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2016 Inventory

a wide wrecked wagon with a missing front wheel, Room 44, Lich #20305, go wagon


[Drinkin' Steins]
Wide wooden planks stained with muddy footprints stretch across the wagon floor. Heavy taupe fabric drapes over high-arching, wooden bows, creating the illusion of spaciousness in the wagon. Rows of velvet covered shelves displaying a collection of wares line the wagon sides. A woven tapestry hangs over an opening leading deeper into the wagon's interior. An iron-banded wooden cask sits beside a sturdy table near the door.
Welcome to Drinkin' Steins!  May all your toasts be memorable!

On the crushed red velvet shelf you see:

a rune-carved drinking horn suspended from a thin strap Drinkin' Steins belt-worn
a chipped clay jug 15000
a gem-crusted white gold chalice 15000
a polished silver stein emblazoned with an escutcheon 15000
an ornately carved bleached bone goblet 15000
a small dented tin cup 15000

On the black velvet shelf you see:

a scrimshawed drinking horn suspended from a thin ebon strap Drinkin' Steins belt-worn
a scarred bone cup 15000
a large polished gold goblet set with star-cut rubies 15000
a hardened clay tankard with a molded handle 15000
a rune-carved haon mug 15000
a pewter crest-etched stein 15000


[Drinkin' Steins Alcove]
An illustrated poster of steins and stein parts has been mounted above a large sturdy workbench on the back wall which is half-covered with an assortment of steins in various stages of completion. A messy pile of misshapen steins and other discarded materials have been tossed into the back corner of the wagon. A variety of mismatched, well-used floor pillows are strewn about for patrons to sit on and enjoy.
Obvious exits: out