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Alchemist's Delight

a haphazardly erected tent, Room 2, Lich #20347 kneel (tall races), go tent

[Alchemist's Delight, Front Room]
The well-lit tent has several crooked columns of cauldrons that are likely supporting the dark blue canvas walls and ceiling. A small opening leads to a separate room toward the rear. To the immediate right of the entrance is a small neatly arranged area with a large rack, a display table and a wicker basket. A mithril placard loosely attached to the wall also stands out.
Obvious exits: out
In the Common language, it reads:
Thank you for visiting. My apologies for the construction, my gnomes are better alchemists than tent raisers. You will find cauldrons on the rack, jars in the basket, and a mishmash of stuff on the table.
~The Proprietor

On the large rack you see

a deep purple cauldron with a base of two open hands alchemy cauldron 10000
a vibrant green vat painted with an acantha leaf
a dark silver vat painted with pantheon of Liabo symbols
a shiny black pot painted with pantheon of Lornon symbols
a red copper boiler painted with a hissing green tree viper

On the display table you see

a red suede satchel tooled with a band of alchemical symbols Pocketed:LA
any number of items
shoulderworn, functional 25000
a skull-shaped black onyx mortar Pocketed:small
several items of very small size
a brain-shaped pink marble pestle 5000
a split-back pink conch shell 246
a cinnabar crystal 84
a Kezmonian honey beryl 2400
a large yellow diamond 5445

In the wicker basket you see

a skull-etched black glass jar 20-item jar 3000
a leaf-etched green glass jar
a gem-etched glass jar
a sun-etched golden glass jar
a heart-etched crimson glass jar