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2015 & 2016 Inventory

a battered white oak wagon painted with a pair of black gloves, Room 50, Lich #20288, go white wagon

[Futile Gestures] RNUM: 21511
Small glass lanterns hang precariously from buffed brass hooks, designed to provide enough light to examine wares carefully. Wall panels painted a willow green hue complement the panels of rustic oak flooring, and a short glass-topped counter dominates the rear of the wagon. Shelves of applewood and cherrywood are strategically dotted about the walls.
Obvious exits: out
My miraculous casting gloves and gauntlets will let you absorb the magic from a wand, rod, or other suitable magic item.  It is stored in the glove, and you may then raise or wave the glove to activate the spell, just like a wand or rod!

Of course you will need to know how to use magical items.  This is a highly magical item!

I will be around during the course of the festivities to allow these creations to function in fancier ways than normal!
Bazzelwyn works at Holly, Wood, And Vine in the Cypress Grove, see customization options there or on the Bazzelwyn gloves page

On the glass-topped counter you see

a pair of silvery samite gloves with golden satin fingertips Bazzelwyn gloves 50000
a pair of thin black silk gloves with copper mesh palms
a pair of gold-runed silk casting gloves
a pair of leather gloves with articulated iron-plated fingers
a pair of brown canvas gloves with grass-stained palms
a pair of boiled leather gauntlets with blue mithril knuckles
a pair of gold-studded leather gauntlets banded with crimson
a pair of golden imflass gauntlets set with ruby runes
a pair of mithril gauntlets with silver wire-wrapped fingers
a pair of black mithglin gauntlets swirled with blue streaks