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2015 &2016 Inventory

a dark-paneled wagon, Room 84, Lich #21443


[Booze and Brews, Mud] RNUM: 21443
Hanging from the ceiling is a dimly lit chandelier, which casts flickering light and long shadows over the area. Lining the two opposing dark-paneled walls of this long, narrow space are a series of narrow haon shelves, while a multitiered glass-fronted case takes up the entire far wall.
Obvious exits: east, southeast, out

In the Case you see a packet section, a jar section and a tin section

a parchment almond-hued packet coffee
Almond Dream
A hint of sweetness fills your mouth with decadent notes of nut and smooth cocoa.
Heady floral and caramel aromas give way to flavors of citrus and almond.
a lemon yellow paper packet coffee
Spring Lemon
When the refreshingly light bite of lemon passes, you are left with the subtle taste of toasted grains.
A snappy, citrusy profile cleanses your palate leaving behind a dry sensation.
a two-toned mottled paper packet coffee
Four Seasons
The perfect blend of light and dark roasts produces a lively drink with a dominance of vanilla.
Robust and sweet, it teases the tongue with a complexity of nutty flavors ranging from almond to nutmeg.
a dark chestnut paper packet coffee
Chocolate and Chestnut
Chestnut and chocolate stand out as the boldest notes in this spicy, smoky coffee blend.
A smoky quality permeates this sweet, slightly spicy coffee blend. The low acidity is brightened by notes of maple, chocolate, and chestnut, and the coffee is finished by a fine crema.
a tree-painted green parchment packet coffee
A diffused taste of nuts serves to suppress that otherwise astringent taste of the full bodied coffee.
Sharp yet somewhat woody flavors burst through the smooth coffee, tantalizing your taste buds.
a black parchment packet coffee
Smooth and spicy, your mouth is filled with a satisfying aftertaste resembling that of a fine wine.
With an easy going yet bold statement, what the black liquid lacks in acidity it makes up for in a bittersweet, dark chocolate flavor.
a crimped toffee-hued packet coffee
Sweet Caraway
Full bodied and sickly sweet, the coffee leaves a taste of molasses-like caramel upon your tongue.
The initial sweetness of the coffee gives way a stringent flavor akin to burnt sugar.
a floral-motif pink parchment packet coffee
Herbal Blossom
Delicately fragrant, the mellow beverage is infused with herbs which provide a subtle complement to the mild coffee flavor.
Under-roasted grains give rise to a weak coffee blend that nevertheless provides a satisfying flavor with the unimposing taste of herbs.
a crimped caramel paper packet coffee
Caramel Cherry Truffle
A delicious blend of dark chocolate and honeyed caramel contrasts with the fruitiness of cherries and the bitter taste of coffee to form a dessert-like indulgence that invigorates the palate.
The bitter taste of slightly over-roasted coffee beans blends with hints of dark chocolate mocha and honeyed caramel, creating a rich truffle fusion further punctuated with a sweet cherry aftertaste.
a mottled dark blue parchment packet coffee
Mountain Blueberry Bouquet
Strong blueberry overtones pervade the surprisingly light coffee, vanilla and faint spices descending into sweet white chocolate notes.
Warm and subtly rich without being overwhelming, the sweet flavor or blueberries mingles with vanilla and light spices, finishing with a white chocolate note that lends a sophisticated, yet delicate, range of flavors to tantalize the taste buds.
a paper packet emblazoned with a campfire coffee
Campfire Companion
Rich milk chocolate melts into the roasted coffee flavor, blending seamlessly into a vanilla and brown sugar aftertaste.
The taste of barely charred marshmallows floats slightly above the other notes, sweetening the night-black roast.
a lemon-painted jar coffee Spring Lemon 20000
a floral-motif pink glass jar coffee Herbal Blossom 20000
a toffee-hued jar coffee Sweet Caraway 20000
a tree-painted green glass jar coffee Woodland 20000
a mottled dark blue glass jar coffee Mountain Blueberry Bouquet 20000
a cherry-etched caramel-colored jar coffee Caramel Cherry Truffle 20000
a two-toned mottled glass jar coffee Four Seasons 20000
a squat chestnut-etched jar coffee Chocolate and Chestnut 20000
a campfire-motif jar coffee Campfire Companion 20000
an opaque almond-hued jar coffee Almond Dream 20000
a silver-chased black glass jar coffee Bittersweet 20000
a tree-painted green metal tin coffee Woodland 5000
a squat chestnut-etched tin coffee Chocolate and Chestnut 5000
a toffee-hued tin coffee Sweet Caraway 5000
a yellow lemon-painted tin coffee Spring Lemon 5000
a floral-motif pink metal tin coffee Herbal Blossom 5000
a mottled dark blue metal tin coffee Mountain Blueberry Bouquet 5000
a white almond-etched tin coffee Almond Dream 5000
a black-painted silver steel tin coffee Bittersweet 5000
a painted two-toned metal tin coffee Four Seasons 5000
a cherry-motif caramel-colored tin coffee Caramel Cherry Truffle 5000
a campfire-motif tin coffee Campfire Companion 5000

On the Shelves you see

a sugar cube 50
a bottle of orange-infused cognac 10000
a bottle of vanilla syrup
a small bottle of whiskey
a bottle of fresh cream
a bottle of coffee liqueur
a shaker of cinnamon
a shaker of chocolate powder
a shaker of white sugar
a bottle of hazelnut syrup
a glass coffee press 50000
a smooth black iron kettle 100000
a small copper stove edged in intricate scrollwork 100000


[Booze and Brews, Moonshine] RNUM: 22603
Lit only by the dim light flickering in from the chandelier to the west, shadows claim the majority of this corner of the wagon. A series of padded stools run along the front of a long glass-topped bar, while a distinguished gnome watches customers from behind the bar.
Obvious exits: southwest, west
You place 500 silvers on the surface of the bar and knock on its surface, signaling the distinguished gnome behind the bar to serve you a drink. After collecting your silvers, he slides a dram of watered-down moonshine into your right hand and nods politely while saying, "Thank you, XXXXXX."
[Booze and Brews, Morning Room] RNUM: 21485
A grouping of darkly varnished chairs form a semi-circle around an elegant cast iron stove topped with a tall black cast iron kettle. Beside the stove but separated by a few feet is a small wicker chest, its lid open to reveal its contents. The heady scent of freshly brewed coffee permeates the air, mixed with the stale, sour scent of spilled liquor.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest

In the Chest you see

a match
exceedingly dry split log
a handful of tinder
some spring water