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2016 Inventory

a crumbling stone tower, Room 18, Lich #20319, go tower


[Eye Scry]
Darkness permeates the room and slimy trails of some kind of fungus or moss festoon the curving stone walls. Crumbling planks of wood board up the windows, and the oppressive smell of swamp and rot fills the confines of the area. An exquisitely rendered image of the inner workings of the eye has been painted on a tattered piece of cloth and a wicker basket leaking thick pinkish fluid rests on the soggy ground.
Obvious exits: out

In the wicker basket you see:

a slim silver monocle head-worn
a leather-bound monocle
an elegantly twisted silver monocle
a plain gold monocle
a sturdy wooden-framed monocle
a heavily rusted iron monocle
a tarnished brass monocle
a corroded hammered copper monocle
a simple veniom-chained monocle
a riveted invar monocle


[Eye Scry, Alcove]
Weak moonlight streams through substantial gaps in the ceiling, partially blocked by damp cloth hangings and tattered tapestries. Spongy planks propped over the various holes in the floor sag beneath your weight. A threadbare carpet sits before a meager little cot.