faded black canvas sail painted with a skull-and-crossbones Flag, scripted shoulder-worn 3000
a sinew-bound wyrmwood scabbard Pocketed:Small
one item
a weathered leather cloak Pocketed:significant
any number of items
a chased golden gauntlet set with a cerulean aetherstone Scripted, no pockets 5000
a chased silver gauntlet set with a teardrop bloodjewel Scripted, No pockets 5000
a verdigrised copper boatswain's call strung on a silvery cord Neck worn, scripted
You raise the boatswain's call to your lips and blow steadily through the mouthpiece, emitting a shrill screech.
Ylandra raises the boatswain's call to her lips and blows steadily through the mouthpiece, emitting a shrill screech.