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Current Shop Listing

a ruined building, a thick clump of brambles, Rooms 36 (a ruined building, go2 20353) and 37 (a thick clump of brambles)

Ruined Office

[Ruined Office]
Complete with a plethora of disintegrating wooden beams overhead and entirely missing sections of wall, the building is in shambles. Dirt, sludge, and cobwebs cling to every surface, the chill wafts of air constantly breezing through disturbing their sleep and creating a mist of dust that permanently swirls through the space. In a shadowed corner, broken shards of glass scatter across a massive, rotting wooden desk overturned in haphazard fashion.
Obvious exits: out
              YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!
               Warm Regards, Goblyns and Ghules Enterprises
Entering the building in room 36 starts you here. Search for the trapdoor to move on to the Smuggling Tunnels.
[Smuggling Tunnels, Passage] RNUM: 22571
Closely positioned wooden columns help support the earth and ceiling of the small tunnel. Carved into the limestone walls, several narrow ledges sport a variety of rings, some sparkling as they catch and reflect the light of two torches that are held upright by crude sconces and burn low in the dim space. A boulder-cramped passageway creates a dead-end, though a light draft of air sweeps up from the small space beneath it. Despite the presence of a trapdoor overhead, there are no means by which to climb up through it.
Obvious exits: none
Entering from the brambles in room 37 starts you here.

On the Ledge you see

a crystal-inset platinum ring Inset into the simple, polished platinum band is a faceted crystalline gem.
The gem glows with a fiery red light.
a squared black ash band Inset into the simple, polished black ash band is a faceted crystalline gem.
The gem glows with a dark light.
a clouded grey myrtlewood ring Inset into the simple, polished myrtlewood band is a faceted crystalline gem.
The gem glows with a clouded grey light.
a star-shaped dark shale ring Inset into the simple, polished dark shale band is a faceted crystalline gem.
The gem glows with a golden light.
a dark grey dreamstone band Inset into the simple, polished grey dreamstone band is a faceted crystalline gem.
The gem glows with a silver light.
a rune-etched laje ring Inset into the simple, polished laje band is a faceted crystalline gem.
The gem glows with a verdant light.
a tarnished silver ring Inset into the simple, polished tarnished silver band is a faceted crystalline gem.
The gem glows with a brilliant argent light.
Climb indentations to exit. If you move on to the next room, it will be a while before you get out.
Crawl passageway to move on. You'll probably need to lie down first.
[Smuggling Tunnels, Cavern]
Crumbling limestone soars overhead, spanning outward from a low, boulder-blocked passageway into an expansive cavern area that is largely wrapped in darkness. Red spots, painted at various intervals, splatter across the walls, each centered with a long steel spike driven into the limestone. Stretched between three adjacent spikes, a long coil of rope is draped with cobwebs. At the very edge of the wan torchlight, where the ground suddenly drops away, the top of a narrow ladder is barely visible.
Obvious exits: none
For your information:

The drake-tipped whip flares with fire, with a quartet of enchantments.
The feras-tipped throws the power of lightning, with a quartet of enchantments.
The kidskin whip flares with a deep chill, with a quartet of enchantments.
The manticore hide whip tosses impact away from it, with a quartet of enchantments.
The leather-wrapped whip flares like a forceful vacuum, with a quartet of enchantments.
The faenor-handled whip has a quartet of enchantments.
The orc hide bullwhip is doubly enchanted..

Also, that ladder is risky.  Better get what you need before you plummet down it.

        Probably no way back up it!

                       Warm Regards, Goblyns and Ghules Enterprises

Behind the Tools you see

a mottled orc hide bullwhip whip
2x 28900
a sleek faenor-handled whip 4x 39250
a dark crimson leather-wrapped whip 4x, vacuum flares 51500
an ebon-blotted manticore hide whip 4x, impact flares 51500
a rhimar-veined kidskin whip 4x, cold flares 51500
a feras-tipped twisted cat o' nine-tails 4x, lightning flares 65500
a tri-strand drake-tipped whip 4x, fire flares 56500
Go ladder, then search to find the opening to move on. This seems to be a one-way trip.
[Underground Cavern, Ravine]
Thin shafts of moonlight shutter down from far above, dimly illuminating the narrow ravine, which is filled with stench-ridden mud. A hole of blackness resides at one end of the passageway, while the other end is framed by a partially crushed, wood-framed doorway.
Obvious exits: none
The only way back is forward.
            Isn't that a wonderful truth in life?
                       Warm Regards, Goblyns and Ghules Enterprises
Go doorway
[Underground Cavern]
Stalagmites jut out of the ground, paired with stalactites that splay out from the ceiling. The water-glazed formations are arranged in arcing rows, lending the appearance of multiple gaping maws spread across the distance between a doorway and a vast, murky lake. Small pools of clear water reflect the sputtering flames of torches that send shadows scurrying about in their flaring, haphazard light. Below a gaping hole at the southern edge of the lake, the water gathers into a churning river.
Obvious exits: none

On the lengths of rope you see

a cowled bone-clasped longcloak Pocketed:significant
any number of items
a matted wolfhound fur mantle
a satin-lined rat fur gaberdine
a white velvet scarlet-stained half-cape
some long brushed silver claws no pockets Ghule
some fleshy angelfish scale claws
some enruned copper claws
some stiff suede-wrapped claws
some hematite rune-etched claws
some ora-tipped myrtlewood claws
some blackened feystone claws
some spindly rusted iron claws
Go river
[Smuggling Tunnels, Black River] RNUM: 24239
Water rushes all around you, swirling and splashing black liquid to and fro. The current is particularly strong on the side nearest the open space of the cavern, visibly creating eddies that look as if they might suck you under. The middle of the river, however, allows you to stay afloat and fight, though not easily, being pulled further downstream. Opposite the slick rock ledge leading into the cavern, a rockslide rife with boulders and rocks of all sizes leads up to a massive hole in the wall.
Obvious exits: none
Swim rock to go to Smuggling Tunnels, Geyser (Lich #24238)
Wait for current
[Feywrot Caverns, Glowing Pool] RNUM: 24240
Glowing with a pale, luminescent light, a large pool practically gleams in the dark area. Rock walls hug the vicinity, the ceiling low and dripping with tiny drops of greenish water. Streaks of a bronze-colored mineral zigzag from a naturally formed arch to a length of rope hanging from a series of spikes set into the walls. An oddly twisted door handle is nailed into the floor. You also see a sturdy ladder leading up to a gap in the ceiling and a dilapidated sluice box.
Obvious exits: south
(On the handle) 
Pushing is never the answer!
Pull handle to return to underground cavern

On the length of rope you see

a black velvet and silk hat Pocketed:VSA Ghule
a slanted black swan-feathered hat
a matted rat fur cap
a pointed grey wizard's hat
a dark satin square-brimmed hat
a woven swamp grass cap
a black crow feather-edged cloak Pocketed:Significant Ghule
a side-slashed dark smoke-hued greatcloak
a long hooded mist grey longcloak
a shadowy black velvet shroud

In the dilapidated sluice box you see:

a dark web-strewn pouch Pocketed: Medium (20-39)
any number of items
a rigid web-covered bag
a deep carmine spidersilk satchel Pocketed: Slightly large (40-49)
any number of items
an intricately woven web reticule
a gold-tinged jet spidersilk backpack Pocketed: Very large (80-99)
any number of items
a pale silver web-woven rucksack
a dilapidated gossamer web haversack
an ebon web-bound backpack
a spindly black elder broomstick 35000
smooth hazelwood broomstick
a heavily gnarled cypress broomstick
a red-bristled ebonwood broomstick
[Feywrot Caverns, Gnarled Roots] RNUM: 24241
Lit with splinters of illumination that spear down from the edges of the ceiling, the cavern is narrow and shaped like a tall cylinder. Roots of every shape and size curl about the walls, completely covering them in a mass of brambles, the only area clear of them a natural stone arch that leads into luminescent space.
Obvious exits: none
If you can't climb your way out of this, then the only way down is to
                       Missing You Already, Goblyns and Ghules Enterprises
Climb roots (several times) to exit
Go arch to return to Glowing Pool
Go ladder from Glowing Pool
[Feywrot Caverns, Spiral Columns]
Torches set into the walls brightly light the wide space, which is littered with small pools of water spread between clusters of stalagmites. Overhead, varied stalactites drip water, creating drip-drop sounds to the effect of a natural musical instrument. Spiraling around a flat, open space, almost like a clearing in this underground forest, several limestone columns are covered in crude carvings.
I am willing to unlock items from my wares to a second tier OR alter my wares OR lighten/deepen applicable wares of mine.  I am only working on my wares -- this means items from the Enterprises.  You should ANALYZE the items you're thinking about using to see what can be done to them before handing them over (for example, not all items can be unlocked.  Also, hats are now able to be unlocked).
Cost:  raw meat, red wine, coffins from the graveyard, and other similar items.
Currently, I am not choosing anyone.
      ~Goblyn, of Goblyns and Ghules Enterprises

On the low stone ledge you see

a platter of raw chunks of rabbit Free
a bottle of red wine
From Underground Cavern, go stalagmite
[Underground Cavern, Hidden Cave]
Water drips down from the ceiling in a light shower of rain, though the central space of the miniature cavern is protected from some of the damp by the cap of a large, mushroom-shaped rock formation. An especially large stalagmite is encircled by a slender strip of empty space from which pale, flickering light creeps up and into the area.
Obvious exits: none

On the stone upshoots you see

a short pair of fake ebonwood fangs Ghule
a pair of fake yellow-stained fangs
a pair of fake pointed-tip fangs
a pair of fake blue steel fangs
a pair of fake crimson-edged fangs
a pair of fake white bone fangs
a pair of fake chipped ivory fangs
a pair of fake gold-capped fangs
a pair of fake laje-tipped fangs
From Underground Cavern, go lake
[Smuggling Tunnels, Black Lake] RNUM: 24236
This stretch of the lake spans from the cavern shore to a large block of limestone floating atop the water's surface. Though it appears murky and dark, the lake's water is strangely silky, like a mixture of oil and satin that moves of its own accord against your skin. Small bubbles float up from the depths, creating a burbling sound that disturbs the otherwise placid. Opposite where the water swirls down into a churning river, the lake streches out into darkness.
Obvious exits: none
Go shore to return to Underground Cavern
Go limestone
[Cavern Lake, Limestone Island]
Surrounded by the murky black water, the wide block of limestone that makes up the island bobs up and down slightly atop the lake's surface. Overhead, there is only darkness, save for a shipshod rope hanging from the pitch black and the faint outlines of several massive stalacmites. A squat tree stump sits between two ruined couches, tiny withering leaves clumped around the gnarled, dead roots that sprawl out into the lake.
Obvious exits: none

On the stump you see

an eel-topped platter a slice of raw eel free food
a pitcher of peach champagne a glass of peach champagne free drink
Get rope, push rope
[Smuggling Tunnels, Geyser] RNUM: 24238
The temperature in this area is much cooler than the previous cavern, and dampness coats everything in the reach of a slick opening in the ground. An opening in the ceiling appears to be a pathway out. Adjacent a gaping hole in the wall, a massive rockslide blocks passage to the northeast.
Obvious exits: none
>read small note

  Now the only way forward is up.  Funny how things change!

         If you didn't figure it out already, get a raft from the pile we left you.
         Then give it a push, right over the geyser's opening.  And get on it.

      We aren't trying to kill you, PROMISE!!
   (Like we'd ever do that to you!)

                                    Or maybe we would....

                       Warm Regards, Goblyns and Ghules Enterprises

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